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It’s never been easier to watch and stream your favourite TV series in Australia. Right now we are going through a golden age of streaming, and are literally spoilt for top quality TV Shows. From drama and action to crime and documentaries, it’s all available to stream instantly online. Here we look a little closer at the best TV streaming providers in Australia.

What’s In The Guide

Streaming TV shows in Australia

Streaming has changed the way we watch series and TV content, allowing us to choose how and when we stream our favourite shows, whilst breaking the shackles of sitting in front of our home TV set – although this is still an option with online streaming!

The list of providers available to us now is bigger than ever. As well as established players like Netflix and Amazon there are more recent additions in the shape of BINGE and Disney Plus. With so many providers fighting for our subscription, we are the ones who get to benefit through free trials, discounts and the ability to switch between services as and when we want.

TV streaming is also ideal for larger households and families as it allows us to watch multiple devices on one account, so no more disputes about who watches what. The only thing you need to worry about is enjoying your favourite TV.

Best TV providers online

Here we delve a little deeper into the most popular providers in Australia and the benefits of their subscription, including how to sign up to their current price plans. The great thing about these services is that they are as easy to access and enjoy on just about any modern device. So, if you have seen TV content that may feature exclusively with a specific provider, you can find out how to watch it here.

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To stream and watch series with BINGE all you need to do is take advantage of their 14 day free trial offer. This free option gives you access to their extensive library so that you can watch TV Shows and Movies without paying a cent upfront. After your free trial is over there is a choice between three plans.

A basic BINGE offer costs $10 per month and allows you to stream on one device in standard definition. The Standard plan will set you back only $14 per month with the option to stream on one screen or two in high definition. The most comprehensive choice is the Premium plan, which for $18 per month allows you to stream on three devices in high definition. All plans can be cancelled at any time.


Foxtel Now

It’s never been easier and cheaper to stream and watch series on Foxtel Now. To start with you can access all the channels included in the service with a 10 day free trial. Once this trial period is over, the Essential Base Pack is available for $25 per month.

Foxtel Now comes with the Foxtel Go app, meaning that you can stream TV shows at home or on the move. You can add the Movie pack for $20 per month, or an additional drama pack for $10 per month. All of these options can be cancelled at any time. Foxtel Now offers all media on their service on up to five devices at once.

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BINGE from Telstra

BINGE from Telstra is a great way to watch series for less id you have a Telstra account. There is no free trial, but when you sign up for a 12 month plan you get the first three months for free (exclusive to new customers).

There are only two plans available if you want to watch and stream content with the Telstra BINGE offer. The Standard plan for $14 per month (stream had on two devices) and the Premium plan for $18 per month. Both of these options include HD content. You must be a new or existing Telstra mobile or broadband customer to enjoy the benefits of this offer.

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Foxtel Now from Telstra

Telstra customers can add every channel from Foxtel Now to their account via the Telstra Foxtel Now offer. This 12 month plan gives you the first month free for new and returning customers. The offer comes with the Essential base pack (free for the first month) but you can add movies for an additional $20 per month and drama for $10 per month.

You can watch Foxtel Now from Telstra, online or with the Foxtel Go app, on up to five devices at once wherever you may be. Content is available instantly when you sign up, and you can cancel any extra packs that you add to Essentials as and when you want.


Disney Plus

There are two types of subscription if you want to watch and stream Disney Plus content online. To start with there is the monthly, cancel at any time Disney Plus Offer which costs $11.99 per month. The second option is an annual plan that comes to $119.99 for 12 months (effectively $9.99/month). Both options allow you to stream at home or on the move.

The price is literally the only difference between the two options, as both let you stream on up to four devices at once in HD. The Disney Plus app is also super user friendly and comes with parental control option so that any younger member of the family don’t see the more adult related.

Good Doctor

Telstra TV Box Office

If you would like to stream TV shows and movies that don’t feature on your current provider’s library, Telstra TV Box Office is a great option. Here you can rent or buy titles without having to change your service. You can use any Telstra Plus points you have collected and make the cost of rentals even cheaper.

Telstra TV Box Office requires an existing Telstra account, meaning that you will need an existing mobile or home broadband plan before you can start to watch and stream. Once you have this, simply log in and Stream TV Shows and Movies that take your fancy. All billing will be charged directly to your Telstra account, or you can use Telstra Plus points.

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To start watching DocPlay documentaries you can simply take advantage of the 14 day free DocPlay trial offer. This gives you their entire library free without paying a cent. If you feel that DocPlay is right for you, you can enjoy the streaming service thereafter for only $7.99 per month.

DocPlay can be enjoyed in HD with no ad breaks, and come with a handy easy to use app for those who want to watch documentaries on the move. You’re not just limited to one screen either with DocPlay, with up to four people able to access the service at one time, which is great for larger households.



New Netflix customers no longer have the option of a free trial. There are simply three plans to choose from, all giving you access to new series as well as the classic shows. To start with, if you want to watch or stream on one device in standard definition, it will cost you $10.99 per month for a Basic Netflix offer. $15.99 per month lets you stream on one or two devices in high definition, whilst the $19.99 per month plan lets you stream on four devices in Ultra HD.

Netflix is renowned for its user-friendly interface and app. It also comes with parental controls so that the kids don’t see something they shouldn’t.

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Stan is currently offering a mammoth 30 day free trial for all new subscribers. Stan have three tiers to their subscription pricing $10, $14 and $19 with an optional extra for sport. All plans come complete with the free trial so you can try out the library before committing. HD is available on the top two tiers while 4K UHD is only available on the premium tier. The basic plan allows for one screen, while the next two tiers allow for simultaneous streams.

What TV series to watch online

TV Streaming providers are now putting blockbuster movie budgets into their new TV content, as well as giving us an extensive library of classic shows and films. Everything is available to watch on demand, and with providers like Foxtel Now, you can even watch your favourite TV as it airs live for exclusive viewing access. You can watch just about every genre around, from drama and kids series to family movies and documentaries, so there is always something for every taste.

Each provider comes with its own niche of content. Disney Plus offers exclusive content from the world of Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, whilst the likes of Foxtel Now and BINGE give you the latest offerings from HBO and the BBC. If you’re after something a little less mainstream and specific to a particular genre, there are also providers for you. DocPlay deal exclusively in top documentaries from around the world, whilst hayu provide the best in Reality TV.

Here you can check out some of the best shows and movies available with each provider below.

  • Eden
  • Rick and Morty
  • Friends: Reunion
  • Loki
  • Kung Fu
  • Betty
  • Dave
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Your Honour
  • Godfather of Harlem
  • The Underground Railroad
  • Invincible
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier

What’s On BINGE

BINGE offer a huge range of content to stream thanks to their close links with Foxtel. This means that you can watch BINGE TV Shows and Movies from HBO, BBC, MTV and more. On top of that, there’s plenty of cartoons and animations for kids, as well as award-winning wildlife documentaries and hard-hitting docuseries. Find out what’s on BINGE.

What’s On Foxtel Now

If you would like to enjoy a vast range of Foxtel content with a satellite or cable subscription, the Foxtel Now service is a no-nonsense way to stream series an movies online. The Foxtel Now Essentials pack includes channels like Fox Showcase, Fox 8, Lifestyle, Fox Funny and more, with the option to watch series live or later on demand. Find out what’s on Foxtel Now.

What’s On Disney Plus

The Disney Plus library brings together close to 100 years of Disney content. From classic movie titles like Lady and The Tramp and Monsters Inc to The Avengers and Star Wars series, it’s all here to watch instantly. Their new Disney Plus ‘Star’option is great for an older audience and includes shows like Modern Family, Family Guy and Deadpool. Find out what’s on Disney Plus.

What’s On Netflix

It could be argued that Netflix properly introduced the world to the benefits of streaming TV content. They remain a leader in the field with literally thousands of TV show episodes and movies available to watch and stream instantly. You can catch drama shows like Outlander and Fargo alongside original series like Narcos and Sex Education, as well as reality shows and Kids series. Find out what’s on Netflix.

What’s On DocPlay

If you’re fed up with big TV series and movies and want to get a little more familiar with the ‘real world’ then Aussie streaming service, DocPlay may be the one for you. Their library is jam-packed with little gems you would probably never come across without their subscription, including Searching For Sugarman and Well Groomed.

What’s On Amazon Prime

American service Amazon Prime Video is another original streaming provider that has set the bar for the rest to follow. as well as series and movies they have a load of Amazon Prime original documentaries in the sports domain. You can watch and stream something for just about everyone and enjoy major series and movies alongside kids TV. Find out what’s on Amazon Prime.

Searchable Australian Streaming TV Library





How to watch series online

It’s great to know which streaming service you can watch series and shows on, and it’s even better to know what one you like, but there’s still a few more details. Before you get started streaming there are a couple of things you’ll need.

Compatible streaming devices

Getting the right compatible device and mobile network data plan is a smart way to get the most out of your streaming provider. There is also a wide range of mobile devices (tablet, PC, android smartphone) compatible to use with apps. A good quality connection is also essential if you want to watch premium TV in HD quality. Always check if your static or mobile device is compatible with a particular provider before subscribing.

Streaming TV shows can use up plenty of data, especially when you’re out and about. So, make sure you have access to a cost-effective, unlimited data plan from your mobile provider you watch TV apps online. Ensure you have access to a cost-effective, unlimited data plan from your mobile provider when using apps on the move.

Internet suited for streaming

Telstra’s latest NBN plans are a smart way to watch and stream TV without worrying about how much data you use. A 500GB Data ($75/mth) plan will give you speeds of up to 25Mbps, whilst the more complete Premium Internet + Unlimited Data (from $90/mth) plan provides speeds up to 100Mbps. 

New and switching customers signing up for the Telstra Broadband service today find big savings when signing up online, as the standard $99 connection fee is waived. Once you’ve signed up you can tailor your plan by choosing the option that works for the picture quality you desire.

Telstra Plans

Standard Plus Speed + Unlimited Data
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • Buy online: no connection fee
  • Standard Plus Speed + Unlimited Data
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • #1 provider to stream Netflix
  • Telstra Smart Modem included (with 4G back up)
  • $90/mth
Min Cost - $306 over 1 mth. New customers only.

Xbox All Access + Standard Speed
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • Xbox One S console with 4K Ultra HD streaming
  • 20,000 Telstra Plus Points
  • Xbox All Access + Standard Speed
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 25Mbps Standard Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 25™ Fixed Line
  • Access to over 100 games
  • Buy online: no connection fee
  • $107/mth
Min Cost - $706 (includes Xbox All Access $410 + Telstra Smart Modem $216 + Core Internet $80 month-to-month plan cost)

Premium Speed + Unlimited Data
  • $10 off for 6 months: For new customers only. Offer ends 25 October 2021.
  • $30/mth off speed add-ons for 6 mths! Ends 31/07
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • Premium Speed + Unlimited Data
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 100Mbps Premium Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 100™ Fixed Line
  • Buy online: no connection fee
  • #1 provider to stream Netflix
  • $100/mth
After 6 mths, $110/mth
Min Cost - $316 over 1 mth. New customers only.

All your streaming services in one place

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Frequently Asked Questions about Streaming TV

  • What is Streaming TV?

Since the birth of television, we’ve gotten all our TV via broadcasts – signals containing continuous TV channels sent out to anyone who can pick them up. Streaming TV is completely different – you choose what show or movie you want to watch from an app on your TV or a device, and it’s then sent to you via your broadband internet connection. It’s called “streaming” because you watch it as it’s being sent to you, rather than downloading it to watch later.

  • How Do You Stream to Your TV?

If you’ve got a recent model TV, it’s almost certainly what’s known as a “smart TV” – in other words, it can download and run apps. The most popular apps for smart TVs are those for streaming services, and that’s because it’s easy to just sit back and load up the app for your favourite service and start watching. But smart TV support for each streaming service varies, so if you’re watching a lot of it, the better option is to buy a dedicated streaming device like Telstra TV or Apple TV, or get a low-cost device called a Chromecast so you can send streaming TV to your screen from a phone or tablet app.

  • How do you Stream from an iPad, iPhone or Android Phone to a TV?

Streaming is really easy on modern smartphones and tablets, but not everyone wants to watch their shows and movies on a tiny screen. You can fix that easily with a small device made by Google called Chromecast. It plugs into a spare HDMI port on your TV, and connects to the same Wi-Fi network that your phone is on. Once it’s set up, all you need to do is load up your favourite streaming app – Netflix, BINGE, Kayo and hundreds of others – and tap the little TV screen icon in the top right corner to connect to Chromecast. Then everything you play will stream direct to your TV.

  • Can You Stream from an iMac or PC to a TV?

If you’ve got a fairly recent model of Mac or PC, you’ll almost certainly find a HDMI video output socket on the back (or side, in the case of laptops) of the computer. If you have one of these, streaming direct to your TV is easy – just connect it to a spare HDMI input on your TV with a cable and switch to that input, then start streaming. Other computers may have different video connectors, such as Mini DisplayPort, USB-C or Thunderbolt; these can connect to your TV as well, but you’ll need a special adapter cable to do so. An easier option in those cases may be to use a Chromecast connected to the TV, sending video to it from the Google Chrome web browser.

  • How Do You Stream Netflix to a TV?

Of all the streaming services, Netflix is the one that almost every smart TV and streaming device supports – in fact, if you’ve bought a TV, disc player or streaming device recently, it’ll probably have a big red and white Netflix button on its remote control! All you need to do to stream Netflix on any TV is just load up the app and sign in with your account email and password – it’ll load up all your profiles, favourites and watch lists so you can pick up on the TV where you left off on the phone or PC.

  • Do I Need a Streaming Box with a Smart TV?

While you’ll find Netflix support on pretty much every smart TV, the other streaming services you can access on that TV will vary greatly depending on the brand, model and year of your TV. The much better solution if you’re streaming all the time is to buy a dedicated streaming box. These smart little devices plug into your TV via HDMI and act as a sort of “one-stop shop” for all the different streaming service apps, so you can stream from any of them from the one remote control. The best streaming boxes are the ones with the widest app support – with the Telstra TV and Apple TV at the top of the list. They’re both priced just above $200, but the Telstra TV can be had for $9 a month if you’re a Telstra customer, making it a great affordable streaming upgrade.

  • Is Foxtel Now the Same as Streaming TV?

While Foxtel Now offers plenty of shows and movies for you to watch on demand, its main purpose is to deliver Foxtel’s live TV channels to you as they’re broadcast – but via streaming rather than satellite. The way this is done is very much the same as other streaming services, except that each channel is its own separate never-ending live stream, and you switch between channels rather than choosing individual titles. It’s designed to behave just like regular TV does, but under the hood it’s a streaming service and as such, it performs best on a fast broadband connection.

  • How Much Data Does It Take to Stream TV?

All streaming TV uses an amount of download data on your broadband plan – so if you’ve got a monthly download limit, you’ll want to keep an eye on just how much data is being used. That amount varies greatly between different streaming services, but as a general guide, expect to use around 1GB per hour at standard definition, 3GB per hour at HD (high definition) and 7GB per hour at 4K Ultra HD quality. We’d recommend anyone who streams regularly get a broadband plan with unlimited data – they’re incredibly cheap now.

  • How Do You Stream Kayo to a Smart TV?

Innovative sports streaming service Kayo Sports is still working on apps for a wider range of smart TVs – at the moment, though, they only offer an app for Samsung TVs made in 2017 and later, and for TVs running the Android TV operating system (like Sony’s recent models). For any other TV, smart or not, you’ll need to use a streaming device, with the best ones for Kayo Sports being Telstra TV (which also lets you subscribe directly from the device) and Apple TV. Kayo also supports Chromecast so you can cast from your phone, but a current-model Chromecast is recommended for best results. Check out our guide for more suggestions.

  • How Do You Stream Foxtel Go to a TV?

Foxtel Go is the app for phones and tablets that’s designed for use by customers of both Foxtel satellite TV and Foxtel Now services. You can stream the live channels and on-demand content to a TV by using the new Foxtel app for LG and Samsung smart TVs, or by streaming from the mobile app to a Chromecast device. However, Foxtel satellite customers will need to add the Multiscreen pack to their account before streaming is possible. Foxtel Now customers can stream on up to two devices at the same time. They can also use the dedicated Foxtel Now box or Telstra TV to stream.

  • How Do You Stream ABC iView, SBS On Demand, 7plus and Others to a TV?

With the free-to-air streaming services – ABC iView, SBS On Demand, 7plus, 9now and 10play – you’ve got plenty of choices to watch on your TV, especially if it supports the “Freeview” standard. TVs that offer Freeview will display a banner when changing channels, letting you access that network’s streaming service with the tap of a coloured button. For easier browsing and streaming, though, almost all smart TVs include apps for all five of the free-to-air networks, as do the to streaming boxes like Telstra TV and Apple TV. All of these apps are completely free to use, though some require you to sign up for a free account, and all (except ABC iView) are supported by ad breaks during your streams.

  • Do Streaming Services Require a Lock-In Contract?

No. That’s one of the best things about all streaming services, including Foxtel Now – there is no need to agree to any sort of lock-in contract. You pay a month in advance for a month’s access and can cancel at any time. Even better, you can re-subscribe later and as long as it hasn’t been too long , you’ll find all your favourites and watch lists right where you left them.

  • Is There a Free Trial for Streaming Services?

The tradition with streaming TV has been to offer new customers a free trial period so they can see if they like what the service has to offer – but not all services have free trials. Most notably, Netflix and Disney Plus don’t offer a free trial at all anymore, so anyone signing up for the first time will have to pay for the first month up front. However, there are still plenty of free trials around, such as Foxtel Now (10 days), BINGE (14 days), Kayo Sports (14 days), Amazon Prime Video (one month).

  • Can You Record Streaming TV?

Because it’s designed to be watched on demand, streaming services don’t give you the ability to record shows and movies to watch later. However, some services do allow you to download titles to a mobile phone or tablet to stream later without using the internet. This can be brilliant for when you’re travelling – load up your iPad or phone with some movies or a series, and you can watch them anywhere without incurring a massive mobile data bill. Streaming services that allow downloads include Netflix, Stan, Prime Video and Disney Plus.

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Save $10/mth on Kayo for 12 mths
on the Basic Plan with 1 genres of content
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Save $10/mth on Kayo for 12 mths
on the Premium Plan with 1 genres of content
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New Customers: 14 Day Trial
on the Basic Plan with 1 genres of content
No lock-in contract
New Customers: 14 Day Trial
on the Premium Plan with 1 genres of content
No lock-in contract
New customers: 14 day free trial
on the Basic Plan with 9 genres of content
No lock-in contract
New customers: 14 day free trial
on the Standard Plan with 9 genres of content
No lock-in contract
New customers: 14 day free trial
on the Premium Plan with 9 genres of content
No lock-in contract
Telstra Postpaid: 3 mths free
on the Standard - BINGE from Telstra Plan with 5 genres of content
No lock-in contract

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