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Amazon Prime Video

Originally introduced by Amazon in the US as a subscription service giving customers premium shipping for their purchases from the site, Amazon Prime Video was eventually expanded in an effort to make it more desirable. Aside from free, faster shipping, Prime members get access to extras like a Kindle reading library, photo storage and more. But one bonus has been so successful, Amazon eventually started offering it as a service on its own – Prime Video.

What makes Amazon Prime unique?

As one of the biggest names in the new world of streaming TV, Amazon runs its own production studio to create exclusive content for Prime Video – and the stuff they’ve come up with so far has been fantastic. Whether it’s the intense drama of Man in the High Castle or American Gods, the award-winning comedic dramas like The Marvelous Mrs Maisel or Red Oaks, and the Prime-exclusive new show from the Top Gearteam, The Grand Tour, there’s something for everyone. 

Your Prime membership also gets you a range of other benefits, from free shipping on Amazon purchases to free eBooks and video games.

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Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime…

Amazon Prime Plans

  • Monthly – just $6.99/month.
  • Annual – just $59/year (approx. $4.90/month).
  • You can register unlimited devices on your account and stream on three devices at a time.

Access Amazon Prime Video

  • Prime Video is available on computers (PC and Mac), iOS & Android smartphones & tablets, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, Apple TV, PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox One, Smart TVs (Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic) and Nvidia Shield.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

You can subscribe to Amazon Prime either on a month-by-month basis or annually, with the standard monthly price being $6.99. An annual subscription costs $59 (about $4.90 per month). All new subscriptions include a free 30-day trial before you’re billed for anything.

How much data will Amazon Prime Video use?

Amazon doesn’t officially give data usage amounts for Prime Video, and there’s no way to directly control streaming quality on the smart TV and streaming device apps (you can, though, on mobile devices). A rough estimate puts usage for a stream in standard definition at about 900MB per hour, high definition about 2-3GB per hour, and ultra HD (4K) streams raise that to around 6GB per hour.

What devices are compatible with Amazon Prime?

You can watch Prime Video on your desktop or laptop computer easily just by logging into the site on your web browser. There’s also a range of apps for devices big and small, including smartphones and tablets (both iOS and Android) as well as Amazon’s own Fire tablet. Apps are also available for the popular Apple TV, both PlayStation and Xbox game consoles, a wide range of current smart TVs and even Nvidia’s Shield box. One key device that is not supported is Chromecast.

Amazon Prime Offer for Australia

There’s plenty of reasons to want to trial Amazon Prime Video if you’re a resident of Australia, including taking advantage of their great deals and discounted pricing. Additionally, Australian residents who join the service will receive the first month of Amazon Prime free, with no set-up or cancellation fees should you decide it’s not for you!

Contact Amazon Australia

The best way to reach Amazon is to jump on their website and click on the “Help” button at the top right, and then on the “Contact Us” button at the bottom. If you want a more direct way to reach them, you can call Amazon’s 24/7 customer support team through their general help number at 1800 571 894. If your question is about an existing US-based Amazon account, you can also contact their US support at 0011 1 206 266 2992 (and if you use Skype to make that call it will be toll-free).

Amazon Prime Video Australia Review

Amazon Prime may have started in Australia as just another video streaming provider. But now, having turned into a package that combines entertainment, perks, shopping deals and free shipping for less than five dollars a month, it’s essential for anyone who shops, games or watches video online.

What’s On Amazon Prime Video

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