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MyRepublic has moved into the Australian market with an eye on changing the way broadband is marketed and priced. They’ve made waves everywhere from Singapore to New Zealand with their max-speed broadband plans and now they’re offering us some appealing deals too.

More and more people are experiencing the pain of a broadband connection that seems to slow down to a fraction of its speed every evening, right when you want to use it. In this age of streaming video it’s a particular problem, but there are steps you can take to find out the cause and fix it!

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Easy to understand pricing, without complicated inclusions or extras, is the hallmark of Tellnet’s broadband offerings. Their NBN and ADSL connections are optimised for speed where it’s needed.

With Spintel you’re not paying for the stuff you never use. You can customise their NBN and ADSL plans to keep the price low and have freedom of choice front and centre.

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Telstra offers a wide variety of broadband plans and appealing bundles. We break down the basic options available to help you make a more informed choice.

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Dodo offers potential clients affordable deals on broadband, and they’re mainly popular for their unlimited plans, which are fairly cheap. But are their plans right for you? Find out!

Dodo is one of the most stable broadband providers in Australia. It gives you solid value in both ADSL and NBN connections and entertainment value with their Fetch TV service.

It’s a competitive world out there when it comes to internet service providers, with dozens of offers and deals to decide between.

Wireless broadband plans come in more than one form. Some providers use the 4G mobile network to deliver a home broadband service, while others use fixed wireless – faster, but potentially more expensive. We take a look at the options available in the wireless world.

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As the NBN rollout starts reaching more and more people, we look at what it is, how it’s delivered, and what it means to you as an internet user.

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We review Cable TV provider Foxtel's home broadband subscription bundles – but how do they stack up against the rest?

Downloading movies, music, books or big files? Need better broadband? Here are some great options..