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What are the Best TV Shows on BINGE?

BINGE is offering some of the biggest shows and movies – from some of the world’s biggest TV networks – all in one place. With BINGE, you can access your favourite series at the touch of a button, whether watching at home on your TV or streaming with a mobile device.  

Every month we look at the newest content available on BINGE so that you can kick back and enjoy endless episodes of the most talked about TV. From brand new shows like Mrs America and Devs to classics such as The Sopranos and The Wire, BINGE certainly lives up to its claim of being ‘unturnoffable’.

Check out the best TV Shows on BINGE now.

Our Top Picks on BINGE in September

With a massive selection of content, which is set to get bigger each week, it’s tough to keep on top of the stand out shows to watch. That’s exactly why we have given you our top picks for this month below so that you stay up to date with the best of the best on BINGE!

Doom Patrol

Crazy Jane, Elast-Girl, Negative Man and Robotman are set to return to our screens in the second season of Doom Patrol. This series is a far cry from some of the lighter DC shows of late and explores a darker, more physiological side of the famous comic book franchise. Watch all episodes of Doom Patrol now on BINGE.


Friends is that perfect mix of comedy and theatre, with its loud canned laughter and cheesy cardboard props. Stick a show like this on the TV these days and it wouldn’t make it past the first season. But throw six characters called Ross, Monica, Rachael, Chandelier, Phoebe and Joey within these props and you have a recipe for what has become comedy gold. Watch Every Episode of Friends now with BINGE.


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Newly Added Shows on BINGE

You’re never going to run out of shows and movies to watch on BINGE. Every month, there’s a great assortment of newly added entertainment to get your teeth into. From blockbuster films and comedy dramas to real-life crime and kids TV, it’s all here on one comprehensive platform.

Check out our top newly added BINGE shows that you can stream instantly anytime you want below. 

Top Drama Shows on BINGE

BINGE is about to become your go-to-streaming platform when it comes to watching top rate drama. Drama is easily the most popular genre on any platform, and BINGE more than holds its own. Check out the best drama on offer right now below.

Best Comedy Shows on BINGE

If you’re looking for a laugh, then BINGE has a roster of shows that will have your side splitting on demand! There are classic sitcoms sat alongside new comedy dramas, so you’re guaranteed to find something to help get your giggle on…

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Stream a huge selection of new and classic TV shows, movies, and documentaries from the likes of HBO, BBC, FX, Cartoon Network and many more…

Top Crime – Thriller Shows on BINGE

Looking for something that’s leaning towards more of the thrilling and dangerous? With plot twists that will leave you stuck to the edge of your seat? Then BINGE has got you covered with their wide range of crime and investigation shows. Here’s our standout picks.

Best Kids Shows on BINGE

No streaming platform is worth its salt if there’s nothing decent for the kids to watch. Luckily BINGE has them covered with shows from Cbeebies and Cartoon Network, as well as classic Looney Tunes, so parents can have just as much fun watching too! Check out the best kids channels on BINGE here.

Best Movies on BINGE

The movie titles available with BINGE feature everything from Oscar winning epics like 2001 A Space Odyssey, to romantic classics such as Crazy Stupid Love. You can even BINGE on entire film franchises, all in one sitting! Here are our favourite movies on BINGE now.

Top Lifestyle Shows on BINGE

Nothing evokes creativity and healthy living changes than a good old lifestyle show. You can watch endless seasons of international series, both new and old, to help inspire the way you want to live! Check the best lifestyle shows on BINGE right here.

Top Docos on BINGE

BINGE has a cracking range of documentaries and docuseries available, in large part thanks to its partnership with the BBC, who produce all those David Attenborough classics. Check out our picks below.

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