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Stream a World of Movies and TV Shows on New Streaming Service Paramount Plus

With Australia set to be the first country outside of the US to get access to Paramount Plus, find out what movies and TV shows you’ll be able to watch when it launches this August.

Paramount Plus Australia Launches in August 2021

With decades of movie and TV production between them, Paramount Pictures and the CBS Network joined forces as a huge media company, ViacomCBS, at the end of 2019. That brought together two titans of entertainment – the mighty Paramount studio with its decades of movie history, and the CBS television network, one of the original “big three” TV networks in the US and one of the pioneers of TV-focused streaming services with CBS All Access.

What is Paramount Plus

While CBS All Access has run for many years as a paid streaming companion to the TV network, when ViacomCBS announced that they’d be upping the streaming stakes and rebranding as Paramount Plus, people started to take notice. With the launch in Australia, where the company owns Network 10, we’ve had 10 All Access – a near-clone of CBS All Access – since late 2019. And that’s probably why Australia will be the first country outside the US to have access to Paramount Plus when it launches here in August 2021.

That’s going to mean an influx of new content to the new Paramount service, particularly from Paramount Pictures, whose massive movie library will be at the ready alongside CBS’s extensive library of TV shows. The big change there is that the premium Showtime network’s content (which has been exclusive to Stan for several years) will now be making its debut on Paramount Plus. Stan will keep most of its existing Showtime content – for now – but new shows will head straight to Paramount Plus exclusively, alongside the hugely popular drama Dexter, which will be leaving Stan and heading over to Paramount Plus to accompany the upcoming reboot of the series (premiering, of course, on Paramount Plus).

What Will Paramount Plus Cost in Australia?

The Paramount Plus launch in Australia is likely to be very different to its US counterpart in one major way. In the US, CBS All Access subscribers can choose between an ad-supported plan at a reduced price, or an ad-free version for a few dollars more a month. In Australia, Paramount Plus looks likely to follow the model that 10 All Access already uses – just the one tier, completely ad-free.

But the news gets even better than that. The existing 10 All Access streaming service will be rolled into the new Paramount Plus service and apps, with a whole lot of extra content and the price will be going down! So what will Paramount Plus cost?

Paramount Plus, it’s been announced, will be only $8.99 per month, making it one of the cheapest streaming services in Australia. There’s almost certainly going to be a free trial on offer, just as there is with 10 All Access now – but how long that free trial will be isn’t yet known. In the US, Paramount Plus offers a one-week trial, while 10 All Access in Australia offers a full month. We’ll keep you updated as soon as an official announcement is made.

How to Sign Up to Paramount Plus Australia

At the moment, if you’re hanging out to get a hold of Paramount Plus, you’ll just have to wait until August, with the exact launch date to be revealed soon. 10 All Access remains available in the meantime if you’re keen to keep up with Masterchef and the current stable of CBS shows on that service – but in August, everything gets a lot more exciting –for less money!

What Content will Paramount Plus Offer?

With access to the assets of its giant ViacomCBS parent company, Paramount Plus is well equipped with shows and movies from all facets of entertainment – they own some of the biggest names in the business. Not everything will be on Paramount Plus Australia at launch – there are still existing licensing deals in place with other streaming services for some content (such as titles from Sony Pictures Television) and the possibility of sports streaming (a big feature of the service in the US via CBS’s access to football, golf and more) hasn’t yet been announced for the Australian service. But there’s going to be a wealth of content providing excellent value for money. Especially compared to existing streaming tv services already in market in Australia.

TV Shows and Movies on Paramount Plus Australia

Alongside the existing library of content from the All Access service (a little more limited in Australia since some exclusives, such as the Star Trek series Discovery and Picard, are licensed to other services here) you’ll see, according to Paramount Plus claims, over 20,000 TV shows and new movies. That’s a huge increase on what’s available on the existing service, and will be heavily bolstered by movies from the Paramount Pictures library, which offers a huge amount of classics dating all the way back to the early days of Hollywood.

Exclusive new shows on Paramount Plus will include a new series based on the classic video game series Halo, which is set to premiere in early 2022. There’s also new spin-off and reboot shows from some major names including Frasier, Flashdance, and even a return of animated slackers Beavis and Butthead. 2022 will also see a new TV series version of the 1970s David Bowie film The Man Who Fell to Earth. Meanwhile, kids will be excited for the arrival of the Paramount Plus exclusive Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years.

Australia isn’t being ignored, either, with the long-awaited second season of popular drama Five Bedrooms launching on Paramount Plus as a co-production with Network Ten. There’s also Last King of the Cross, a gritty true-crime story based on Sydney gangster John Ibrahim’s autobiography, a new light-hearted comedy in the form of Spreadsheet, and feature film 6 Festivals.

Key to the success of Paramount Plus is their collection of acclaimed studios and networks, all of which will come together in the one place:

Paramount Pictures

One of the oldest and most iconic movie studios in the world, Paramount Pictures has been making superb movies of all kinds for over a hundred years – and their library of classics of all eras is a powerhouse that will be key to Paramount Plus’s launch. Spanning the golden age of Hollywood, through the era of Audrey Hepburn and Alfred Hitchcock, through to Top Gun and beyond, there’s a wealth of movie history to get binging on – as well as the likelihood we’ll see current Paramount movies heading straight to Paramount Plus before anywhere else.


One of the three original US TV networks, CBS has been making television for decades, and continues to deliver some of the most innovative new shows – many of them currently streaming on other services here, but likely to head over to Paramount Plus in time. They’ve also got a rich history of classic TV – everything from Cheers to Charmed – and you’ll be able to dig into all of it when Paramount Plus launches. Their CBS All Access streaming service forms the core of Paramount Plus.


The legendary premium network that rivals HBO in terms of the quality of its TV shows, original movies and documentaries, Showtime is set to become part of the Paramount Plus family with all future content heading straight for the new streaming service. This is a key element of the Paramount Plus content library, giving subscribers access to the famed network’s acclaimed premium content without costing any extra.


The “Nick” is a hugely popular source of entertainment for kids of all ages, and while it’s currently available in Australia as a channel on Foxtel, you’re probably going to find a good amount of its content on Paramount Plus, alongside brand-new exclusive shows.

Comedy Central

Another famous channel and brand that we’ve seen more of in Australia via its shows making their way to other networks – most famously, of course, South Park. As with Nickelodeon, we’d expect to see more shows from Comedy Central get added to Paramount Plus as time goes on.


Originally a 24-hour music video channel, MTV has become a lifestyle and culture outlet for older teenagers – but yes, it still features music as well!

The Smithsonian Channel

Available at the moment as a separate streaming service in Australia, the Smithsonian Channel’s content is likely to be rolled into Paramount Plus Australia when it launches – and there’s tons of great documentaries to sink your teeth into, as the channel has been producing high-quality content for years.

10 All Access

Of course, the content that Network 10 brought to the existing 10 All Access streaming service will come along for the Paramount Plus ride – including up to the minute episodes of shows like MasterChef Australia and The Amazing Race Australia.

CBS News

CBS’s comprehensive 24-hour news coverage, currently accessible both in the 10 All Access app and via a free news-only streaming service, will be rolled into Paramount Plus and will provide on-demand global news coverage when you need it.

Paramount Plus Compared to Other Streaming Services in Australia?

It’s still too early to know for sure what effect the arrival of Paramount Plus will have on the many streaming services Australians use right now – but it’s unlikely to be as disruptive as the arrival of Disney Plus, which saw huge amounts of content (and entire broadcast channels) yanked away from the Australian licensees and returned to Disney. ViacomCBS is well known to be more relaxed with their licensing, which is why we see many of their CBS All Access shows on other services and TV networks already – and when announcing Paramount Plus Australia, the company said they didn’t intend to claw its existing content back.

BINGE and Foxtel Now

The biggest worry for subscribers to BINGE or Foxtel Now is probably the idea that Nickelodeon content might go away; however, there’s been no suggestion that’s going to happen any time soon, if at all.

Stan streaming

With ViacomCBS being the owners of Showtime – which Stan has had exclusive Australian rights to for years – there’s been some worry that Stan may lose all of its Showtime content. As it turns out, that won’t happen – all their existing Showtime show will remain on the Australian streaming service for the duration of their broadcast run, and only brand-new series will be heading to Paramount Plus. However, one exception is Dexter, which will be making the trip to join its new reboot series on Paramount Plus.

What Devices Can You Stream Paramount Plus With?

While we’re still a few months out from the launch of Paramount Plus, it looks likely that the same devices that currently support 10 All Access will have Paramount Plus apps ready to go at launch. That means you’ll see apps – already developed and ready to go – for Android TV, Apple TV, LG and Samsung smart TVs, Xbox and Playstation, Chromecast and Fire TV. We’ll also likely see the service available via the Apple TV “Channels” service, as 10 All Access currently is.

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