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Ready to up your entertainment game? Foxtel revamped its Foxtel Play platform and transformed into Foxtel Now, a streaming service that combines all the content you know and love with a slick new interface and an improved search function. You can watch your favourite channels online without worrying about a complicated installation process and you can cancel anytime. Moreover, EVERYONE, whether you’re a new Foxtel Now user or an existing Foxtel Play customer, you can try the relaunched platform free for two weeks.

Foxtel Now offers five base channel packs and two premium channel packs – and you only need to subscribe to the ones you really want in order to enjoy the service. The Docos, Lifestyle, and Kids packs all come with several channels that will suit your interests perfectly. Next, the Drama and Pop packs offer you access to acclaimed Foxtel TV shows and allow you to never miss an episode of your favourite series ever again. You can pick one or subscribe to both for a discount.

As for the Foxtel Now premium packs, you can only get them if you’re already subscribed to a base pack. There are two – Sports and Movies. The first one is a must for sport enthusiasts who want to watch all the action live, while the second pack is a great addition for every movie buff out there.

Foxtel Now is available in HD on compatible devices. You can also download the Foxtel Now app for free on your mobile device and catch up with your content on the go.

Foxtel Now
The content available on Foxtel Now varies based on the channel packs you choose. Here are the channels included with each pack, so you can have a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Docos Pack: Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Turbo, Nat Geo People, CI, A&E, BBC Knowledge, History, Nat Geo Wild

Lifestyle Pack: Lifestyle, Arena, Lifestyle Home, E!, Lifestyle Food, TLC

Kids Pack: Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, BBC CBeebies, BabyTV, Boomerang, Discovery Kids

Drama Pack: Showcase, BBC UKTV, TVH!TS, BBC First, Universal Channel

Pop Pack: Showcase, Fox8, Comedy Channel, FX, MTV, 111 funny

Movies Pack: Foxtel Movies Premiere, Foxtel Movies Disney, Foxtel Movies Masterpice, Foxtel Movies Action, Foxtel Movies Romance, Foxtel Movies Thriller, Foxtel Movies Family, Foxtel Movies Comedy, Foxtel Movies More

Sport Pack: Fox Sports 1, Fox League, Fox Sports 3, Fox Sports 4, Fox Sports 5, BeIn Sports 1, BeIn Sports 2, BeIn Sports 3, ESPN, ESPN 2, EuroSport, Footy Play

If you get them all, you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment:

Foxtel Now is available on a variety of devices. Once you sign up, you can watch on your PC via Google Chrome – there’s no longer any need to download an app for your laptop or desktop. Next, you can also watch on compatible iOS and Android mobiles and tablets, Telstra TV, Chromecast and PlayStation 4.

Foxtel Now is not currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 3, or eligible Samsung, LG and Sony Smart TVs. However, until it becomes available, you can still use these devices to watch Foxtel content via Foxtel Play.

Plus, all customers can use the Foxtel Now app to stream Foxtel on their mobile or tablet. You can download the new Foxtel Now app via Google Play or the App Store.

The cost depends on the package or packages you choose. Lifestyle, Docos, and Kids are each priced at $10/month. Drama and Pop costs $15/month each, or you can get them both as a combo for $25/month.

On top of one (or all) of these, you can add the Sport pack or (and) The Movies pack. Sport costs $29/month, while Movies is priced at $20/month. Add them all and you’ll have to pay $104/month.


Foxtel Now - From $10/Month

Instant Access

Cancel Anytime

Watch on all your favourite devices


Foxtel Now review

Australia’s biggest cable TV company ventured into the streaming world with Foxtel Now, a versatile service which allows subscribers to catch-up with their favourite shows or watch live TV on their preferred devices, via the internet. No more installation hassles or lock-in contracts to worry about. Explore everything that Foxtel has to offer in just a few clicks, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.
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Foxtel Now FAQs

In short, Foxtel Now is an upgraded version of Foxtel Play. The content is the same – you can watch Foxtel live via the internet – but the interface is slicker and the search function was improved. You can also watch in HD on compatible devices and stream Foxtel Now to your TV via Chromecast from your mobile or tablet. With Foxtel Now, you can also stream Foxtel on your PC or Mac through your Chrome browser- no app download required.
Well, that’s the beauty of Foxtel Now. Since it’s a service delivered via the internet, all you need is a broadband plan and a compatible device. You can start watching Foxtel Now in a matter of minutes.
The Foxtel Now app allows you to stream content from your package on your compatible smartphone or tablet. By purchasing a Foxtel Now subscription you will get access to the free Foxtel Now app. You can download the app from Google Play or App Store and start watching immediately. All you need to do then is log in using your Foxtel Now username and password and start streaming live sports events, TV shows and movies from your package.

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