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What are the Best TV Shows on Foxtel?

If you’re looking for the biggest names in TV at the moment, you’ll want to be watching Foxtel. Australia’s premier TV provider for the past two decades, Foxtel brings together the best television from across Australia and around the world – including premium drama you can’t see anywhere else, blockbuster and classic movies, the best premium live sport and much more. With dozens of channels packed with entertainment, docos, comedy and kids’ shows, there’s always something to watch.

Foxtel is also the home of Australia’s first and only TV channels broadcast in 4K Ultra HD. Foxtel’s huge range of channels and shows is all brought together on the advanced iQ4 set top box, which lets you stream your favourite shows and movies on demand (including every episode of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and more) as well as recording hundreds of hours of TV to watch later. If you love your TV, you’ll love your Foxtel!

Some of the must-see shows you can watch or stream right now on Foxtel include:

Our Top Picks on Foxtel in January

With Foxtel, there’s never any shortage of high-quality TV to keep you entertained – and thanks to exclusive channels like FOX Showcase and FOX8 you can catch some of the hottest shows around, exclusive to Foxtel. Watch them as they go to air – often at the same time as the US – or stream them on demand whenever you like on your iQ4 box! You can also stream on the go at no extra cost, instantly available as soon as you’re signed up by using the Foxtel Go app!

Mr Robot Season 4

Elliot’s delusional thoughts about his dead father lead him to question the beast he has created, and whether he needs to walk away from the life he leads as a cyberwar vigilante. But there is one important thing left to do, and that’s to bring down the world’s top 1%, the most powerful and corrupt people on the planet.  But the Dark Army have returned and Waitrose has her own agenda that will possibly derail Elliot’s plan. Watch the final season of Mr Robot with Foxtel and Foxtel Now.

The Outsider

This new HBO series is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name and follows an investigation into the brutal murder of a young boy in Flint, a fictional town in Oklahoma. As detectives look further into the case, it becomes apparent that a local school teacher is a prime suspect. But after he comes up with a solid alibi, investigators wrestle with the realisation that he was in two places at once, which leads them to question everything they believe about reality.

The Top Foxtel Shows to Watch in January

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