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At the start of Australia’s telecommunications revolution, we went from one provider to two with the arrival of Optus, and then a new name appeared in the market — Primus. Originally owned by the American company of the same name — in more recent years it became 100% Australian – Primus and their broadband internet arm iPrimus really shook things up. For home phone and internet they brought real competition on price and quality of service, and were one of the first providers to offer their own dedicated ADSL network. Two decades later, iPrimus is one of Australia’s largest internet providers.

What’s in this Guide?

What is iPrimus?

iPrimus offers a range of broadband internet plans on the NBN as well as ADSL, all bundled with home phone service with pay-as-you-go national calls. One of the first companies to bring phone and internet services together in bundles, iPrimus was offering all-inclusive service long before everyone else started offering similar deals. A big advantage for iPrimus is their access to the vast high-speed network owned by their parent company, Vocus. They have direct access to the data centres that host everything from your software downloads to your Netflix streams, and they’ve been regularly upgrading their network to keep up with the ever-increasing demand of a connected age.

Adapting to the move many have made towards mobile phones for their calls and data, iPrimus has also added mobile plans to their product lineup. And in a world where connected entertainment via streaming is a huge part of everyone’s lives, iPrimus’s ability to bundle Fetch TV on unlimited internet plans gives customers access to that fast-growing premium TV service and its acclaimed devices.

Broadband and Internet from iPrimus

The centre of iPrimus’s services is the broadband internet connection that most know the company for, and with the NBN rollout now near completion, iPrimus can get you connected to ultra-fast internet for a lot less than you’d think. With popular plans unlimited-data starting at only $75/month at NBN50 speed – and with the even faster NBN100 available for only $90/month – iPrimus’s pricing is as competitive as their internet is speedy! You’re also free to build your own plan, with any combination of speeds, data limit and choice of contract or month-to-month.

Home phone from iPrimus

If you still want a landline phone at home, fear not — iPrimus broadband was the first independent provider to put its own hardware into phone exchanges to give customers a dedicated phone line at a lower cost, so they know phones! On the NBN, your home phone service runs across the fast NBN connection, where it works like a normal home phone — except there’s no line rental to pay, and no monthly fee – you only pay for the calls you use. Optionally, you can add a call pack to your home phone, giving you unlimited calls to Australian numbers including mobiles for only $10/month.

iPrimus Internet

  • Standard
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 25Mbps Standard Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 25™ Fixed Line
  • Landline w/ pay as you go calls
  • 25Mbps typical evening speed (7pm-11pm) sampled 1-14 March 2021. Speed may vary due to various factors and confirmed once connected.
  • $70/mth
Min Cost - $140 over 1 month ($70 incl. Setup fee and Standard WiFi Modem)

Last audited 29 April 2021

Entertainment from iPrimus with Fetch TV

Now a real force in home TV entertainment, Fetch TV has been built to be an integral part of iPrimus’s services, with the network optimised to ensure smooth streaming of Fetch TV’s premium channels, along with a vast library of movies and TV to rent, 30 free movies every month and more. Fetch TV’s unique set top boxes also let you stream from all your favourite services – Netflix, Stan, YouTube and more – and watch, pause and even record live TV. You have a choice between two Fetch TV boxes, depending on whether you want to be able to record TV – the Fetch Mighty lets you record up to six shows at once and stores hundreds of hours of TV, while the Fetch Mini is a streamlined, streaming-only device that’s Mini in size, but not in features. Each Fetch TV service comes with your choice of one of the four Fetch premium channel packs, and you can add more for just $6/month each – or get the lot for $20/month. 

iPrimus Internet + Fetch TV

Standard Plus
  • Standard Plus
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • Online gameplay
  • HD video streaming
  • $75/mth
Min Cost - $145 over 1 month (inc. $70 - setup fee and standard modem)

Last audited 29 April 2021

What Channels does Fetch TV from iPrimus Offer?

Many familiar premium channels can be found on Fetch TV – including some of the biggest names in global TV, adding up to a total of 47 channels to add a huge range of options to your nights in. Available in the four premium channel packs – and all included in the $20 Ultimate pack – are channels like:

  • BBC First
  • UKTV
  • MTV
  • Nickelodeon
  • Universal
  • ESPN
  • Comedy Central
  • MTV
  • National Geographic
  • CNN
  • Discovery
  • E!

Mobile Plans from iPrimus 

The mobile plans iPrimus offers are firmly focused on value – unlimited talk and text, international minutes to a selection of 35 major countries, and huge data allowances, with plans starting at $40/month. All plans are SIM-only, so bring your own phone and choose between the three generous plans running on the fast Optus 4G network. The $40 entry-level plan starts off big with 40GB of data, jumping up to 70GB and 100GB on the $50 and $60 plans. And the bigger the plan, the more international minutes included – up to 1000 minutes per month. All these plans are $5/month cheaper if you also have your home internet with iPrimus, too.

iPrimus Broadband Review

With an emphasis on quality over price-cutting – but still offering solid value – iPrimus is a great choice if you want the backbone of your broadband service fast and reliable.

What people are asking about iPrimus

  • Are Dodo and iPrimus Connected?

Yes, but not directly. Both iPrimus and Dodo were owned by a company called M2 Group until 2016, when that company was merged into the giant Vocus Group, which now operates both providers. Each is run as a separate company with different plans and pricing, but sharing much of the same network.

  • Are iPrimus and Telstra Connected?

No – and in fact, iPrimus was the first internet provider in Australia to reduce their reliance on Telstra during the ADSL days, by putting their own equipment into phone exchanges to connect customers directly to iPrimus.

  • Does iPrimus Use Telstra or Optus?

While iPrimus’s internet services don’t use either company, iPrimus does sell mobile phone plans as well, and those are powered by the Optus 4G network.

  • How Do I Access My iPrimus Voicemail?

All you need to do is pick up your handset and dial your VoIP number (your home phone number) including the area code, then enter your PIN and press the # key. If accessing voicemail from another phone, dial your VoIP number and press the * key when it answers, then enter your PIN and press the # key.

  • How Do I Contact iPrimus?

The easiest way to get in touch with iPrimus for everything from customer enquiries to technical support is to call them on 13 17 89. Customer service is available from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday; sales enquiries from 8am to 10pm weekdays and 9am to 9pm on weekends, and technical support is available from 8am to 11pm, seven days a week.

  • How Do I Cancel My iPrimus Account?

If you’ve decided to switch to another provider and need to cancel your account, call 1300 85 85 85 and a iPrimus customer service person will get the cancellation sorted out for you. Keep in mind that if you’re still under contract, an early termination fee may apply.

  • How Do I Change the WiFi Password on the iPrimus Modem?

There’s actually several different models of modem used by iPrimus, with a couple of NetComm models most common today, but Huawei models having been used in the past. If you’re not familiar with changing the settings on a modem, it’s recommended you give tech support a call on 13 17 89, and they’ll be able to walk you through the right steps based on the type of iPrimus modem you have.

  • Is iPrimus Down in My Area?

With the NBN providing the connectivity for all ISPs, it’s rare for there to be any sort of outage that affects just one particular ISP – but it can and does happen. If your iPrimus connection isn’t working, the first thing to try is to turn off your modem, turn it back on again and wait 60 seconds or so. If you’re still not able to connect, get in touch with tech support on 13 17 89 and they’ll be able to check to see if there’s a fault.

  • Who Is iPrimus?

One of the first communications companies to arrive in Australia and set up as an alternative to the incumbent Telstra for broadband services, iPrimus has been providing broadband internet in Australia since 1999. They’re now a part of the Vocus Group, a key provider of fast network connections in Australia and around the world, and make extensive use of their network via the NBN.

  • Do I Need Unlimited Data?

If you’re only planning on using your iPrimus broadband for light tasks like browsing the web, doing online banking, catching up with friends’ videos and photos and so on, then you should find iPrimus’ 250GB plan more than enough. However if you’re someone that watches a lot of Netflix, Stan, BINGE or other streaming services, we’d highly recommend you go for one of the unlimited plans – the peace of mind is worth the small extra cost.

  • What NBN Speed Do I Need?

The “NBN numbers” you see in connection to plans reflect the download speed that you can expect in perfect conditions. NBN25 is about the speed of the best ADSL connection, but if you’re streaming video or in a household with multiple people, NBN50 will help make sure everyone is able to use the internet without buffering. NBN100 and the ultra-fast NBN250 are available only on some connection types, and is for those who want the fastest downloads possible (such as for video game updates).

  • Do I Need to Supply my Own Modem?

If you sign up to a 12-month contract plan, iPrimus will supply you the right modem for your NBN connection type. You can use your own if you have one (as long as it’s not locked to another internet provider) but for the best results, there’s every reason to use the one supplied by iPrimus.

  • Is Month-to-Month Payment Available?

Yes, you can sign up without a contract – but you’ll have to pay $99 up front for the connection and your modem, along with $15 for postage and handling – still a very reasonable price compared to buying a modem yourself.

  • Is the Fetch TV Box Mine to Keep?

No – you’ll need to return it if and when you cancel either your Fetch TV service or your iPrimus connection. You can optionally buy a Fetch TV box outright from major electronics retailers, and then use it with your iPrimus unlimited-data service.

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