Introducing iPrimus

At the start of Australia’s telecommunications revolution, we went from one provider to two with the arrival of Optus, and then a new name appeared in the market – Primus. Originally owned by the American company of the same name – in more recent years 100% Australian – Primus and their broadband internet arm iPrimus shook things up. For home phone and internet they brought real competition on price and quality of service. Two decades later, iPrimus is one of our most recognised internet providers.

iPrimus offers ADSL and NBN internet connections, all bundled with a home phone service and unlimited landline calls. They pioneered this long before everyone else started offering similar deals. What iPrimus brings is its pedigree as a top-tier internet provider. They have direct access to the data centres that host everything from your software downloads to your Netflix streams. They’ve long been reliable upgrading their network to keep up with the ever-increasing demand of a connected age.

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Unlimited Data with iPrimus

  • From $79.90/month on the NBN
  • Fast Unlimited Internet on the 25/5 speed tier
  • Line Rental + Local and National calls included


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If you still want a landline phone at home, fear not – iPrimus broadband was the first independent provider to put its own hardware into phone exchanges. This gave customers a dedicated phone line at lower cost, and they still use that hardware today for ADSL connections where it’s available. On the NBN, your home phone service is moved to the new network where it works like a normal home phone – just running over a more advanced network. Regardless of the iPrimus plan or connection type you choose, your home phone service is included, with unlimited calls to landlines in Australia.
There’s only two providers in Australia offering the Fetch TV service with broadband connections – and iPrimus is about to become the third. This hugely popular and acclaimed service runs on a broadband-connected set top box. It provides everything from high definition digital TV reception, to digital video recording, to streaming services – and can offer 35 premium channels ranging from the BBC to MTV for a low monthly cost. While iPrimus is yet to announce the details, you’ll soon be able to add a Fetch TV service to your connection – we’ll let you know when it’s about to arrive!

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With an emphasis on quality over price-cutting – but still offering solid value – iPrimus is a great choice if you want the backbone of your broadband service fast and reliable.

iPrimus FAQs

Yes, with all iPrimus connections, whether ADSL or NBN, you’ll get a high quality gigabit wireless modem/router made by Huawei. On a two-year contract there’s no charge for the device (and you get to keep it!). If you want to sign up for a shorter term, there’s a small charge. It’s also pre-configured to support the iPrimus VOIP-based phone service on the NBN, so you can plug your existing phone into it and start calling.
Yes – thanks to the connections iPrimus has with the backbone of the Australian internet. Rather than your data running through third-party ISPs, you get connected almost directly to the server. Some of the biggest titles on the market are mere milliseconds away!
Just like it is for gaming, iPrimus connects directly to streaming services at the data centre. This means Netflix, Stan and other streaming providers can get data to you incredibly fast. On a fast NBN connection you won’t notice slow quality ramp-up to full HD – the stream is HD from the start. For fans of the streaming revolution that’s a big plus.

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