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With their famous flying bird mascot showing the original dodo bird that you can fly if you’ve picked the right provider, Dodo has been a household name in Australia for years thanks to its extreme-value internet plans. The company has grown over the years into a force to be reckoned with, branching out from the business of connecting people to broadband to venture into everything from power and gas supplies to insurance.

But it’s the internet where Dodo Broadband was born, and where to this day they continue to drive prices down while offering great value, whether it’s on the NBN or via ADSL. They are also famous for their bundle deals, which give you some very desirable devices to hook up to your new broadband connection. Nowhere else can you get an Xbox One game console thrown in with your broadband, a Microsoft Surface 3 computer, or the company’s own Dodo TV service, which is powered by the much-acclaimed Fetch TV platform.

Offering fast ADSL using their own exchange hardware as well as blisteringly speedy NBN that can go up to 100 Mbps with unlimited downloads, Dodo Broadband has a product to suit your connectivity needs no matter what type of user you are.

Yes you can – Dodo has special Fetch plans that bundle the service, its premium channels and one of the new-generation Fetch boxes, available on either the NBN or ADSL. You can save money by opting out of the premium channels and just using your Fetch device to stream Netflix and Stan, or watch and record free-to-air TV. Or you can get 35 premium channels added in, giving you a complete entertainment hub powered by your unlimited broadband connection.
Dodo offers three speed tiers for NBN connections. The 12/1 basic connection will be perfectly adequate for light internet users, while the 25/5 option gives your broadband the speed boost it needs for streaming video without buffering, gaming or getting files downloaded nice and fast. For real speed demons, there’s the 100/40 tier, which is the NBN’s current top speed – amazing for doing everything fast, having multiple people online at once without slowdown, and even hosting your own live video streams.



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Dodo Review

If you’ve spent time in front of the TV you’ll remember the classic Dodo ads when the company first launched into the cut-throat world of broadband. Their catchphrase “internet that flies” caused some amusement when, in real life, the dodo was a bird that couldn’t fly at all! The company quickly made a name for itself with its extremely well-priced broadband plans. They offered clever bonuses as bundle deals with plans. And the same is available today.
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Dodo FAQs

Yes, an NBN home phone connection is included at no extra charge, so you can ditch the old landline; calls are charged at reasonable rates, or you can add an unlimited-calls pack to your plan for as little as $10/month so you can talk as much as you like.
All of Dodo’s plans are on a 24-month contract by default, with no connection fee. If that doesn’t suit you, though, you can opt for contracts of 12 months or only one month, by paying a modest connection fee up front ($69 for 12 months, $99 for 1 month).
Dodo will provide you with an NBN-ready modem/router with super-fast Wi-Fi to take care of all your home networking needs; on the 24-month contract there’s no charge for the modem, but you will need to return it if you leave the service. Alternatively, you can buy the modem outright for a very reasonable $109.

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