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While the Apple TV name is used for a few different products in Apple’s roster, the name always these days refers to a couple of things – the Apple TV app, which acts as a central hub for buying, renting and streaming shows and movies from a range of sources, and the Apple TV Plus streaming service itself, which offers original premium shows and movies for a monthly fee.

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What is Apple TV Plus?

Launched in 2019 after a launch involving some of the biggest names in film and television, Apple TV+ is a streaming service similar to Netflix, offering almost entirely new and original content produced exclusively for Apple.

It was created with an aim to produce high-quality premium television along the lines of what HBO had been doing for many years, and as a result, the service’s TV shows have been widely acclaimed by critics and nominated for multiple awards.

To launch the service, Apple offered an extended free trial for anyone who bought an eligible Apple device, an offer that continued through to mid-2021. The service now costs a monthly or annual subscription, and can also be obtained as part of the “Apple One” subscription bundle that also includes cloud storage, music and games.

As of July 2021, any new Apple device now comes with a 90 day free trial of the service.

What is the Apple TV App?

Introduced on Mac computers and the Apple TV streaming device to replace the long-standing iTunes app, the Apple TV app acts as a hub for TV and movie content – owned, rented, free or subscription. The idea was to bring together paid and free content from a wide range of providers, allowing users to buy TV shows and rent or buy movies from Apple, as well as find content to stream on other services.

This is especially useful on the Apple TV and Apple TV 4K devices, since content from dozens of free and paid streaming services is integrated into the TV app and tracked so users know exactly which episode they’re up to without having to load each individual app.

On iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, the TV app supports almost all the major free to air streaming services, alongside some paid services like Disney Pus, Amazon Prime Video and BINGE, as well as Apple TV+ itself.

It’s also available on multiple recent-model smart TVs, and on Google’s Chromecast with Google TV device, but is limited to streaming movies and TV shows bought or rented from Apple, as well as allowing viewers on those devices to watch Apple TV+ content.

How Much Does Apple TV+ Cost?

In Australia, a subscription to Apple TV+ costs $7.99 per month, or $79.99 per year if paid annually. Those who bought an eligible Apple device before June 30th, 2021 were granted a one year free trial, but that offer has now been reduced to a 90 day free trial before billing begins. Note that cancelling the free trial before it finishes immediately removes access to the service.

Those who own an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad or Mac may find it better value to opt for the new Apple One plan, a bundled collection of services that includes Apple TV+ along with other services including Apple Music, Apple Fitness, Apple News and more.

Apple One starts at $19.99/month for the individual plan, with a family sharing plan and premium plan also available depending on which product or service you’re interested in.

Subscriptions can be paid directly from Apple account balance, or by using a credit card.

Apple TV Plus Plans

  • New customers: 7-day free trial
  • 3 mos free when you buy an eligible Apple device
  • Monthly
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • 4K HDR included
  • Up to 6 simultaneous streams
  • $7.99/mth
Min Cost - $7.99 over 1 month

How Much Do Movies and TV Shows Cost on the Apple TV App?

Outside of the streaming service Apple TV+, users can pay to own movies and TV episodes, series and box sets, as well as “renting” movies (where you have 30 days to start watching a rental, and then 48 hours to finish it before you lose access).

In Australia, we have some of the most competitive pricing on Apple TV (and iTunes) content, with films regularly being discounted to $4.99 to own or $0.99 to rent. The discounts on TV shows can be just as big.

The huge library includes films and shows from all eras, right up to brand new releases where the price can be as high as $24.99. Generally, it’s older titles that get the largest discounts.

What’s on Apple TV+?

Unlike other streaming services, Apple TV+ features only Apple Original shows and films, with no licensed content to increase the amount of stuff available to watch. Apple’s goal has been to bee a streaming service with a small number of high-quality TV shows (and a number of films as well, including major blockbusters that Apple has purchased).

All new Apple TV+ content can be found on a dedicated page of the TV app, and includes acclaimed TV series such as:

  • The Morning Show (titled Morning Wars in Australia)
  • See
  • Mythic Quest
  • Ted Lasso
  • Defending Jacob
  • For All Mankind
  • Servant
  • Defending Jacob
  • Long Way Up

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How to Watch Apple TV+

Not surprisingly, as an Apple product, the best way to watch Apple TV+ is on Apple devices – specifically, Apple’s popular Apple TV 4K box (which lets users stream video in 4K and Dolby Vision), an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, or a Mac computer.

There are apps available for several smart TV brands (usually recent models only) as well as streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, PlayStation and Xbox game consoles and Nvidia’s Shield TV (as well as other Android TV devices which recently got an Apple TV app).

There’s no Apple TV app available as yet for Windows, though one is rumoured to be in development. For now, Windows users can stream Apple TV+ using a web browser, and buy or rent movies and shows using the legacy iTunes app for Windows.

What Happened to iTunes?

While the Apple TV app has completely replaced iTunes on Mac computers, iTunes still exists on iOS devices and, via separate iTunes TV and iTunes Movies apps, on Apple TV devices as well.

Customers can purchase TV series and rent or buy movies via iTunes, and those purchases and rentals will immediately be made available in the Apple TV app for viewing.

The ongoing use of iTunes – even on Apple devices – is likely to end at some stage in the future, but at the moment, all you need to know is to think of iTunes as a storefront, and the TV app as a portal to it, the service Apple TV+ and a way of keeping track of what you’re watching on your device and across your Apple account.

How to Get Disney Plus on Apple TV

While Disney Plus fully supports the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV 4K (unlike Netflix), it’s run as a separate service that you have to purchase a separate subscription to. With a price of $11.99 every month or $119.99 per year, it’s brilliant value, offering everything from the Star Wars and Marvel movies to hours of family entertainment and, more recently, content for grown-ups as well via the Star section of the app.

It’s possible to subscribe directly from your Apple device via the app, after which your subscription will be managed and billed by Apple.

One thing you need to know – while it is available on other devices that also have the Apple TV app, on those devices it doesn’t support the TV app’s display of what you’ve been watching.

Apple TV Plus Review

After years of rumours about whether they might just outright purchase an existing streaming service to make their first proper push into content creation, Apple announced what some had already suspected was in the works – a full scale Apple-run streaming service.

Apple TV+ review

Contact Apple TV Plus support in Australia

For sales and product inquiries, customers can contact Apple by dialling 133‑MAC (133‑622). Online support is also offered. All you need to do is visit Apple website and click Support at the bottom of the homepage. For technical support and service, Australian customers can call 1300 321 456 to get assistance.

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