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A joint venture between Fairfax and the Nine Network, Stan uses a similar subscription model to Netflix – a low flat fee each month lets you stream anything you like, whenever you like, from their large and constantly growing library of TV shows and movies. In the year and a half since their launch, Stan has been adding new content to the service every few days, catering both for mainstream audiences and those whose tastes are more adventurous. Subscribers can stream in HD to three devices simultaneously, making Stan particularly good value for families and shared households.
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With unlimited access to thousands of hours of entertainment, first-run exclusives, award-winning TV shows, blockbuster movies, kids content and hundreds of series including complete box sets; you’ll probably never exhaust their catalogue!
Paying for Stan is as simple as it gets – the one and only price is $10 per month, billed to your credit card. For those not wanting to use a credit card, you can also subscribe directly from the iOS app using iTunes Store credit, or buy Stan gift vouchers at retail (or directly from Stan) and subscribe using those.

On signing up for Stan as a new customer, your first 30 days are free, and your card is charged monthly after that.


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Stan Review

With Netflix now in full swing in Australia, is there any reason for you to subscribe to “another Netflix” for an extra ten bucks a month? Well, if you’re a fan of movies and TV, absolutely yes. While there is of course some overlap in content between the two services, Stan has some key exclusives that are well worth the price of admission and, further than that, a huge range of content that is not only hard to track down in your local video library (if it’s still open!) but also hard to find on streaming services anywhere in the world. Stan’s catering, arguably, to more discerning and varied tastes with their growing library, and it’s wonderful to see them settling into that niche so comfortably.
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Stan FAQs

The tech team at Stan has been hard at work developing apps for a wide range of devices, and now boasts a large range of options for getting Stan streaming in crisp HD on your TV. There are built-in apps for recent smart TVs from Samsung and LG, as well as all Sony models running on Android TV. For those that prefer streaming devices, there’s a Stan app for Apple TV (3rd and 4th generations), Telstra TV and Fetch TV, and Google’s Chromecast is supported via casting from the Stan apps on iPhone/iPad and Android devices. You can also AirPlay to an Apple TV from the iOS app. And if you’ve got a Playstation 3/4 or an Xbox One, there’s an app for those as well.
The simple answer is that you no longer need to use AirPlay to watch Stan on your TV via your Apple TV device! Stan now has a native Apple TV app that automatically appears on your Apple TV home screen; sign in to your account in the app and you’re good to go.

If you can’t see the Stan app on your Apple TV, first make sure that its software is up to date (Settings > General > Software Updates > Update Software). Also make sure you have the device’s location set correctly (Settings > iTunes Store > Location > Australia).

If you’d still rather use the iOS apps to browse Stan and play them on your Apple TV via AirPlay, that’s still supported. To activate AirPlay, make sure your Apple TV is powered on and is on the same WiFi network as your phone or tablet. Then swipe upwards from the bottom of the iPhone or iPad screen to bring up the quick menu. Above the four large icons at the bottom you should see the AirPlay logo. Tap that and select “Apple TV”, then head back to the Stan app. Anything you play in the app will now play on your TV instead.

Once you’ve plugged in and set up your Chromecast, if you want to be able to use it to watch Stan via a web browser you’ll need a couple of things. Firstly, Google’s free Chrome web browser is a requirement. Once you’ve grabbed and installed that, go to the Chrome menu at the top right, and select Settings. On the left of the page that appears, click on “Extensions”, then click on “Get More Extensions” at the bottom of that page. This will take you to the Chrome Web Store. Search for “Google Cast” and click the “Add to Chrome” button. Once you confirm that you want it installed, you’ll see a new Chromecast icon appear near the top right of the browser window. If you click it, and your Chromecast is set up right, you’ll see its name under “Cast this tab to…” Now head to the Stan web site. You’ll notice that Stan sees you have a Chromecast and pops up a message reminding you to connect to it first. Click the Chromecast browser button again, and select your  device. Two things should happen: you’ll see “Ready to cast” at bottom right of the Stan web page, and you’ll see a full-screen Stan graphic on your TV. Now, anything you play will be sent to your TV instead of playing inside the web browser.

To stop casting when you’re done, click the Chromecast icon again and select “Stop Casting”. Your TV should change to the default Chromecast gallery screen, and you will be able to play Stan programs in your browser once again.

Latest News

  • Stan offline viewing

Stan brings subscribers shows in 4K ultra high definition

Streaming service Stan offers a premium plan which comes with shows available in 4K Ultra High Definition. The list of shows includes Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Power, and Transparent.

  • April highlights on Stan: iZombie and Better Call Saul

April streaming highlights on Stan: iZombie and Better Call Saul

Stan recently announced what’s coming in April, and the list is likely to please binge-watchers from all across the country.

  • Stan offline viewing

Stan to offer offline viewing starting March

Following into Netflix’s footsteps, Stan is set to introduce a huge slate of downloadable content in March. Furthermore, Stan also promises that a select number of shows will be streaming in 4K resolution from April.