Foxtel for Pensioners: Save Cash Without Seniors Card Discount

It happened with so little fanfare that not only did almost nobody notice, but many still aren’t aware – Foxtel’s special package for Seniors was quietly retired some three years ago. The reason was simple – Foxtel had just drastically reduced their prices across the board, making their entry-level channel pack (a 47-channel collection known as the Entertainment Pack) substantially cheaper than the Seniors Card package while providing twice the number of channels.

While those who were already on the Foxtel Seniors discount plan did get to keep it if they wanted to, many made the move to the cheaper package anyway. With so many more channels, even adding HD (available as an optional extra for $10 per month) was still better value than the old $39 Seniors package.

Is there a Seniors/Pensioners Plan?

So, to first answer the question of whether Foxtel still provides discounts for Seniors Card holders and pensioners – no, they don’t. But the much lower pricing – which is a permanent feature – means that Foxtel is more affordable than it’s ever been, regardless of your budget. How much you need to spend comes down to several things. Deciding on the Foxtel channel packs you want and whether or not you want access to the HD channels is the obvious one, but the all-important thing to check before you make any decision is what discounts and offers Foxtel is currently running.

There are two ways on how to get a hold of Foxtel TV packs. The first is to choose which of the combo packs on offer would best suit what you want to watch. If you can’t find what you want, you also have the option of customising your own package starting with the base Entertainment pack at $29/mth.

Customising your own channel packs help in saving money because you only pay for what you actually want to watch — whether it’s mostly sports, drama shows, movies, docos, and more. If you happen to just want everything that Foxtel has to offer, then the Platinum HD pack is the way to go, which is inclusive of all the channels that you could possibly want to watch — and best of all, you can share it with the rest of the family as well.

For a complete list of Foxtel channel packs on offer, check out the table below:

Channel PackChannels IncludedMonthly Cost
Entertainment (base pack)FOX8, MTV, Arena, BBC UKTV, Universal TV, Lifestyle, Disney Jr., Nick Jr., National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Fox Sports News, etc.$29/mth
Sport Fox Sports, Fox League, Fox Footy, beIN Sports, ESPN, etc.+$29/mth
DramaFox Showcase, BBC First, Binge, BoxSets, 13th Street+$20/mth
MoviesPremiere Movies, Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Masterpiece Movies, Disney movies, Movie Greats, etc.+$20/mth
Entertainment PlusComedy Channel, Syfy, TLC, E!, A&E, Style, Lifestyle Home, Lifestyle Food+$10/mth
DocosNat Geo Wild, History, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Science, Animal Planet, Crime+Investigation, BBC Knowledge+$10/mth
KidsCartoon Network, Disney Channel, CBeebies, Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids+$10/mth
HDUpgrades all channels in the Sport, Drama, and Movies packs to high definition.+$10/mth

And don’t just check Foxtel, by the way – there’s also Foxtel From Telstra to consider. While what you end up getting is the exact same Foxtel service, it’s sold and billed (on your phone bill) by Telstra, and usually runs various offers and discounts of its own.

Enjoy exclusive content only from Foxtel!

Access the hottest shows on TV, sport, and movies — including the eighth & final season of Game of Thrones & the seventh season of Wentworth — exclusively available on Foxtel. Base pack starts at only $29/mth!
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Best Foxtel TV Packs for Seniors

The top Foxtel TV packs that we highly recommend for seniors are the ones that come with drama, sports, and movies. At only $49/mth, the Drama+Movies+Entertainment+HD combo pack will give you the best shows from the US and the UK, which includes HBO and Foxtel Original series like Game of Thrones and Wentworth. And if you happen to be a movie junkie, this bundle also delivers the latest releases worldwide as well as beloved classics on ten dedicated movie channels, all included the same $49 monthly price.

Of course, we can’t forget about sports, which is something that Foxtel really gives great value for. With the Sport+Drama+Entertainment+HD combo pack for only $58/month, you get an all-access pass to all major sporting codes in the country and around the world. This includes, but not limited to, the each and every game and round of the AFL, NRL, Supercars, Formula 1, NBA, NFL, Cricket, A-League, La Liga, AFC Champions League, and many more. Both of these packs are locked at the heavily discounted price for a full 12 months.

By subscribing to these packs, you also get the latest iQ4 box, Foxtel’s advanced set top box which is packed with a lot of new features that you’ll surely love. One of its key new features is the wonderful “Sport Link” option, through which you can simply pick your teams and the box automatically records every single one of their games for you to watch at your own convenience. Along with these bundles, Foxtel is discounting the set top box equipment fee by $75 to only $50. How’s that for saving on costs and getting the best of TV at the same time?

If you’ve run across this article too late for the above offers, don’t worry – Foxtel always have something ready to go to help Pensioners save money. Just check the latest special offers and you’ll be saving a lot more money than you ever would have with the Seniors Card package!

Foxtel Now — A Streaming Alternative for Seniors

If you’ve got only specific channel packs in mind, you can also save a lot of money by turning to Foxtel Now – the online streaming version of Foxtel that recently got a bump up to high definition and a huge price drop along with it.

There’s no contract, no installation to wait or pay for, and no hefty bills. All you need is a broadband connection and a device to watch with (a good low-cost choice is Foxtel’s own Foxtel Now box, which costs $99 and also handles streaming from a bunch of other services, as well as viewing live TV). If you need a broadband connection as well, you can opt for one of Telstra’s superb-value bundles that give you home phone, broadband and a Telstra TV box to stream Foxtel Now, starting at $79/month.

With Foxtel Now, you get the Essentials pack for a nice range of premium channels at $25/month. Foxtel Now is ideal for those keen on the channels in those base packs (including Fox Showcase with its HBO content) without needing sport or movies – however, you can get either of those added on, for $29 and $20 per month respectively, as well as extra drama channels for $10/month.

Foxtel Now Packs

Essentials + Sport pack
  • Service Only Plan
  • 7 Content Genres
For 6 mos, $54 thereafter
Min Cost - $40.03 for 1 month

Essentials pack
  • Service Only Plan
  • 6 Content Genres

Essentials + Drama pack
  • Service Only Plan
  • 6 Content Genres

Either Way, You Save

The Seniors Card discount may be long gone, but it’s actually cheaper to get Foxtel today than it was even with that discount back then. Keep an eye on the current deals and you can get yourself set up with Foxtel for not very much money at all!


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