Foxtel for Pensioners: Save Cash Without Seniors Card Discount

It happened with so little fanfare that not only did almost nobody notice, but many still aren’t aware – Foxtel’s special package for Seniors Card holders was quietly retired back in 2016. The reason was simple – Foxtel had just drastically reduced their prices across the board, making their entry-level channel pack (a 45-channel collection known as the Entertainment Pack) substantially cheaper than the Seniors Card package while providing twice the number of channels.

While those who were already on the Seniors discount plan did get to keep it if they wanted to, many made the move to the cheaper package anyway. With so many more channels, even adding HD (available as an optional extra for $10 per month) was still cheaper than the old $39 Seniors package.

So, to first answer the question of whether Foxtel still provides discounts for Seniors Card holders and pensioners – no, they don’t. But the much lower pricing – which is a permanent feature – means that Foxtel is more affordable than it’s ever been, regardless of your budget. How much you need to spend comes down to several things. Deciding on the Foxtel channel packs you want and whether or not you want access to the HD channels is the obvious one, but the all-important thing to check before you make any decision is what discounts and offers Foxtel is currently running.

And don’t just check Foxtel, by the way – there’s also Foxtel From Telstra to consider. While what you end up getting is the exact same Foxtel service, it’s sold and billed (on your phone bill) by Telstra, and usually runs various offers and discounts of its own.

For example, the current big offer from both is similar but very different. Foxtel is offering the Entertainment Pack plus the premium sport channel pack in HD – featuring Fox Footy, Fox League and a huge range of channels offering the best in global live sports – for $68 per month.

Foxtel from Telstra

Get the Foxtel from Telstra
Entertainment + Drama or Movies
Package. 48 channels of brilliant TV.
/mthover 12 mths

Foxtel Now Free for 24 months

Free Foxtel Now for 24 months +
Telstra TV on the Unlimited
Broadband + Streaming Bundle
/mthover 24 mths

Meanwhile, over at Foxtel From Telstra, the offer is similar but differs in a few ways. For starters, it’s a $29/month offer – but only in standard definition. If you want high definition channels you’ll have to pay an extra $10/month, bringing the price up but still cheaper than Foxtel’s offer. If you only want standard definition channels, though, this offer is the one for you. Another difference is that Foxtel From Telstra gives you the choice of the latest iQ4 box or the older iQ2, both at no charge. While the iQ4 is a great fit for most people, there’s more than a few people who prefer the older, simpler and rock-solid reliable iQ2. You’d be missing out on some key features, though, including the wonderful new “Sport Link” feature (pick your teams and the iQ4 records every single one of their games automatically).

Other packages are available, too, if you’re more into drama or movies than sport. Packages with either Entertainment + Movies or Entertainment + Drama are only $20/month through Foxtel From Telstra – an absolute bargain, especially the excellent movies package with its 10 channels of commercial-free cinema for all tastes.

If you’ve run across this article too late for the above offers, don’t worry – Foxtel and Telstra always have something ready to go to help Pensioners save money. Just check the latest special offers and you’ll be saving a lot more money than you ever would have with the Seniors Card package!

Foxtel Now – An Online Alternative

If you’ve got only specific channel packs in mind, you can also save a lot of money by turning to Foxtel Now – the online streaming version of Foxtel that recently got a bump up to high definition and a huge price drop along with it.

There’s no contract, no installation to wait or pay for, and no hefty bills. All you need is a broadband connection and a device to watch with (a good low-cost choice is Foxtel’s own Foxtel Now box, which costs $99 and also handles streaming from a bunch of other services, as well as viewing live TV).

With Foxtel Now you get the Pop and Lifestyle packs for a nice range of premium channels at $25/month. Foxtel Now is ideal for those keen on the channels in those base packs (including Fox Showcase with its HBO content) without needing sport or movies – however, you can get either of those added on, for $29 and $20 per month respectively.

Either Way, You Save

The Seniors Card discount may be long gone, but it’s actually cheaper to get Foxtel today than it was even with that discount back then. Keep an eye on the current deals and you can get yourself set up with Foxtel for not very much money at all!


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