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Australia’s largest and longest-operating pay TV provider, Foxtel has been supplying premium subscription television in Australia since 1995 – first via cable and later via satellite. From a modest beginning with around 20 channels, Foxtel has grown over the years to encompass over 90 channels delivering exclusive sports coverage, premium drama, blockbuster movies, documentaries, news and much more. As well as offering the most desired TV from around the globe – including content from HBO, home of Game of Thrones – Foxtel produces its own entertainment and sport content for Australian audiences.

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with Foxtel

The world’s best dramas, live sport, latest entertainment, and Netflix shows, all in one place. Enjoy up to $40/mth off when you get a 12 mth plan! Offer ends 20 April

What’s in this Guide?

What Is Foxtel?

With regular television in Australia having been restricted to five free to air channels for decades, Foxtel was the first taste many got of a truly diverse TV service, offering a wider variety of content across a far greater number of channels. As TV has evolved, Foxtel has evolved right along with it, adding channels and expanding their genre offerings as needed – something that free to air TV is unable to do at anything like the same scale or speed.

Far less limited by broadcasting constraints, Foxtel has been able to expand its channel line-up on both a temporary basis (as seen with its Olympic Games coverage and its dedicated Rugby World Cup channel) and permanently (clearly seen with the huge expansion of Foxtel’s sport channel line up, now at 12 channels).

Unlike conventional TV, many of Foxtel’s channels have no need to stick to a typical television daily schedule, allowing frequent replays of programs and movies for people watching at different hours of the day, as well as content that doesn’t stick to conventional half-hour time slots.

How Much Does Foxtel Cost?

With so many channels on offer, Foxtel structures its subscription plans by dividing the channels up into genre-based packs, making it easy for customers who are only after a specific type of content to pay only for what they want to watch, rather than having to pay for 90 channels to watch only a dozen of them.

When subscribing to a Foxtel plan, you’re effectively picking one, two or more of these packs, bundled together as an overall plan that’s targeted to the channels you’re most interested in. So, for example, if you were to opt for the Sports HD bundle, you’d get the 50+ channels included in the base Foxtel Plus pack as well as all the Sports channels, with HD included – all bundled together in a plan that’s priced at $74.

Foxtel’s bundled plans are almost always on offer but tend to change as new promotions come and go, so it’s best to check to see what special offers are current at the moment before deciding on a plan that suits you. Customers can always just build their own plan from the available Foxtel channel packs and add-ons, but when bundled plans are offered, there’s often savings to be had by taking advantage of them.

Compare Foxtel Plans

Main Event
  • Main Event
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Easy access via broadcast on Foxtel
  • Basic Foxtel subscription required
  • starts at $20/7 days
starts at $20/7 days
cost per event, duration depends
Min Cost - Boxing and UFC from $50/per event

Foxtel Plus Bundle
  • iQ4 box & install fees waived
  • Foxtel Plus Bundle
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • 50+ channels
  • Enjoy 130 complete drama series
  • $49/mth
Min Cost - $588 on a 12 month direct debit plan with iQ4. New customers only.

Foxtel Plus with HD Bundle
  • iQ4 box & install fees waived
  • Foxtel Plus with HD Bundle
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • 50+ channels
  • HD pack included
  • $59/mth
Min Cost - $708 on a 12 month direct debit plan with an iQ4. New customers only.

Foxtel Plus Bundle
  • Foxtel Plus Bundle
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • 50+ channels
  • Enjoy 130 complete drama series
  • $49/mth
Min Cost - $334 on direct debit for 1 month with iQ4 (incl $150 iQ4 box fee, $35 standard connection & $100 professional install fee).

Foxtel Plus & Netflix Bundle
  • Foxtel Plus & Netflix Bundle
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Netflix Standard Plan included
  • 50+ channels
  • $63/mth
Min Cost - $348 on direct debit for 1 month with iQ4 (incl $150 iQ4 box fee, $35 standard connection & $100 professional install fee).

Last audited 22 February 2021

What Channel Packs Does Foxtel Offer?

All subscribers, regardless of any other packs or options they might add, get the base Foxtel Plus Pack, which can be had on its own for $49 per month. Containing over 50 channels, the Foxtel Plus pack takes in general viewing across all genres – drama, news, sport, movies, documentaries and special interest – and adds top-tier channels like Fox Showcase (home of HBO), Fox One and BBC First. For customers looking to broaden their range of available channels at the lowest possible cost, the base Foxtel Plus Pack is the place to start.

From there, customers can add additional packs based on the content they’re especially interested in. These packs contain channels that are focussed specifically on their field, offering premium content that often cannot be found anywhere else. The available packs are:

For a complete list of channel packs and the channels included within the packs, check out the table below:

What About Specialty Channels?

The great thing about pay TV is that channels can be added to cater for a smaller audience, and Foxtel’s done exactly that with some of its extra, more directed channel packs. Some have been merged into other packs, such as Box Sets (now in the Favourites pack). But there are some more add-on options if you need them:

Antenna Pacific: Greek television delivered directly from one of Greece’s biggest TV networks, to one of the world’s largest Greek populations outside their home country.

RAI International: Acclaimed Italian channel RAI brought in via satellite with its mix of news, drama, sports and more.

Sky Racing +: An enhancement to the Sky Racing channel already included in the base Entertainment pack, this low-cost extra adds a second channel that’s a must for racing fans. Requires the Sport pack to add.

What Content does Foxtel Offer?

With so many diverse channels on offer, it’s possibly easier to ask what’s not on Foxtel – there’s something for everyone across the wide range of channel packs offered, including some of the biggest TV shows, movies, sports and names on the planet. Just a glance at some of the key channels and content with each pack will give you some idea of how much there is to discover – because these are just a handful of the channels and shows on offer.

The Top Shows on Foxtel

There’s an absolute ton of stuff to watch on Foxtel, with the latest stuff from Australia and around the world being added constantly across its many channels. Because there’s just so much to watch, we’ve done some of the hard work for you by picking out some of the best shows and movies currently screening.

If you’re in the mood for even more, though, be sure to catch up with some of these shows, movies and events the next time you turn on the iQ box.

The Biggest Shows on Television

Foxtel is home to an extensive library of HBO originals with complete seasons available to stream anytime. This includes iconic shows such as Game of Thrones and Westworld, as well as award-winning dramas such as Big Little Lies, Watchmen, Succession, and Chernobyl. In addition, Foxtel also opens up access to the many highly acclaimed originals, including Wentworth, Secret City, Picnic At Hanging Rock, Lambs of God, the award-winning Mr Inbetween, Tim Minchin’s new series Upright and many more.

Sporting Events From Around the Globe

With Foxtel, you’re able to watch over 50 different sports including live coverage of the best sports in Australia and beyond, such as AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, Super Rugby, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Supercars, and more.

Movies for Everyone

TV shows and sports aren’t the only forms of entertainment that Foxtel delivers. There’s something for just about any kind of interest with Foxtel Movies. From family films to thought-provoking docos Foxtel has got you covered with new additions to their ever-expanding library every single week.

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with Foxtel

The world’s best dramas, live sport, latest entertainment, and Netflix shows, all in one place. Enjoy up to $40/mth off when you get a 12 mth plan! Offer ends 20 April

Foxtel Review: Is Foxtel Right for me?

Nearly half of all Australian homes now have Foxtel bringing a whole planet’s worth of entertainment to their lounge rooms, giving them access to the largest range of drama, comedy, sport, and entertainment around. If you’re not in one of those homes, you’re missing out on a lot.

How Does Foxtel Compare to Fetch TV?

While both Foxtel and Fetch use broadband internet extensively, Foxtel uses it only for streaming on-demand shows and movies, with live channels being delivered via satellite (or cable, if you have an older device). Fetch TV streams all its live channels via the internet, which means it’s dependent on you having a reliably fast connection. Foxtel’s satellite signal gives perfect picture quality anywhere, even allowing for 4K Ultra HD broadcasts to be received. Foxtel also has substantially more channels available than Fetch – in fact, there are more channels in just the base Foxtel Plus pack.

How Does Foxtel Compare to Foxtel Now?

While Foxtel and Foxtel Now essentially have access to most of the same channels and programming, Foxtel Now is designed as a streaming-only version of the service for those who can’t get the satellite service installed (or don’t want to). It features a very similar user interface to that of satellite Foxtel, but its live channel picture quality is a little lower than that of its satellite sibling.

The iQ4 – Foxtel’s Advanced Set Top Box

When you connect to Foxtel, you’ll be supplied with the very newest and most advanced set top box that Foxtel has offered yet. The result of many years of development, the iQ4 is a compact powerhouse of a device that packs a ton of power under the hood. With its fast, fluid user interface, navigating between live channels, recordings and on-demand content is easy. The included 1TB hard drive can record hundreds of hours of shows, all catalogued for easy viewing later. And the multiple TV tuners in the iQ4 let you record up to four shows at the same time, while watching a fifth.

The iQ4 also introduces full support for 4K-capable TVs, and is the only device that can receive Australia’s first ever broadcast 4K channels – Fox Sports Ultra HD and Movies Ultra HD.

With the latest update to the iQ4, you can also stream Netflix in 4K directly on the box thanks to a full-featured Netflix app that can be launched from the Apps menu – or simply by pressing the Netflix button on the newly-upgraded iQ4 remote control. Netflix shows and movies are integrated into the iQ4 interface throughout, including interactive recommendations on the Home, TV Shows and Movies screens. You can optionally bundle Netflix with your Foxtel subscription, too.

The iQ4 seamlessly merges live on-air TV, recordings and streaming content into the one interface, meaning all the TV you need is right there in the one clever box. For a full run-down of what this clever device has to offer, you can check our extensive review of the Foxtel iQ4.

The iQ4 is only available to Foxtel satellite customers; new customers will be connected via satellite by default, but existing satellite customers who would like to upgrade to the new iQ4 can do so for a modest fee. All new customers get the iQ4 with the latest software update and the new backlit, streamlined remote control with voice search (existing customers can get the new remote for a small fee, or for free if they’ve been a customer for 8 years or more).

What is Foxtel Go?

Another feature included at no extra charge for every Foxtel customer is the Foxtel Go app – the live and on-demand streaming version of Foxtel that you can watch anywhere you happen to be, via apps for your mobile phone or tablet, even setting recordings on your iQ4 box while you’re out and about. You can also jump into Foxtel on your desktop or laptop computer without the need for an app, thanks to the brand-new Foxtel streaming web-based interface that lets you view in full HD right there on your computer.

Foxtel Go is completely free for all current Foxtel customers, and is active from the moment you sign up for a Foxtel service – meaning you can start streaming live Foxtel channels or viewing shows and movies on demand before the technician even arrives to install your full Foxtel service. For the complete list of eligible Foxtel Go devices, check out the table below:

Note that casting to a TV via Chromecast or AirPlay is only available to customers with a Multiroom subscription. If you’d just like to have the ability to cast from the app, you can now add that to your account for only $15/month. Multiroom casting is included free of charge with the all-inclusive Platinum Plus bundle.

If you want another on demand alternative for your favourite Foxtel shows, you can also try Foxtel Now. Subscribing to Foxtel Now allows you to stream hit shows like HBO Originals including Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Big Little Lies, as well as Foxtel originals like Wentworth.

Customer Service for Foxtel

Existing Foxtel customers have plenty of options for contacting the company’s customer service team, who’ll be able to answer any questions about your Foxtel service and put you in touch with the right people for everything from plan changes to technical support.

The Foxtel customer service contact line is available for the cost of a local call on 131 999, with technical support for your TV service available from 7.30am to midnight, seven days a week. For pack changes, call between 9am and 9pm weekdays or 10am-8pm on weekends. For any questions about your account or billing, call between 9am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday by
simply dialling 1300 760 579 on your mobile phone. .

What people are asking about Foxtel

  • What is the Difference Between Foxtel and Foxtel Now?

While Foxtel Now relies on streaming video via the internet to deliver Foxtel channels and content, the full Foxtel service remains the premium version of the service, offering more channels, more features, higher picture quality and reliable, hassle-free delivery via satellite. Foxtel subscribers get the advanced iQ4 set top box, which can record hundreds of hours of TV on its inbuilt hard disk (up to four recordings simultaneously), receive Foxtel’s channels including the new 4K Ultra HD channels, and stream all of Foxtel’s on-demand content.

  • What is Foxtel Plus?

Replacing the old Entertainment Pack which was the base entry-level channel pack that all Foxtel subscribers got, Foxtel Plus expands that base set of channels to include many that used to be found only in optional packs. For example, Fox Showcase – the home of HBO as well as Australian drama like Wentworth – is included in Foxtel Plus, as are FOX8, Fox One, Universal, BBC First and dozens more. All Foxtel subscribers now get Foxtel Plus as the base collection of channels.

  • Does Foxtel Require a Broadband Connection?

While Foxtel’s channels are transmitted by satellite – and so don’t need internet access to be viewed – the iQ4 box uses broadband internet for a number of its key features, including streaming from a huge library of shows and movies that are available on demand at no extra cost, as well as movies you can rent from the Foxtel Store. In addition, Netflix on the iQ4 requires a broadband connection.

  • Can I Watch Foxtel on my Mobile Phone or Tablet?

Every Foxtel customer gets free access to the handy Foxtel Go app, which gives access to the full range of channels currently subscribed – both for live streaming and on-demand viewing. Foxtel Go is available for phones and tablets, while access is also free of charge via any modern computer web browser.

  • What Does Foxtel Installation Cost?

While generally there’s a $100 installation charge for a technician to visit your home to install the satellite dish and cabling, Foxtel frequently waives this charge in return for agreeing to a 12-month contract – which, in turn, usually also comes with heavily discounted monthly rates for channel packs and bundles. There is also a $125 equipment fee for the iQ4 box – again, waived if you agree to a 12-month contract.

  • How Do I Cancel Foxtel?

If you no longer want to keep your Foxtel service and have decided to cancel, just call Foxtel on 131 999 and when prompted by the voice menu, ask for “disconnections”. If you decide to go ahead and cancel, you will need to send your iQ4 box back to Foxtel, which you can do free of charge by bringing it to any post office with the return label Foxtel sends you.

  • Can I Stream Foxtel to a TV Without the iQ Box?

Yes, you can use the Foxtel Go app on mobile devices to cast live Foxtel channels and on-demand content to any TV with a Chromecast attached or built in, as well as using the Foxtel app that’s available for recent-model (2017 onwards) smart TVs from LG and Samsung. To do so, you’ll need the Multiscreen pack added on to your account; it’s free with some bundles (such as Platinum Plus) or available for $15 per month.

  • How Do I Change My Foxtel Channel Packs?

Foxtel allows you to add, remove or swap channel packs once per month, with the condition that any pack added must be subscribed to for at least a month before being removed or changed. To add or swap packs, head to your Foxtel account page; to remove channel packs, you’ll need to call Foxtel on 1300 657 346 from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

  • Can I Add A Second iQ4 Box in Another Room?

Yes, you can add another iQ box for another room of the house, but you will have to pay an installation charge for the Foxtel satellite connection to be installed in that room, as well as a monthly fee for the second iQ4 box. An alternative is to add the $15/month Multiscreen pack to your account and use Foxtels apps to stream your channels to your TV.

  • How Do I Get Foxtel’s 4K Ultra HD Channels?

If you subscribe to the Sports HD and/or Movies HD channel packs, you’ll have access to the two new 4K Ultra HD channels free of charge – Fox Sports Ultra HD for the Sports HD pack, and Movies Ultra HD for the Movies HD pack. You’ll need an iQ4 box and a compatible 4K TV to view these channels.

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$20/mth off on a 12 mth plan! Ends 20/4
on the Premium Bundle Plan with 10 genres of content and a set-top box included.
12mth contract
$15/mth off on a 12 mth plan! Ends 20/4
on the Sports HD Bundle Plan with 8 genres of content and a set-top box included.
12mth contract
$19/mth off on a 12 mth plan! Ends 20/4
on the Sports HD & Netflix Plan with 10 genres of content and a set-top box included.
12mth contract
$14/mth off on a 12 mth plan! Ends 20/4
on the Movies HD & Netflix Plan with 8 genres of content and a set-top box included.
12mth contract
$24/mth off on a 12 mth plan! Ends 20/4
on the Premium & Netflix Bundle Plan with 10 genres of content and a set-top box included.
12mth contract
$10/mth off on a 12 mth plan! Ends 20/4
on the Movies HD Bundle Plan with 8 genres of content and a set-top box included.
12mth contract
$40/mth off on a 12 mth plan! Ends 20/4
on the Platinum Plus Bundle Plan with 10 genres of content and a set-top box included.
12mth contract
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