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What’s On Foxtel Now - TV Show and Movie Highlights

What are the Best TV Shows and Movies on Foxtel Now?

Foxtel Now is just like Foxtel, with the same great catalogue brimming with top content. You can access all Foxtel originals and channel packages and as the name suggests, you can get it right now! No installations required. Take it on the move if you want to stream on your phone and tablet, or watch it on your home TV with Foxtel Now box. You can even access it on your laptop for those of you who travel whilst you work.

We’ve catalogued this fantastic content and added our picks for the best TV shows and Movies on Foxtel Now. If you’re interested in crime dramas, comedy or just want to know what’s latest and greatest in the streaming world – you’ll find it all below. We update this list each and every month so you can stay on top of the best shows and movies on Foxtel Now.

Our Top Picks on Foxtel Now in July

Foxtel Now has made it so much easier to catch all of your Foxtel favourites whenever and wherever. Foxtel Now’s 10 day free trial offer gives you full access to everything the platform has to offer, which includes docos, movies, sport, kids shows, and the best dramas including our top picks for this month.

Perry Mason

This version of Perry Mason is somewhat of a prequel to the confident lawyer portrayed in Stanley Gardner’s books. Set in 1932, Mason has returned from the first World War a changed man, tortured by memories of the trenches and coming to terms with losing his wife and son. When a kidnap goes wrong resulting in the death of a baby, Perry is drawn in, becoming somewhat of a self-taught detective. All episodes are available with Foxtel Now free 10 Day Trial   

Flack Season 2

Season 2 begins just weeks after that party! The one where Robyn was caught cheating on her partner Sam with her colleague’s boyfriend. And just to make things worse, her sister is getting angry with her new and reckless lifestyle. Looking at the situation, Robyn decides to make amends and turn her life into something a little more respectable. And then an unexpected bombshell drops. She is pregnant! Watch it all unfold from on Foxtel and Foxtel Now.

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