Enjoy Sports + Drama For Only $64 Per Month

Australian sports fans can access their favourite events in HD, along with top TV entertainment at a discounted price of $64 per month. With standard installation and iQ4 box fees waived, you save even more! Sign up by 25 May 2021 to get up to $10/month off when you lock it in for 12 months.

Last audited 30 April 2021

Foxtel’s Sports HD + Netflix offer couldn’t have arrived at a better time. You can catch the action on Formula 1, A-League, AFL, and NRL! You’ll also get access to some of the best TV from home and abroad, such as The End and Black Narcissus, as well as access to binge-worthy Netflix originals like The Queen’s Gambit. And if you sign up by 25 May 2021, you can save a total of $120 plus $0 upfront costs!

How it works

Signing up to Foxtel’s complete Sports HD Bundle is now easy and cheap. Setup costs are waived, too, saving you even more! There’s even a no lock-in contract option. Simply click here to sign up.

What do you get with Foxtel Sports HD?

Foxtel lets you watch your favourite Sports and TV shows whilst saving money!

How to get discounted Foxtel bundle?


Choose the Sports HD bundle


Start streaming live sports and your favourite TV shows

What’s on Foxtel?

<strong>Watch over 50 sports</strong>
Watch over 50 sports

Enjoy your favourite sports live and on-demand when you subscribe to Foxtel’s Sports HD Bundle. Over 50 live sports and 12 dedicated HD channels such as Fox Footy, ESPN and BeIN.

Binge-worthy dramas
Binge-worthy dramas

Foxtel’s Sports HD bundle also includes Foxtel Plus, which gives you over 50 channels all in one place with iQ4 . This includes Fox Showcase, Fox8, BBC First, and 13th Street.

Stream on the go with the Foxtel Go App
Stream on the go with the Foxtel Go App

You don’t have to miss a key game or cliffhanger episode when you’re out and about thanks to the Foxtel Go App. Simply download the free app after you create your Foxtel ID and start streaming instantly!

Watch on compatible devices

Stream Foxtel Go on eligible devices instantly:

Get the Sports HD Bundle today!

What people are asking about Foxtel

  • What is the Difference Between Foxtel and Foxtel Now?

While Foxtel Now relies on streaming video via the internet to deliver Foxtel channels and content, the full Foxtel service remains the premium version of the service, offering more channels, more features, higher picture quality and reliable, hassle-free delivery via satellite. Foxtel subscribers get the advanced iQ4 set top box, which can record hundreds of hours of TV on its inbuilt hard disk (up to four recordings simultaneously), receive Foxtel’s channels including the new 4K Ultra HD channels, and stream all of Foxtel’s on-demand content.

  • What is Foxtel Plus?

Replacing the old Entertainment Pack which was the base entry-level channel pack that all Foxtel subscribers got, Foxtel Plus expands that base set of channels to include many that used to be found only in optional packs. For example, Fox Showcase – the home of HBO as well as Australian drama like Wentworth – is included in Foxtel Plus, as are FOX8, Fox One, Universal, BBC First and dozens more. All Foxtel subscribers now get Foxtel Plus as the base collection of channels.

  • Does Foxtel Require a Broadband Connection?

While Foxtel’s channels are transmitted by satellite – and so don’t need internet access to be viewed – the iQ4 box uses broadband internet for a number of its key features, including streaming from a huge library of shows and movies that are available on demand at no extra cost, as well as movies you can rent from the Foxtel Store. In addition, Netflix on the iQ4 requires a broadband connection.

  • Can I Watch Foxtel on my Mobile Phone or Tablet?

Every Foxtel customer gets free access to the handy Foxtel Go app, which gives access to the full range of channels currently subscribed – both for live streaming and on-demand viewing. Foxtel Go is available for phones and tablets, while access is also free of charge via any modern computer web browser.

  • What Does Foxtel Installation Cost?

While generally there’s a $100 installation charge for a technician to visit your home to install the satellite dish and cabling, Foxtel frequently waives this charge in return for agreeing to a 12-month contract – which, in turn, usually also comes with heavily discounted monthly rates for channel packs and bundles. There is also a $125 equipment fee for the iQ4 box – again, waived if you agree to a 12-month contract.

  • How Do I Cancel Foxtel?

If you no longer want to keep your Foxtel service and have decided to cancel, just call Foxtel on 131 999 and when prompted by the voice menu, ask for “disconnections”. If you decide to go ahead and cancel, you will need to send your iQ4 box back to Foxtel, which you can do free of charge by bringing it to any post office with the return label Foxtel sends you.

  • Can I Stream Foxtel to a TV Without the iQ Box?

Yes, you can use the Foxtel Go app on mobile devices to cast live Foxtel channels and on-demand content to any TV with a Chromecast attached or built in, as well as using the Foxtel app that’s available for recent-model (2017 onwards) smart TVs from LG and Samsung. To do so, you’ll need the Multiscreen pack added on to your account; it’s free with some bundles (such as Platinum Plus) or available for $15 per month.

  • How Do I Change My Foxtel Channel Packs?

Foxtel allows you to add, remove or swap channel packs once per month, with the condition that any pack added must be subscribed to for at least a month before being removed or changed. To add or swap packs, head to your Foxtel account page; to remove channel packs, you’ll need to call Foxtel on 1300 657 346 from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

  • Can I Add A Second iQ4 Box in Another Room?

Yes, you can add another iQ box for another room of the house, but you will have to pay an installation charge for the Foxtel satellite connection to be installed in that room, as well as a monthly fee for the second iQ4 box. An alternative is to add the $15/month Multiscreen pack to your account and use Foxtels apps to stream your channels to your TV.

  • How Do I Get Foxtel’s 4K Ultra HD Channels?

If you subscribe to the Sports HD and/or Movies HD channel packs, you’ll have access to the two new 4K Ultra HD channels free of charge – Fox Sports Ultra HD for the Sports HD pack, and Movies Ultra HD for the Movies HD pack. You’ll need an iQ4 box and a compatible 4K TV to view these channels.

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