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Introducing ESPN Australia

The home of some of the most high-profile sporting events from around the world, ESPN Australia has gradually established itself as a favourite of global sports lovers. A vital part of Foxtel’s sports pack, ESPN Australia with its extensive 24-hour sports coverage is accessible for just $58/month with Foxtel’s Sport + Drama + Entertainment HD combo. With two separate ESPN channels making sure there’s plenty of room to cover all the essential sporting action, this represents some serious value on top of the huge range of sports you get access to with the other channels in the Foxtel sports pack.

What Makes ESPN Australia Unique?

ESPN Australia has a particular focus on the best in US sports, many of which they hold exclusive rights to. ESPN has for a long time been responsible for airing key events like the NBA Playoffs, the Super Bowl, and the World Series of baseball. In recent years, they have expanded their reach, adding soccer, rugby, and much more to their calendar. Aside from a comprehensive schedule of live sports, ESPN Australia also brings sports fans some of the best studio shows from home and around the globe, and acclaimed documentaries made by their in-house production teams.

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What Sports are on ESPN Australia?

Needing more room on the schedule as a result of branching out from their signature sports over the past few years, ESPN Australia added a second channel, ESPN2, back in 2011. Nowadays, alongside their world-class coverage of American sports, ESPN Australia’s pair of channels offer a huge variety of high quality sports coverage from all over the globe. The sporting codes and leagues covered in the ESPN Australia schedule include:

  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NFL
  • US Soccer
  • WNBA
  • US Open Tennis
  • College Basketball
  • College Football
  • College Baseball
  • Horse Racing
  • World Series of Poker
  • X Games
  • Motor Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • eSports
  • Athletics

How Do I Watch ESPN Australia?

ESPN Australia is accessible through Foxtel with both channels broadcasting 24 hours a day. If you’ve already got Foxtel, you’ll be able to watch ESPN Australia as long as you subscribe to the Sports channel pack in your subscription.

ESPN Australia’s channels are also available through the Foxtel Now streaming service. If you use a Telstra TV box to watch Foxtel Now, you’ll be able to watch all the sports channels, including ESPN and ESPN2, in high definition at no extra charge. You just need to make sure the premium sports channel pack is added to your Foxtel Now subscription.

Existing Foxtel customers with the sports pack can also stream ESPN Australia live through the Foxtel Go App. A free service that comes with every Foxtel subscription, Foxtel Go lets you stream all the same channels that you’re able to watch on your iQ box on mobile devices or computers. Letting you bring ESPN with you wherever you go, Foxtel Go means you can catch the best in US sports and more no matter where you are.

For the complete list of eligible Foxtel Go devices, check out the table below:

Device Available? User Guide
iQ2YesNo streaming option, or apps. No HD playback
iQ3YesNo app access
iQ4YesAccess to 4K content included
PC/Mac Yes Web browser only (Chrome for PC; Chrome & Safari for Mac)
iOS Mobile Devices Yes Via native app (iOS 9.3.5 or above)
Android Mobile Devices Yes Via native app (Android 5 and above)
Google Chromecast Yes Via casting (only on Multiroom service)
Apple TV Yes Via AirPlay (only on Multiroom service)
Telstra TVNo
Smart TVsYesVia casting only (only on Multiroom service)
Gaming Consoles (PS4, Xbox One, etc)No

ESPN Australia Pricing and Plans

With Foxtel, you can access ESPN Australia and much more with various packages. The most popular of these is the Sport + Drama + Entertainment + HD package, which currently comes in at $58/month. If you want access to all the channels Foxtel has to offer, you can head straight to the Platinum HD package for $99/month.

ESPN Australia Customer Service

If you need to get in touch with any questions about ESPN’s programming or schedules, just give Foxtel customer service a call with any questions you may have. You can ring on 131 999 for the price of a local call. Technical support is available from 7.30am to midnight, seven days a week, while for pack changes, call between 9am and 9pm weekdays or 10am-8pm on weekends. If you’ve got any questions about your account or billing, call 1300 760 579 any time between 9am and 7pm Monday to Saturday.

ESPN Australia Review

ESPN Australia has been bringing the best in US sports direct to Australian living rooms for over two decades, largely mirroring the coverage of its home network in the United States.

ESPN verdict
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