Introducing Fetch TV – King of the Remote!

Fetch TV

Fetch TV

Providing a unique, internet-driven alternative to conventional pay TV, Fetch TV uses the capacity and speed of a broadband internet connection to deliver an extensive package of TV channels direct to a custom-designed set top box which also acts as a free-to-air HDTV receiver and digital video recorder. Aside from allowing you to watch and record broadcast TV, it also enables access to on-demand movies and TV shows, catch-up services from the major networks, Netflix streaming and more.

What’s on Fetch TV

The range of channels available via Fetch TV varies slightly depending on provider. The current collection of channels supplied in the Entertainment Pack and optional extra packages includes:

  • Disney Channel
  • Disney XD
  • Nick Jr
  • Disney Junior
  • Cartoon Network
  • cBeebies
  • Nickelodeon
  • Boomerang
  • Zoo Moo
  • Baby
  • ESPN
  • Edge
  • Spike
  • Egg
  • E!
  • Comedy Channel
  • MTV
  • Style
  • BBC First
  • 13th Street
  • 111 Funny
  • Syfy
  • MTV Classic
  • Universal
  • TLC
  • TV Hits
  • Discovery
  • National Geographic
  • BBC Knowledge
  • Travel
  • HGTV
  • BBC World News
  • National Geo Wild
  • Food Network
  • BBC Living
  • CNN
  • Bloomberg
  • Euronews
  • NoTV
  • CNBC
  • France24
  • CGTN
  • Aljazeera

How do I Watch Fetch TV?

Fetch TV requires either the purchase or rental of a Fetch TV set top box. It’s included in subscriptions to the service taken through one of the partner ISPs – Optus, iiNet, Dodo and iPrimus. One box is available for outright purchase – the “Mighty” for $399, with the non-recording “Mini” offered by some ISPs as an entry-level streaming box. A full-featured digital video recorder similar to Foxtel’s iQ boxes, the “Mighty” allows recording of multiple free-to-air channels at once, as well as recording and time-shifting of Fetch’s internet-delivered streaming channels. The “Mini” retains almost all of the viewing features of the “Mighty” but leaves out the hard-disk recording features, making for a much smaller box that’s dedicated to streaming and live viewing (though it can pause live TV for up to 15 minutes).

The Fetch TV Mighty has a 1TB hard drive built in which can record up to 585 hours of TV, supporting automatic series recording via its in-built electronic program guide. It connects to the internet via either a direct cable to your modem or wi-fi, enabling access to Fetch’s IPTV channels, on-demand movies and TV, catch-up TV, Netflix and Stan. Connection to your TV or home theatre system is via HDMI only – there’s no provision for old analogue connections on either Fetch box.

TV can be recorded from both free-to-air and IPTV, with the box’s triple TV tuners allowing you to record six shows at the same time from three channels or streams..

Additionally, there are Fetch TV apps for smartphones and tablets, which allow you to browse all the available programming from anywhere and even tell the box to record shows for you when you’re not at home.

See how Fetch Mighty and Mini compare to the competition.

Get Fetch TV with a broadband bundle
Dodo + Fetch
Entertainment ADSL Bundle

Unlimited ADSL data on a 24-month contract
  • Unlimited ADSL data on a 24-month contract
  • Fetch Mini + 1 Channel Pack
  • Line rental
  • PAYG calls available
  • Includes modem rental
  • Just $45/mth

Just $45/mth

*Min. total cost of $1,104.90 over 24 months (incl $24.90 delivery fee)

Dodo + Fetch
Entertainment NBN Bundle

Unlimited NBN data (NBN 12) on a 24-month contract
  • Unlimited NBN data (NBN 12) on a 24-month contract
  • Fetch Mini + 1 Channel Pack
  • 12/1 NBN speeds
  • PAYG calls available
  • Includes modem rental
  • Just $75/mth

From $75/mth

*Min. total cost of $1,824.90 over 24 months (incl $24.90 delivery fee)

iPrimus + Fetch
Entertainment NBN Bundle

Unlimited NBN data (NBN 50) on a 24-month contract
  • Unlimited NBN data (NBN 50) on a 24-month contract
  • Fetch Mighty + 1 Channel Pack
  • 50/20 NBN speeds
  • Unlimited standard national calls
  • Includes modem rental
  • Bonus: free national mobile pack OR international call pack
  • Just $100/mth

From $100/mth

*Min. total cost of $2,465 over 24 months

Fetch TV Plans and Pricing

How much Fetch TV costs at a base level depends on which ISP you access the service through – Dodo bundles the box and access to the service with ADSL or NBN broadband for $45 and $75 respectively, while Optus charges $5 or $15/month for Mini and Mighty respectively. Iprimus offers Fetch for an extra $10 per month on any broadband plan with extra channel packs costing $6 each. And iiNet does a similar thing for $11 per month but throws in 30 free movies each month as well.

On top of this, you can also buy extra channel packages for specialist interests, including sports and kids channels, and packages of world TV channels that cater for viewers from India, China, Korea and Indonesia. These range in price from $10 to $50 per month, and contain anywhere from 5 to 23 channels.

Customers who purchase their own Fetch TV box don’t have to pay a monthly base access fee at all, and can instead just purchase the channel packages as needed, with the Fetch Entertainment Package priced at $15/month. However, those customers should be aware that their use of internet-based TV channels will be counted towards the monthly download limit with whichever ISP they are subscribed to.

Fetch TV Review

Fetch TV combines Free-To-Air & Subscription TV channels, Catch Up TV, PVR, and a Movie & TV rental service. The question is… does it do a good job in all these areas? We see Fetch TV as an affordable Pay TV alternative; it easily combines free-to-air channels, catch-up services, movies and TV series, and online content (including Netflix and Stan) all in the same interface.
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Fetch TV Australia FAQs

You’ll need to make sure you have the essentials – a TV with a spare HDMI input and a free-to-air TV antenna connection, and a broadband internet connection. If your modem is nearby you can connect Fetch via an Ethernet cable, but otherwise, both the Mighty and Mini support fast wi-fi. For recording multiple Fetch TV streaming channels at the same time, you’ll need a broadband connection that’s capable of at least 6 Mbps – and if you want to stream Netflix or Stan on the Fetch boxes in HD, you’ll want broadband at around that speed as well. The Mighty can also stream Netflix in 4K Ultra HD using Netflix’s latest much more efficient streaming tech – but that still will require at least a 15 Mbps broadband connection.
A broadband connection is required for Fetch TV, and while it operates well on even reasonably slow connections, the faster your broadband the better, especially when it comes to purchasing movies and TV shows. If you get your Fetch TV box through one of the partner ISPs, all data used by the internet-based TV channels and premium content is “unmetered” – it won’t count towards your monthly download limit, so you can watch as much as you want without worrying about having your internet slowed down or having to pay any extra.
Netflix support was added to Fetch TV earlier this year, but in order to access it you’ll need a separate subscription to Netflix itself, currently $13.99/month for the HD service or $17.99 for full 4K streaming (fully supported by the Fetch Mighty!) Netflix viewing via Fetch TV is not unmetered, something to be aware of if your broadband plan has a restrictive monthly download limit.