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Fetch TV – Premium TV at an Affordable Price

While pay TV in Australia has been dominated by the huge market dominance of Foxtel, in recent years a relatively new alternative has started to become hugely popular, giving its customers a wide selection of premium channels, the latest movies and shows on demand, access to all the big streaming services and free-to-air TV all in the one clever set top box – Fetch TV.

Using the internet to broadcast its channels, Fetch TV is a natural fit as a bundled extra with internet providers, and they’ve partnered with several of the biggest to make it easy to get your internet and entertainment from the one place – without breaking the bank!

What’s in this Guide?

What is Fetch?

It may sound strange that a pay TV company would use the internet to deliver their channels, but that’s where the future is heading – and Fetch saw the very real advantages of it early on. When you sign up for a Fetch TV plan with a partner internet provider, you’ll notice that every plan offering Fetch TV also comes with unlimited data. That lets Fetch seamlessly switch between channels from your antenna, internet-streamed premium channels, on-demand movies and TV and of course your favourite streaming services. 

It’s all pulled together by your choice between two very clever set top boxes – the Fetch Mini and the Fetch Mighty. With one of those connected to the internet and your antenna, all your entertainment’s right there on a single remote.

Fetch TV delivers its premium channels in a set of four low-cost packs, letting you target the channels you want to a specific interest, or have them all at a discount. It really is as simple as that – there are no hidden catches, and you can add and remove channel packs each month as it suits you. There’s also optional extra channel packs for premium sports and for international viewers that can be added just as easily.

How Much Does Fetch TV Cost?

The actual monthly cost of getting Fetch TV as an add-on to your internet connection – or bundled with a new one – varies between the providers which offer it. In all cases, you’ll get to choose the Fetch box you prefer – with the main difference being the Fetch Mighty’s ability to record hundreds of hours of TV. Plans are available from internet providers with Fetch bundled as an add-on, letting you get set up quickly and easily, pick your channel packs and get started.

If you don’t want to switch internet providers, you can still get Fetch TV – you’ll just need to buy the Mini ($169) or Mighty ($449) box outright from a participating retailer (including JB Hi-Fi, Bing Lee and Harvey Norman). Then subscribing to the Fetch service – with 30 free movies every month if you choose – costs a single dollar, on top of which you can add the channel packs you want. You’ll be responsible for the internet connection, though, so make sure you’re on an unlimited-data plan.

Internet Bundles with Fetch TV

The Fetch Mighty Box and Starter Pack – which includes access to the TV and Movie Stores, various apps, 30 Free Movies a month, as well as the ability to watch on mobile and record TV – can be bundled with eligible broadband plans from Optus, iiNet, dodo and iPrimus, as well as Aussie Broadband. The Mini Starter Pack – identical to that of the Mighty but with a smaller, non-recording set-top box – can also be added on to Optus Postpaid Mobile plans as well as unlimited broadband plans with iiNet, Internode, Dodo and Aussie Broadband. With iPrimus you can choose the Fetch Mini for $10/month, while the Fetch Mighty can be had for $20/month. 

You can then choose to add on various channels and channel packs, with each of the Kids, Knowledge, Vibe and Variety packs coming in at an extra $6/month. If you bundle with iPrimus, you get a channel pack of your choice included. Alternatively, if you want all four packs (a total of 47 channels) you can bundle them together in the Ultimate Pack for just $20/month.

iPrimus Internet + Fetch TV

Unlimited Data nbn100 12 Months
  • Unlimited Data nbn100 12 Months
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Up to 100Mbps Premium Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 100™ Fixed Line
  • Landline w/ pay as you go calls
  • Add Fetch from $10/mth with 1 free channel pack
  • $90/mth
Min Cost - $1095 over 12 months ($15 P&H included)

Unlimited Data nbn50 Month to Month
  • Unlimited Data nbn50 Month to Month
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • Landline w/ pay as you go calls
  • Add Fetch from $10/mth with 1 free channel pack
  • $75/mth
Min Cost - $189 over 1 month ($99 setup & modem + $15 P&H included)

Unlimited Data nbn50 12 Months
  • Unlimited Data nbn50 12 Months
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • Landline w/ pay as you go calls
  • Add Fetch from $10/mth with 1 free channel pack
  • $75/mth
Min Cost - $915 over 12 months ($15 P&H included)

Unlimited Data nbn25 Month to Month
  • Unlimited Data nbn25 Month to Month
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 25Mbps Standard Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 25™ Fixed Line
  • Landline w/ pay as you go calls
  • Add Fetch from $10/mth with 1 free channel pack
  • $70/mth
Min Cost - $184 over 1 month ($99 setup & modem + $15 P&H included)

Unlimited Data nbn25 12 Months
  • Unlimited Data nbn25 12 Months
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Up to 25Mbps Standard Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 25™ Fixed Line
  • Landline w/ pay as you go calls
  • Add Fetch from $10/mth with 1 free channel pack
  • $70/mth
Min Cost - $855 over 12 months ($15 P&H included)

Last audited 21 February 2021

Fetch TV Devices

Fetch Mighty

The more advanced of the two set-top boxes offered by Fetch, the Mighty allows recording of up to six different shows at the same time, as well as recording from Fetch’s internet-delivered streaming channels. The Mighty has a huge 1TB hard drive built in which can record up to 585 hours of TV, and you can easily set recordings from the on-screen program guide or the free Fetch app – including getting the Mighty to record every episode of your favourite series. Thanks to the app, you can even set recordings when you’re out and about, or stream your premium channels directly on the app wherever you are.

Fetch Mini

Tiny but incredibly powerful, the Fetch Mini is a cheaper option that takes out the recording features of its big brother and focuses entirely on streaming – though otherwise, the feature set is almost exactly the same, and it can even pause and rewind short stretches of live TV with inbuilt buffer. Hugely popular as an affordable and hassle-free way to get Fetch and its channels into your home, the Fetch Mini also happens to be one of the most powerful streaming devices on the market. 

What’s On Fetch TV?

Once you have your Fetch TV box and are all signed up, you can choose from any of the four channel packs to tailor your viewing to what you want to watch. With each pack costing only $6/month, you can home in on one group of channels and get a lot of TV for not very much money.

The packs are themed broadly around the content included within. It’s a nice broad selection of channels overall that provides a wealth of entertainment and information featuring some very familiar channel names.

Vibe: A general selection of channels covering sports (ESPN), music and culture (MTV), comedy and fashion.

Knowledge: The best channel pack for doco and news fans, with National Geographic, BBC Earth and Discovery alongside CNN, BBC World News and MSNBC – 20 channels in all.

Variety: What it says on the tin, with drama from UKTV, BBC First and Universal, and factual shows on Oxygen, TLC and ID.

Kids: The best kids’ channel bundle around, with seven channels for the little ones including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Cbeebies.

Alongside these $6 packs, you also have access to more specialised premium packs including access to international sports as well as TV stations from around the world for those who miss home.

Fetch TV

Ultimate Pack
  • Ultimate Pack
  • Contract Varies
  • Enjoy Netflix, Stan, & YouTube on the big screen
  • Get the Fetch Mighty or Mini from retailers or partner ISP's
  • $20/mth
Min Cost - Channel pack cost only. Actual cost of the product vary between ISP partners and retails.

Last audited 11 February 2021

If you still want more, you can access Fetch’s TV and Movie Store, from which you can buy episodes or full seasons of your favourite shows including Game of ThronesThe Walking DeadOutlander and more, and rent or buy movies to watch right on your Fetch box.

Streaming Services and Catch-Up

Fetch offers a wide range of apps built into the menus that let you stream your favourite subscription streaming services – including Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime Video, hayu, 10 All Access and more. And alongside YouTube you’ll find a full range of free-to-air channel catch-up apps so you can enjoy the exclusive content many of them offer. 

Live Sport on Fetch

The best way to get your fix of live sport with Fetch TV is to subscribe to the Fetch Vibe or Ultimate Packs, both of which include ESPN and ESPN2, as well as access to the WatchESPN app. This will give you some of the best of US Sports, including the NBA, NFL and MLB, as well as the best of college basketball, US Open tennis, and much, much more.

There are also premium sports options you can add at any time with no lock-in contracts. For $19.99/month you get access to all three beIN Sports channels, with the best in football from around the world, as well as international test rugby and WTA Tour action. Or, for English football fans, Optus Sport is just $14.99/month, granting exclusive access to enjoy 24/7 Premier League action.

Contact Fetch Support

For any issues with your Fetch TV service when you’ve gotten it as an add-on or bundle with an internet service, it’s best to get in touch with your internet provider. Fetch does not have access to your account information and can’t troubleshoot your account, but your provider can.

If you purchased a Fetch TV box from a retailer and have an account directly with Fetch, go to Fetch TV’s website. Log in using your username and password and follow the online troubleshooting process. If you prefer, you can fill out a short form detailing the problem and Fetch will get back to you via email as soon as possible.

Fetch TV Review

Fetch TV combines Free-To-Air & Subscription TV channels, Catch Up TV, PVR, and a Movie & TV rental service. The question is… does it do a good job in all these areas?

What People Ask about Fetch TV

  • Do I Need a Technician to Install Fetch TV?

No – that’s the great thing about Fetch TV. The only installation needed it to connect it to your TV antenna and your internet via wi-fi or Ethernet, and that’s it – you’re good to go. It’s quick, simple, easy and you can take it with you if you move.

  • Can I Get Foxtel Now on Fetch TV?

No – and you most likely never will. Fetch is, in many ways, a direct competitor to Foxtel and Foxtel Now, providing a pay TV set top box but using broadband internet to deliver channels. If you’re keen to try Foxtel Now, we’d recommend picking up either the Foxtel Now box or the Telstra TV 3.

  • Can I Get Kayo on Fetch TV?

No – as a Foxtel company, Kayo is unlikely to ever be made available as a Fetch TV app, a side effect of the competition between the two companies. For Kayo access on a TV, we’d recommend either the Apple TV 4 or the Telstra TV 3, both superb devices for Kayo and many other streaming services. If you’d rather not spend too much, though, Google’s Chromecast does the trick in conjunction with your smartphone.

  • Are Any Streaming Subscriptions Included?

No – it’s up to you to subscribe to the streaming services you want to use on the Fetch box – and of course, you can bring your existing subscriptions and start streaming Netflix, Prime Video, hayu, Stan and others on your new Fetch box.

  • Can I Record on Fetch TV?

Yes, absolutely – as long as you have the Fetch Mighty box. That powerful device lets you record multiple channels at the same time. The Fetch Mini doesn’t allow recording at all, but contains a small amount of memory so that you can pause live TV for up to around half an hour, or rewind and replay as needed. You can also browse and stream recordings from a Fetch Mighty on the same home network.

  • How Many Channels Can the Fetch Mighty Record at Once?

The Mighty is one of the most powerful video recorders on the market, able to record up to six channels at once while you watch a seventh. You’ll never miss a show again!

  • Can I Use a Second Hand Fetch TV Box?

Fetch recommends that you avoid buying a second hand box, because the previous owner will likely have registered it to their account and ISP, and that can’t be changed. If the seller bought their box outright from a retailer, then you can use the box – but you’d want to be 100% sure or you’ll end up with an expensive paperweight!

  • Can I Use Fetch TV With Telstra?

Yes – if you purchase a Fetch Mini or Mighty outright at a retailer, you can use it with an broadband provider once you’ve got the box set up and activated. Of course, a broadband plan with unlimited data is almost mandatory, since Fetch’s channels all work via continuous broadband streaming.

  • Can I Watch Fetch TV on My Phone?

Yes! Fetch has a free app for both iOS and Android that you can download and pair with your Fetch box. Then you’ll be able to stream TV from it – including your recordings – anywhere you are. You can also download purchased or rented shows and movies to your phone to watch later without using precious mobile data.

  • Can You Get HBO on Fetch TV?

No – the rights to HBO in Australia are owned by Foxtel, so you’ll find HBO’s shows there as well as on their on-demand streaming service Binge. You can still purchase HBO shows from the Fetch TV store, though.

  • Is Disney Plus Coming to Fetch TV?

While it’s a case of “never say never,” Disney doesn’t seem to have any plans to bring their app to Fetch TV for the time being.

  • Can You Use Fetch TV Without Internet?

You can use Fetch’s Mighty and Mini without an internet connection to watch free-to-air broadcasts and recordings, but only for a few days. After that you’ll see a message that the box is locked, and you’ll need to connect it to the internet to keep using it.

  • Does Fetch TV Use Internet Data?

Yes – all of Fetch’s premium channels are delivered via broadband internet streaming, so they use data for as long as you watch them. Of course, other apps such as Netflix also use data. We’d recommend a broadband plan with unlimited data if you’re going to use Fetch TV.

  • How Much Data Does Fetch TV Use?

If you’re getting Fetch TV via an internet provider like iPrimus or Dodo, you don’t need to worry about data usage – it’s only available on unlimited-data plans. If you’re buying the Fetch box yourself, it’s best to use it on an unlimited plan to avoid excess charges, since all Fetch premium channels are delivered via streaming.

  • Can I Use the Fetch TV Box with Another Internet Provider?

If you get your Fetch box from a provider like Dodo or iPrimus, the box is only able to be used with their network – it’s a part of your internet plan. If you’re likely to switch internet providers in the future, the best option is to buy the box outright – Fetch boxes bought at retail work with any provider.

  • How Do I Get a Replacement Fetch Remote?

To order a replacement remote, sign into your Fetch account on their web site, head to “Account Settings” then “Hardware Replacement” and select “Remote Control”.

  • How Do You Add Apps to Fetch TV?

Unlike more conventional streaming boxes, you can’t add extra apps to your Fetch TV box – the apps are chosen and developed by Fetch and all are installed by default.

  • How Do You Reset the Fetch TV Box?

To restart your Fetch box, go into Settings and head to Device Info, then Options, and choose Fetch TV Box Restart. If you’re unable to access menus, try turning off power to the box, waiting 30 seconds then powering it up again.

  • How Do You Turn Off Subtitles on Fetch TV?

Turning subtitles off and on is easy – just press the Text button on your Fetch remote! It’s right above the Apps button.

  • How Do You Unlock a Fetch TV Box?

If you’ve purchased a Fetch box second hand and found that it’s locked, unfortunately there is no way to unlock it – it’s likely owned by the ISP that originally provided it.

  • How Do You Watch Free to Air TV on Fetch?

You need to make sure that the cable from your free-to-air antenna is plugged into the back of the Fetch box – then just scan for available channels during the initial setup of the box, and you’ll then find those channels in your Electronic Program Guide to watch and record.

  • What Channels Come with Fetch TV?

Unlike Foxtel, Fetch TV doesn’t come with any default channels. However, most ISPs that provide Fetch also give you a choice of one channel pack at no extra cost (and often, 30 free movies a month as well). You can look at the various channel packs and what they include – as well as the speciality channels available – on the Fetch web site.

  • Can I Play my Own Videos?

Yes you can – just plug a USB drive into the Fetch Mighty or Mini and play a wide range of different video, audio and even picture files. Or play your own media from anywhere on your home network.

  • Who Owns Fetch TV Australia?

While it’s an Australian company that’s operated for a decade now, Fetch TV is operated in partnership with Malaysian pay TV company Astro All Asia Networks.

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