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Best Guide to Streaming with Kayo Sports

Backed by the unrivalled resources of Fox Sports and a long time in the making, Kayo is Australia’s first true sports streaming service. With access to the greatest sporting events in Australia and around the world, the Kayo Sports streaming service brings sport directly to the fans, both live and on demand, in full high definition and with added features you won’t find anywhere else. When it launched to a sports-mad nation, Kayo was said to be the ‘Netflix of sport’. It’s an apt description.

What Makes Kayo Unique?

Though it’s been possible to stream live sport in the past in Australia, it’s either been expensive or of poor quality. Dedicated sports fans have however had to take what they could get, often being asked to pay money for bits of a service they don’t want in order to get the sport that matters. Kayo changes all that. It’s dedicated to one thing and one thing only – sport.

With access to the huge range of sports and events on the Fox Sports network as well as ESPN and beIN, Kayo was built from the ground up for the fans. Instead of having to check a guide and pick a channel to watch at the right time, Kayo hooks you up with your favourite sports right on the front page, giving you instant access to live streams and a full collection of on-demand games to catch up on, all of it in crisp HD on supported devices.

Unique Kayo features include a “No Spoilers” setting so you can catch up on games without having the result spoiled for you, a “Key Moments” feature that lets you jump straight to the points that decided the game, and a unique split screen mode that lets you stream up to four separate events at the same time on the same screen – heaven for the dedicated sports fan. There’s also the perfect fix for sports fans who don’t have the time to watch the entire game – Kayo Minis, custom-edited bite-sized versions of matches that include all the good stuff in a fraction of the time. More recently, Kayo have also included a search function – which takes you straight to your favourite sports faster – and Interactive Stats – which will deliver live analysis and key statistics for the biggest sports. And the interactive sports fixtures page – a brand new feature that’s still being tested – lets you look at the upcoming weeks on a day by day basis, showing you exactly who’s playing what, where and when.

What are Kayo’s Best Features?

  • SplitView – Stream up to four games at once in real time
  • Key Moments – Jump straight to the events that changed the course of the game
  • Kayo Minis – Bite-sized replays bringing you all the action in a few minutes
  • Interactive Graphics – Get detailed insight into the game with exclusive statistics
  • No Spoilers! – Hides all scores so you can stream a replay as if it were happening live
  • Search – Type in what you’re looking for and go straight to your favourite sports
  • Interactive Stats – Get live analysis and key stats on the biggest sports
  • On-demand – Match replays, popular sport docos and other shows whenever and wherever
  • Multiple Cameras – Watch multiple different camera feeds on demand, even on the same screen, with select events

How Much Does Kayo Cost?

Too often in the past, getting access to streaming sports has been a confusing experience involving packages and tiers and plans and a large bill at the end. One of the best features of Kayo is its pricing, which has intentionally been kept affordable, convenient and simple.

There are only two Kayo plans available, and both of them offer full access to everything that Kayo has to offer – every sport, every video, every live stream, full high definition, the works. The only difference is in how many “screens” are supported – the number of devices you can use Kayo on at the one time.

The Basic plan costs $25 per month, and gives you the ability to stream to two different devices at the same time. That lets you, for example, stream a game on your TV while keeping an eye on another game on your phone.

The Premium plan, meanwhile, costs $35 per month and increases the number of screens to three at one time. That makes the Premium plan great for families, where it’ll help put an end to arguments about whether to watch the footy or the Formula One!

There are no contracts involved at all – you can join and cancel any time – and for new users, the Kayo trial offers the first 14 days completely free. You can sign up and spend the next two weeks bingeing on everything Kayo has to offer, try out all the features, watch sport live online with an eligible mobile device, and cancel without paying a cent if you don’t like what you see.

Kayo Plans

  • New customers: 14 day free trial
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Watch on 2 devices concurrently
  • Watch Live NRL, AFL, Super Rugby + more
$25/month after 14 days free trial; no lock-in contracts.

  • New customers: 14 day free trial
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Watch on 3 devices concurrently
  • Watch Live NRL, AFL, Super Rugby + more
$0 for two-week free trial, $35 for Premium subscription; no lock-in contracts.

Last audited 08 July 2020

Which Sports Does Kayo Stream?

Taking full advantage of the peerless live sport coverage from the Fox Sports network, ESPN and beIN, the Kayo TV line up offers over 50 sports of all kinds – from the physicality of rugby to the finesse of darts and everything in between. With the monthly subscription you can stream live action as well as on-demand replays and highlights from sports including:


What’s on Kayo Sports This week – 7 Jul – 14 Jul

Live sport returns to Kayo – NRL, AFL, Super Rugby,
UFC & V8 Supercars. Kick it off with a 14 Day FREE Trial!

CompetitionEventStream Start/Dropmm/dd/yy
AFL TonightTuesday14/07/2020 17:0007/14/2020 17:00
AFL TonightWednesday08/07/2020 17:0007/08/2020 17:00
AFL TonightFriday10/07/2020 16:3007/10/2020 16:30
AFL TonightTuesday07/07/2020 17:0007/07/2020 17:00
AFL TonightThursday09/07/2020 16:3007/09/2020 16:30
AFL TonightMonday13/07/2020 17:0007/13/2020 17:00
AFL 360Wednesday08/07/2020 17:3007/08/2020 17:30
AFL 360Tuesday07/07/2020 17:3007/07/2020 17:30
Fox Footy LiveSpeed Round08/07/2020 16:3007/08/2020 16:30
Open MikeMick Gayfer07/07/2020 18:3007/07/2020 18:30
AFLRound 6 Port Adelaide v GWS12/07/2020 11:0007/12/2020 11:00
AFLRound 6 Fremantle v St Kilda11/07/2020 09:0007/11/2020 09:00
AFLRound 6 Essendon v North Melbourne11/07/2020 17:3007/11/2020 17:30
AFL(SA) Round 6 Essendon Bombers v North Melbourne Kangaroos11/07/2020 17:3007/11/2020 17:30
AFLRound 6 West Coast v Adelaide11/07/2020 13:0007/11/2020 13:00
AFLRound 6 Melbourne v Gold Coast11/07/2020 15:3007/11/2020 15:30
AFLRound 6 Richmond v Sydney12/07/2020 13:2007/12/2020 13:20
AFLRound 6 Carlton v Western Bulldogs12/07/2020 16:0007/12/2020 16:00
AFL(QLD) Round 6 Essendon Bombers v North Melbourne Kangaroos11/07/2020 17:3007/11/2020 17:30
AFL(NSW) Round 6 Essendon Bombers v North Melbourne Kangaroos11/07/2020 17:3007/11/2020 17:30
AFLRound 6 Collingwood v Hawthorn10/07/2020 17:0007/10/2020 17:00
AFL(WA) Round 6 Essendon Bombers v North Melbourne Kangaroos11/07/2020 17:3007/11/2020 17:30
AFL(VIC) Round 6 Essendon Bombers v North Melbourne Kangaroos11/07/2020 17:3007/11/2020 17:30
AFLRound 6 Geelong v Brisbane09/07/2020 17:0007/09/2020 17:00
The First Crack PodcastSunday12/07/2020 19:2007/12/2020 19:20
NBA: The Jump08/07/2020 03:3007/08/2020 03:30
The Basketball Tournament (TBT)Round of 16 - Part 208/07/2020 02:0007/08/2020 02:00
The Basketball Tournament (TBT)Round of 16 - Part 410/07/2020 02:0007/10/2020 02:00
The Basketball Tournament (TBT)Round of 16 - Part 309/07/2020 02:0007/09/2020 02:00
NBA: The Jump10/07/2020 03:3007/10/2020 03:30
NBA: The Jump11/07/2020 03:0007/11/2020 03:00
The Basketball Tournament (TBT)11/07/2020 02:0007/11/2020 02:00
The Basketball Tournament (TBT)12/07/2020 02:0007/12/2020 02:00
The Basketball Tournament (TBT)13/07/2020 04:0007/13/2020 04:00
NBA: The Jump14/07/2020 03:0007/14/2020 03:00
Test MatchEngland v West Indies 1st Test Day 108/07/2020 17:5807/08/2020 17:58
Test MatchEngland v West Indies 1st Test Day 209/07/2020 17:5807/09/2020 17:58
Test MatchEngland v West Indies 1st Test Day 310/07/2020 17:5807/10/2020 17:58
Test MatchEngland v West Indies 1st Test Day 411/07/2020 17:5807/11/2020 17:58
Test MatchEngland v West Indies 1st Test Day 512/07/2020 17:5807/12/2020 17:58
NBA 2K League09/07/2020 07:0007/09/2020 07:00
ESPN FC07/07/2020 18:3007/07/2020 18:30
ESPN FC08/07/2020 18:3007/08/2020 18:30
Super LigGenclerbirligi vs Fenerbahce07/07/2020 23:2507/07/2020 23:25
Serie ALecce vs Lazio08/07/2020 01:2507/08/2020 01:25
Serie AMilan vs Juventus08/07/2020 03:4007/08/2020 03:40
EFL ChampionshipNottm Forest vs Fulham07/07/2020 23:5507/07/2020 23:55
Arsenal TVArsenal vs Leicester08/07/2020 14:0007/08/2020 14:00
LaLigaValencia vs Valladolid08/07/2020 01:2507/08/2020 01:25
LaLigaCelta vs Atletico08/07/2020 03:3007/08/2020 03:30
Chelsea TVCrystal Palace vs Chelsea08/07/2020 19:0007/08/2020 19:00
ESPN FC10/07/2020 18:3007/10/2020 18:30
Major League SoccerOrlando City SC v Inter Miami CF09/07/2020 08:0007/09/2020 08:00
Major League SoccerNashville SC v Chicago Fire09/07/2020 10:3007/09/2020 10:30
ESPN FC09/07/2020 18:3007/09/2020 18:30
Major League SoccerNew York City FC v Philadelphia Union09/07/2020 21:0007/09/2020 21:00
LaLigaEibar vs Leganes10/07/2020 01:2507/10/2020 01:25
LaLigaGetafe vs Villarreal09/07/2020 01:2507/09/2020 01:25
LaLigaBarcelona vs Espanyol09/07/2020 03:3007/09/2020 03:30
EFL ChampionshipWest Brom vs Derby08/07/2020 23:5507/08/2020 23:55
Liverpool TVBrighton vs Liverpool09/07/2020 19:0007/09/2020 19:00
Serie AGenoa vs Napoli09/07/2020 01:2007/09/2020 01:20
Serie ARoma vs Parma09/07/2020 03:4007/09/2020 03:40
Serie ASPAL vs Udinese10/07/2020 01:2007/10/2020 01:20
Serie AVerona vs Inter10/07/2020 03:4007/10/2020 03:40
Major League Soccer 2020Dallas vs Vancouver10/07/2020 10:3507/10/2020 10:35
EFL ChampionshipLeeds vs Stoke09/07/2020 23:5507/09/2020 23:55
LaLigaAthletic vs Sevilla10/07/2020 03:3007/10/2020 03:30
ESPN FC12/07/2020 18:3007/12/2020 18:30
ESPN FC11/07/2020 18:3007/11/2020 18:30
Major League SoccerSeattle Sounders FC v San Jose Earthquakes11/07/2020 10:3007/11/2020 10:30
Major League SoccerToronto FC v D.C. United11/07/2020 08:0007/11/2020 08:00
Major League SoccerReal Salt Lake v Colorado Rapids13/07/2020 10:3007/13/2020 10:30
Major League SoccerSporting Kansas City v Minnesota United FC13/07/2020 08:0007/13/2020 08:00
ESPN FC13/07/2020 18:3007/13/2020 18:30
ESPN FC14/07/2020 18:3007/14/2020 18:30
Major League SoccerInter Miami CF v Chicago Fire14/07/2020 21:0007/14/2020 21:00
Sports Saturday11/07/2020 07:0007/11/2020 07:00
Sports Sunday12/07/2020 07:0007/12/2020 07:00
Golic and Wingo07/07/2020 18:0007/07/2020 18:00
SportsCenter07/07/2020 11:0007/07/2020 11:00
SportsCenter08/07/2020 06:0007/08/2020 06:00
Jalen & Jacoby08/07/2020 04:0007/08/2020 04:00
Golic and Wingo08/07/2020 18:0007/08/2020 18:00
Get Up!07/07/2020 22:0007/07/2020 22:00
Golic and Wingo10/07/2020 18:0007/10/2020 18:00
Golic and Wingo09/07/2020 18:0007/09/2020 18:00
Get Up!09/07/2020 22:0007/09/2020 22:00
SportsCenter10/07/2020 06:0007/10/2020 06:00
SportsCenter09/07/2020 06:0007/09/2020 06:00
SportsCenter09/07/2020 12:3007/09/2020 12:30
Jalen & Jacoby10/07/2020 04:0007/10/2020 04:00
Get Up!08/07/2020 22:0007/08/2020 22:00
SportsCenter12/07/2020 12:0007/12/2020 12:00
SportsCenter11/07/2020 22:0007/11/2020 22:00
SportsCenter10/07/2020 01:0007/10/2020 01:00
SportsCenter11/07/2020 06:0007/11/2020 06:00
SportsCenter11/07/2020 12:3007/11/2020 12:30
SportsCenter12/07/2020 21:0007/12/2020 21:00
Jalen & Jacoby11/07/2020 04:0007/11/2020 04:00
First Take11/07/2020 00:0007/11/2020 00:00
First Take09/07/2020 23:0007/09/2020 23:00
Golic and Wingo13/07/2020 18:0007/13/2020 18:00
SportsCenter13/07/2020 12:3007/13/2020 12:30
Get Up!13/07/2020 21:0007/13/2020 21:00
SportsCenter12/07/2020 22:0007/12/2020 22:00
SportsCenter14/07/2020 11:0007/14/2020 11:00
Get Up!14/07/2020 19:0007/14/2020 19:00
SportsCenter14/07/2020 06:0007/14/2020 06:00
Jalen & Jacoby14/07/2020 04:0007/14/2020 04:00
Golic and Wingo14/07/2020 18:0007/14/2020 18:00
SportsCenter14/07/2020 00:0007/14/2020 00:00
First Take13/07/2020 22:0007/13/2020 22:00
Pardon The Interruption14/07/2020 05:3007/14/2020 05:30
USPGAWorkday Charity Open Round 110/07/2020 03:0007/10/2020 03:00
USPGAWorkday Charity Open Round 211/07/2020 03:0007/11/2020 03:00
USPGAWorkday Charity Open Round 312/07/2020 01:0007/12/2020 01:00
USPGAWorkday Charity Open Final Round13/07/2020 01:0007/13/2020 01:00
NFL Live14/07/2020 02:0007/14/2020 02:00
NRL Supercoach09/07/2020 16:3007/09/2020 16:30
NRLRound 9 Titans v Warriors10/07/2020 15:0007/10/2020 15:00
NRLRound 9 Raiders v Storm11/07/2020 17:2007/11/2020 17:20
NRLRound 9 Rabbitohs v Wests Tigers10/07/2020 17:5007/10/2020 17:50
NRLRound 9 Sharks v Panthers11/07/2020 12:3007/11/2020 12:30
NRLRound 9 Cowboys v Roosters09/07/2020 17:0007/09/2020 17:00
NRLRound 9 Knights v Eels12/07/2020 13:0007/12/2020 13:00
NRLRound 9 Broncos v Bulldogs11/07/2020 14:5007/11/2020 14:50
NRLRound 9 Dragons v Sea Eagles12/07/2020 16:0007/12/2020 16:00
NRL TonightWednesday08/07/2020 16:0007/08/2020 16:00
NRL TonightThursday09/07/2020 16:0007/09/2020 16:00
NRL TonightTuesday07/07/2020 16:0007/07/2020 16:00
NRL 360Tuesday07/07/2020 16:3007/07/2020 16:30
NRL 360Wednesday08/07/2020 16:3007/08/2020 16:30
NRL Kayo CamRound 9 Titans v Warriors10/07/2020 15:5507/10/2020 15:55
NRL Kayo CamRound 9 Dragons v Sea Eagles12/07/2020 16:2507/12/2020 16:25
NRL Kayo CamRound 9 Broncos v Bulldogs11/07/2020 15:3007/11/2020 15:30
The AUDL Frisbee Championship07/07/2020 08:0007/07/2020 08:00
UFC Fight WeekUFC 25107/07/2020 18:0007/07/2020 18:00
UFC CountdownUFC 25108/07/2020 15:3007/08/2020 15:30
UFC 251PRE SHOW & PRELIMS ONLY12/07/2020 05:0007/12/2020 05:00
UFC ArchivalUFC Sound Waves: Bad Blood11/07/2020 01:0007/11/2020 01:00
Formula 3Austria Qualifying10/07/2020 20:0507/10/2020 20:05
Formula 3Austria Race 111/07/2020 16:2007/11/2020 16:20
Formula 3Austria Race 212/07/2020 15:4007/12/2020 15:40
Porsche Supercup SeriesAustria12/07/2020 18:2307/12/2020 18:23
F1 Welcome to the WeekendAustria10/07/2020 16:3007/10/2020 16:30
F1Austria Practice 110/07/2020 17:0007/10/2020 17:00
F1 Story So FarAustria10/07/2020 23:3007/10/2020 23:30
F1Austria Practice 210/07/2020 20:4507/10/2020 20:45
F1Austria Practice 311/07/2020 17:4507/11/2020 17:45
F1Austria Qualifying11/07/2020 20:3007/11/2020 20:30
F1Austria Race12/07/2020 20:0007/12/2020 20:00
F1 The NotebookAustria13/07/2020 00:0007/13/2020 00:00
Super Rugby AotearoaRound 5 Hurricanes v Highlanders12/07/2020 11:0007/12/2020 11:00
Super Rugby AotearoaRound 5 Crusaders v Blues11/07/2020 14:3007/11/2020 14:30
Super Rugby AURound 2 Rebels v Reds10/07/2020 17:0007/10/2020 17:00
Super Rugby AURound 2 Waratahs v Force11/07/2020 17:0007/11/2020 17:00
ATP Uncovered10/07/2020 12:3007/10/2020 12:30

Times are LIVE and in AEST unless stated otherwise. Times are also subject to change.

How Much Data Does Kayo Use?

While it uses the very latest in streaming technology to deliver crisp high definition video on as many broadband connections as possible, Kayo does use around 3GB to 5GB of data per hour when streaming in high definition, depending on the stream. If you’re on a home broadband plan with a monthly data limit – or on just about any mobile phone plan – you’ll want to be aware of how much data Kayo might use.

As a comparison, when it’s streaming or playing on-demand in high definition mode, Kayo uses around the same amount of data per hour as an HD stream on Netflix or Stan. If your home broadband is unlimited, you won’t need to worry, but keep an eye on mobile usage as it’ll all count against your precious mobile data allowance!

One thing that can use considerably more data is the clever Split View feature, which on some devices can run four streams simultaneously, letting you switch between them. Kayo’s done some clever things under the hood to make the feature work without needed four times the download speed, but it’s still likely to use more data than just watching a single stream.

Kayo recommends that your broadband connection be at least at a speed of 7.5 Mbps to stream in high definition, though the service will work at speeds as low as 2.5 Mbps when streaming on a computer.

What Devices are Compatible with Kayo?

Kayo is expanding devices and currently works with the Chrome and Firefox web browsers on both PC and Mac, as well as Safari on Mac and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

You can cast high definition video from your computer to your TV using a Google Chromecast Ultra or the third-generation standard Chromecast and the Chrome browser. Older Chromecast devices will also work, but you’ll be limited to 720p video quality (still perfectly watchable).

On mobile, Kayo works with mobile web browsers as well, but for the best experience you’ll want to grab the well-designed Kayo app for your device.

Dedicated apps for iOS (11 and higher) and Android (6 and higher) phones and tablets are available, along with apps for Apple TV, Android TV and Telstra TV for big-screen viewing. Apps for popular smart TVs as well as game consoles are expected to arrive in 2020.

Kayo Sports from Telstra

Getting access to Kayo Sports was recently made even easier for Telstra postpaid customers. The sports streaming service can now be added directly to your Telstra bill, enabling you to keep all your payments in the one place. And it’s the same great service – you still get all the Kayo game changing features like No Spoilers and Key Moments, High Definition coverage (on the 2nd and 3rd generation Telstra TV boxes), and the ability to watch on multiple screens, all for the same price. And what’s more, new or existing Telstra customers adding Kayo Sports to their bill will still have the opportunity to make use of the two-week free trial, meaning if you decide the service isn’t for you you can cancel before you pay a cent.

Sign up to Kayo’s FREE 14 day trial offer

Live sport returns to Kayo, with every game and every round from the NRL and AFL, action from the Super Rugby, UFC and V8 Supercars – all available on Kayo’s 14 day trial.

Contact Kayo Support

If you’d like to get in touch with the Kayo team with any questions about the service – content, technical issues or other enquiries – you can send a request via their customer contact page and one of the Kayo team will get in touch with you.

Why is Kayo Sports right for me?

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over – Aussie sports fans can now get on board with a streaming service that’s entirely dedicated to premium sports from Australia and around the globe. The new heavyweight player in the streaming world has a suitably triumphant name – Kayo.

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