Kayo Sports - The Streaming Service for Real Sports Fans

Backed by the power of Fox Sports, Kayo Sports is Australia’s number one sports streaming provider. The service has revolutionised sports streaming since launching in 2018, giving Australians the freedom to watch their favourite sports live or on demand wherever they please. 

Kayo Sports streaming service gives its users access to over 50 sports 24 hours a day. Forget TV guides and missing games, Kayo Sports hooks you up with your favourite sports right from the front page, live and on demand – all in crisp HD quality.

The sports viewing experience is taken to the next level with enhanced viewing features, including split screen viewing and the ability to skip to highlights in any contest you are watching.

There’s even a “No Spoilers” setting that allows you to catch up on a match without knowing the result beforehand. For a full Kayo Sports review, see our updated guide on Kayo Sports.

What’s in this Guide?

What is Kayo Sports?

Kayo Sports is a sports streaming service that gives its users access to over 50 sports available to watch week in and week out, whether it be at home or on the go. Forget TV guides and missing games, Kayo Sports hooks you up with your favourite sports right from the front page, live and on demand – all in crisp HD quality.

Sports is taken to the next level with features that enhance your viewing experience, such as the “No Spoilers” setting so you can catch up on a match without knowing the result beforehand. Another useful feature is “Key Moments” that helps you skip straight to the best parts of a match or an event.

What sports are on Kayo?

The variety of sport on offer from Kayo Sports must be seen to be believed. Kayo’s coverage ranges from the mainstream to the niche with national and international football through to darts and snooker. No matter the time of day, Kayo Sports can bring you heart-pounding action from the world of sports.

Visit our updated guide showing you what’s on Kayo Sports each month.

Stream Rugby League

League is like a religion in many parts of Australia. Kayo has exclusive rights to every regular season match of the NRL live, as well as selected games from Super League in the Northern Hemisphere.

Kayo sports AFL

Every live AFL regular-season game, excluding the AFL Grand Final, is available Live and On Demand with all Kayo subscriptions.

Cricket on Kayo

If you’re a fan of live cricket then prepare for a massive cricket buffet, with virtually every major cricket event happening around the world available to stream live on Kayo.

Football on Kayo

The ‘beautiful game’ is one of Australia’s fastest-growing spectator sports, and Kayo broadcasts live football from the biggest leagues and matches both home and abroad.

Motorsports on Kayo

Attention all petrol heads! Whether you like your motorsport on four wheels or two, there’s tons of turbocharged action across the year to get your teeth into. You can watch live F1, Supercars, and MotoGP on Kayo Sports.

US Sports on Kayo

Thanks to its partnership with US sports network ESPN, you can watch live matches from America’s most popular sports leagues, including MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL games. Forget expensive Live Passes, all you need is right here.

Watch Main Event on Kayo

Main Event is the home of major PPV combat events in Australia, including World Championship Boxing and UFC. Previously this channel was exclusively available to Foxtel viewers, but selected events can now be accessed with Kayo. You don’t even need an existing Kayo account. Visit Main Event Kayo now to find out when the next fight is on.

Kayo Sports

Stream Main Event PPVs via Kayo

Watch Main Event PPVs with Kayo Sports. From boxing to WWE and UFC, it’s all here. Catch the action from the biggest sports around the world LIVE!

How much does Kayo Sports cost?

Along with Main Event PPV, two subscription Kayo plans are available – Kayo Basic and Kayo Premium.

Both offer full access to Kayo – every sport, every replay, every live stream, in full high definition. The only difference between the plans is the number of devices you’re allowed to stream from simultaneously. Both plans can be cancelled at any time. 

Check out all the latest Kayo Sports plans below or read this helpful guide to get more information about how much Kayo Sports cost.

Kayo Plans

Main Event
  • Main Event
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Pay for events through Kayo Sports
  • Full access to all of Kayo for duration of event
  • starts at $20/ days
starts at $20/ days
cost per event, duration depends
Min Cost - Boxing and UFC from $50 per event

  • Free 14 day trial
  • Basic
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • SD or HD, stream on two devices
  • Watch Live NRL, AFL, Super Rugby + more
  • $25/mth
$25/month after 14 days free trial; no lock-in contracts.

  • Free 14 day trial
  • Premium
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • SD or HD, stream on three devices
  • Watch Live NRL, AFL, Super Rugby + more
  • $35/mth
$35 after 14 days free trial; for Premium subscription; no lock-in contracts.

Last audited 25th of November 2021

Latest release sports and shows to Kayo

Each and every week there are plenty of sports and shows you can watch on Kayo. Here are some of the ongoing events you can stream live and on-demand with the streaming TV service:

Kayo SportsAirdate
NBA: Suns vs WarriorsWed, December 1st – 2.00pm
NFL: New Orleans Saints vs Dallas CowboysFri, December 3rd – 12.15pm
Supercars: Bathurst 1000Sun, December 5th – 12.15pm
BBL: Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne StarsSun, December 5th – 7.15pm
F1: Saudi Arabia GPMon, December 6th – 4.30am

Watch Kayo Sports Telstra

If you’re on Telstra or thinking of subscribing, we have good news. New or existing Telstra customers can add Kayo Sports to their bill for as little as $15 per month over for 12 months.

How do I upgrade my Kayo subscription?

If you want to watch Kayo on more than two devices you can easily upgrade to a Kayo Premium package at any time. Simply visit the “My Account” section of the Kayo website or app and you’ll be able to upgrade your subscription instantly. Note that you will be charged pro-rata for the more expensive subscription as soon as it is activated.

Kayo Sports free trial

Kayo offers a 14-day free trial of its services on both the Premium and Basic packages. You can also switch between these packages at any point of your free trial. If you do not cancel your subscription before the end of the 14-day free trial, you will be subscribed to, and billed for, your package.

What is Kayo freebies?

If signing up for a free trial sounds like too much commitment, then Kayo Freebies will give you a window into the Kayo experience without having to sign up for a plan. Kayo Freebies offers the same features as the standard Kayo plans but restricts content to a small selection of sports events and talk shows. So, if you want to watch the full range of Kayo content, you’ll need to sign up to a free trial.

Kayo Sports features

Once you’ve signed up for a Kayo subscription and logged into Kayo on your viewing device, you will be guided through a process of choosing your favourite sports to customize your viewing experience.

You will be asked about your favourite teams and will be able to set up alerts on their activity. This easy setup ensures maximum compatibility with your viewing preferences. Each user account on your profile is configured separately to ensure that every account user’s experience is unique.

SplitView Feature

Test-driving Kayo revealed some fantastic features and functions, including a split screen feature that allows you to watch up to four feeds at the same time. SplitView works especially well on Apple TV 4 devices, which have the processing power to seamlessly run four high-definition split streams at the same time and swap between them smoothly. You can even control how the screen is split up between different feeds, ranging from an even split to a primary stream and up to three smaller streaming windows.

Key Moments

The Key Moments feature works with both live and past events. This feature lets users navigate to critical moments in any sports contest they watch. If you’re watching a replay of a cricket match, for example, you’ll see little timeline icons showing you where each wicket fell.

If you started watching midway through a live event, you can backtrack to view any important moments you may have missed. The Key Moments feature will be expanding even further in the future, hopefully by including a wider range of sports.

Interactive Statistics

Kayo Interactive Stats offer real-time statistics updates without having to leave your stream. While this feature is only offered for a limited selection of the sports available on Kayo, the in-depth analysis is hard to beat.

Kayo Minis – Compact Replays

After an event has finished, Kayo editors get to work producing compact, action-packed version of the game that can be watched in minutes, rather than hours. Kayo Minis are put together so that you still get a feel for the rhythm and pace of the match. Compact Replays are a useful tool to catch up on a round of matches without dedicating an entire weekend to the sport. If you’re behind and never want to miss a match, Kayo Minis alone are worth the price of subscription.


RaceView is available on the Formula One World Championship, MotoGP World Championship and Virgin Australia Supercars Championship races.

Motorsports fans can use the feature to enhance their experience by cycling multiple camera angles (Co-Pilot, Heli-View and Onboard Cameras) in real time during a race. Best used in tandem with Kayo’s SplitView feature, you can place yourself directly in the passenger seat or even take up a bird’s-eye-view perspective. There is also the Race Centre view which displays real-time stats and leader board info simultaneously.

No Spoilers Option

Kayo’s unique “No Spoilers” mode actively blocks any reporting of final scores on the site while you’re using it. This is turned on by default, so you’ll need to turn off the No Spoilers feature to use the Key Moments feature.


The search feature on Kayo is very straightforward and easy to use. It allows the user to type in a sport, event or tournament and be taken right to it. This means less time trawling around Kayo to find what you’re looking for, and more time enjoying the action.

Upcoming features on Kayo

Kayo has incorporated dozens of features to enhance your viewing experience. Alongside developing apps for TVs and game consoles, Kayo’s been coming up with even more improvements that will be released in the coming months. Some upcoming features include:

  • Expanded casting support including multiple screens
  • Autoplay support
  • Dynamic Kayo Minis – choose 10, 15, 20 minute versions
  • Key Moments enhancements

Kayo Sports usability

The Kayo Sports platform is remarkably easy to use. It boasts an incredibly user-friendly interface, breaking the sports streaming service into four easy tabs – Home, Fixtures, Shows and Sports. On the home screen, users’ pre-specified favourite sports and teams are recommended to them along with suggestions for other Kayo content they may enjoy.

Nothing about the Kayo app is slow, clunky, or outdated. Upon viewing a stream or replay, options to enhance your viewing are presented with simple instructions, like swiping down for split screen options, finding the key moments button, or applying live stats to your stream.

This is the platinum standard for a sports streaming service.

Kayo vs Foxtel

Foxtel has traditionally been the biggest player on the Australian streaming scene, with its extensive coverage of local and international sports mostly bundled in with other entertainment streams like movies and Netflix.

Foxtel does offer one sports-only package in its Sports HD bundle.

However, this is significantly more expensive than Kayo Sports. and the cheapest plan requires a 12-month contract. Go for a flexible contract and you’ll pay as much as three times as much as you would pay for Kayo Sports, although you will get other entertainment content bundled in with your Fox Sports coverage. Read more here.

FeaturesKayo Basic PlanKayo Premium PlanFoxtel Plus + Sports HD PackageFoxtel Now Essentials + Sports Package
Installation Fee$0$0$100$0
Cost per month$25$35$74$54
Lock in contractNoNo12 month contract or monthly subscriptionNo
Trial Period14-day free trial14-day free trialNone10-day free trial
Simultaneous devices2322
High Definition StreamingYesYesYesYes

If you’re after a sports-only package, Kayo’s pricing, feature-packed app, and variety of sports make it the logical choice for sports fans looking for a cutting-edge, immersive experience.

How to watch Kayo Sports

Kayo is constantly expanding its already impressive range of compatible devices. It currently works with both the Chrome and Firefox web browsers for PC and Mac, as well as the Safari browser on Mac and the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10.

You can cast high-definition video from your computer to your TV using a Google Chromecast Ultra or the third-generation standard Chromecast. Older Chromecast devices will also work, but you’ll be limited to 720p video quality (still perfectly watchable).

Dedicated apps for iOS (11 and higher) and Android (6 and higher) mobile phones and tablets are available, along with apps for Apple TV, Android TV and Telstra TV for big-screen viewing. Apps for popular smart TVs as well as game consoles (PS4 and PS5) are also available. Just be careful if you’re streaming on the mobile app as the service can be quite heavy on mobile data.

Devices supported by Kayo Sports

How to watch AFL and NRL while overseas

If you’re heading outside of Australia for a business trip or a holiday, you don’t have to miss out of the biggest NRL and AFL games. The Watch AFL app gives you live and on demand access to every Premiership match including the Grand Final on your favourite device.

The Watch NRL app does the same but for live League games. You also get to stream dedicated League shows like The Late Show with Matty Johns and NRL 360 – as they go out live or on demand.

Previously Telstra offered AFL Live Pass and NRL Live Pass, but with the value Kayo Sports brings, we’ve since seen the retirement of those services.

For a review of Kayo vs WatchNRL app read more here, and for a review of WatchAFL vs Kayo click here.

Best broadband plan for Kayo Sports

When it comes to sports streaming, nothing is worse than the spinning wheel of doom  buffering videos. Imagine you’re watching the final moments of a game and your team is about to kick the winning goal, score the winning try or sink the winning 3 pointer and the screen freezes.

So, if you want to watch sports content in high definition, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection that can do the heavy lifting. Fortunately, we’ve done the research on the best high speed internet offers for Kayo Sports customers, which you can review below.

Telstra Plans

Standard Speed + Unlimited Data
  • Free 2 months Device Protect
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • Buy online: no connection fee
  • Standard Speed + Unlimited Data
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 25Mbps Standard Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 25™ Fixed Line
  • #1 provider to stream Netflix
  • Telstra Smart Modem included (with 4G back up)
  • $80/mth
Min Cost - $296 for new customers who cancel after 1 mth (incl. $216 modem).

Telstra TV + Standard Speed
  • Free 2 months Device Protect
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • 20k Telstra Plus Points
  • Telstra TV + Standard Speed
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 25Mbps Standard Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 25™ Fixed Line
  • Buy online: no connection fee
  • #1 provider to stream Netflix
  • $89/mth
Min Cost - $512 for new customers who cancel after 1 mth.

Premium Speed + Unlimited Data
  • Pay only $1 for the first month. Ends 10 Jan 2022
  • Free 2 months Device Protect
  • Premium Speed + Unlimited Data
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 100Mbps Premium Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 100™ Fixed Line
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • Buy online: no connection fee
  • $110/mth
$1 for the first month, then $110/mth thereafter
Min Cost - $217 for new customers who cancel after 1 mth.

Kayo Sports contact number

If you’re having issues with your subscription, or would like to know more about Kayo Sports and its offering, you’ll have to contact Kayo via a digital medium as they do not operate their service model with a phone number or call centre

Their Kayo Support Crew operate 8:30am – 11pm AET 7 days a week and you’ll be able to contact in the following ways by heading to their website:

  • Live chat: There is an option on their site in the bottom right hand corner to chat with their customer service staff.
  • Submit a form online: Go to their contact page and fill out a form and someone will be in touch shortly. 
  • Send them an email: for any enquiries, send Kayo an email on help@kayosports.com.au

What people are asking about Kayo Sports

  • Who Owns Kayo Sports?

A company called Streamotion owns and operates Kayo, which is why you’ll occasionally see references to things like creating and managing your Streamotion account. Streamotion is a part of the Foxtel group of companies, which is how Kayo gets access to all the content from Fox Sports.

  • How Much Does Kayo Cost?

The pricing for Kayo Sports is kept very simple and straightforward. It’s either $25/month for Basic (which allows streaming on up to 2 screens at one time) or $35/month for Premium (3 screens at a time). Telstra mobile customers who choose to add Kayo to their bill can get a $10/month discount off either of those plans for the first 12 months.

  • How Much Data Does Kayo Use?

While the exact amount of data you’ll use while streaming Kayo varies depending on what you’re watching and whether you’re using any of the special features (especially Split View) in general you should expect data usage to average around 3.25GB per hour. If you want to limit your data usage, you can set Kayo to stream in Standard Definition, which takes data usage down to 0.5GB per hour.

  • What Sports are on Kayo?

Thanks to its access to the full resources of Fox Sports as well as ESPN and beIN Sports, Kayo delivers over 30 sporting codes featuring multiple different leagues and competitions from Australia and around the world. If there’s a sport you follow, you’re almost certainly going to find it on Kayo. The 14-day free trial lets you check out the range of sports for yourself without spending a cent.

  • Does Kayo Work Overseas?

Because Kayo is the Australian licensee of the various sports that it streams from Australia and around the world, the service can’t be used from outside of Australia, even if you’re an Australian customer who’s travelling. Using a VPN to access Kayo from overseas is also not supported. Remember that as there’s no lock-in contract, you can pause your Kayo subscription if you’re heading overseas and seamlessly resume it when you return.

  • Can You Get Kayo on PS4 and PS5?

With a user base of nearly 3 million Australians, PlayStation 4 and its successor the PlayStation 5 are  hugely popular devices not just for games, but also for streaming video. Kayo is well aware of that, and that’s why Kayo is now supported on both PS4 and PS5.

  • How Do You Get Kayo on Apple TV?

The versatile Apple TV is one of Kayo’s best-supported devices, and accessing Kayo on it is as easy as heading to the App Store app on the Apple TV itself. If you then move over to the “Apps” tab, you’ll see a list of the top free apps. Find the green Kayo logo in that list, click on it, and select “INSTALL”. You then just need to run the app from the Apple TV’s main menu and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

  • How Many Devices Can I Use with Kayo?

You can have as many compatible devices as you like set up to access your Kayo account, but the amount of them that can access Kayo at the same time depends on which Kayo plan you’re on. For Basic plan users, up to 2 devices can stream at one time; the Premium plan increases that to 3 at once.

  • How Do You Get Kayo on a Samsung TV?

The Kayo app for Samsung smart TVs works on all smart Samsung models released in 2017 and later. You can find it by pressing the Smart Hub button on your TV remote, then heading to the Samsung Apps tab. Find the green Kayo app icon and select Download Now. The Kayo app will then be added to your Smart Hub menu.

  • Does Kayo Have the Main Event Channel?

While the Main Event channel doesn’t always appear on Kayo, you can now order and stream events from the channel as they happen and watch them directly on Kayo. You don’t need to have a current Kayo subscription to watch. You can see what’s coming up and buy access to the events you want at Kayo Sports’ website.

  • Can You Record Kayo?

No – as a streaming service, Kayo doesn’t offer a recording feature at all. But it doesn’t need to, since all sports streamed by Kayo can be watched live, on delay “as live” or watched any time after the event has finished, complete with extra features for many sporting codes. On-demand replays are generally available for several weeks after the event, though how long depends on the particular sport.

  • Can You Get Kayo on Fetch TV or Xbox One?

Not at this stage; there have been plans mentioned to bring Kayo to Xbox One, with the company’s current roadmap looking at a release during 2021. For Fetch TV it’s unlikely there’ll ever be a Kayo app.

  • Can You Get Kayo on a LG Smart TV?

There’s no Kayo app for LG smart TVs just yet, though it’s possible there will be in the future. In the meantime, the best option for LG owners would be a dedicated streaming device that supports Kayo, such as the Telstra TV, the Apple TV 4 or Google’s Chromecast.

  • Does Kayo Have a TV Guide?

Because it’s designed to be used as a service focused on sporting codes and events rather than a TV schedule, Kayo doesn’t have a regular TV guide even though it offers some live channels. Instead, there’s a “Fixtures” menu which lays out what games are on when, code-by-code, making it easy to jump straight to what you want to watch.

  • How Can I Get Kayo Sports for Free?

Aside from the free 14-day trial which gives you access to all of Kayo Sports for free, you can actually access free months of Kayo if you’re a Telstra Plus member on the Silver or Gold tiers. Silver members get one month free, while Gold members get a full three free months of full Kayo access. Check your Telstra account page for details.

  • How Do I Cancel Kayo?

If you’re done with Kayo and want to cancel, head onto the Kayo web site and make sure you’re signed in. Click the menu icon at the top right, then click on “My Account”. Scroll to the bottom of that menu and click “Cancel Subscription,” then follow the prompts.

  • What are the alternatives to Kayo Sports?

Kayo Sports is the most extensive sports-only streaming service in Australia. However, Foxtel has the same Fox Sports programming available as add-ons to other Foxtel subscriptions, or as part of the Foxtel HD bundle. All the Foxtel options are significantly more expensive than what Kayo has to offer.

Another player in the market is Stan Sport, which offers a more limited selection of sports including rugby union, French Open and Wimbledon tennis, and European championship football. This service is available as a $10 add-on for the Stan streaming app.

  • What’s the best way to get Kayo Sports

Getting a Kayo Sports subscription is super easy. Visit the Kayo Sports website and click the free trial button on the home page. Then select the package you want to try out and follow the steps required to register an account and submit your credit card details.

  • What video quality does Kayo Sports stream in?

Kay Sports streams in HD (high definition) video, which requires a connection of at least 7.5 Mbps. At lower bandwidth Kayo will stream at SD (standard definition) video. Currently, Foxtel is the only sports streaming Fox Sports content in 4k resolution video.

  • How is the Kayo Sports app different?

Kayo Sports may not be the first sports streaming service to make an appearance in Australia, but it is the first to customise its service around the sports viewing experience. The user interface draws on advances made by Netflix, customising the flow of programming according to your viewing history and preferences. Many of the app’s features are designed specifically with sports viewers in mind, such as the SplitView streaming option, ability to disable spoilers and integrated stats.

  • Kayo sign up: What you need to subscribe

To sign up for Kayo Sports you need three things:

  1. a valid email address
  2. a password
  3. a credit card or other valid payment method.

If you have all the above, you can head over to Kayo and sign up for a 14-day free trial immediately.

  • Kayo login: How to access your account

Once you have signed up for a free trial you can load the Kayo app or visit the Kayo website and submit your username and password to access Kayo’s content. If you hit your subscription limit for simultaneous streams you will be blocked from viewing live streams on additional devices and may encounter issues logging in to your account.

  • What TVs are Compatible with Kayo?

If you’re the owner of a Samsung smart TV made in 2017 or later, then Kayo is ready to go – just head for the Samsung app store and download the latest version of the Kayo app and you’ll be up and running in no time. HiSense smart TVs made from 2019 onwards also directly support Kayo – the app should be pre-installed in the app carousel, but if not, head into the TV’s settings and check for a firmware update. Sony Bravia TVs that run the Android TV system – most models released in 2016 and later – are ready for Kayo too; just head to the Google Play app store to download the app and get started. Split View is only available on newer (2019) Bravia models. This Android TV app can also be used on other brands of TV that use Android TV 7.0 or later, including selected models by Panasonic.

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