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Best Guide to Watching On the Go with Foxtel Go

No matter which packages or channel bundles you subscribe to as part of your Foxtel plan, you’ve got a very handy bonus available that you might not even have known about. It’s called Foxtel Go – a free app for iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as a web site for PC/Mac usage – and it gives you full access to all your Foxtel channels no matter where you are in Australia. And yes, it’s completely free to use as often and as much as you like!

What Makes Foxtel Go Unique?

With so many channels available to you across Foxtel’s vast range, it’s easy to miss something you wanted to watch, or not be able to be home when it goes to air. While you can record hundreds of hours of TV on your iQ box at home, sometimes you just want to watch right away even though you’re not where your Foxtel service is. With the recently upgraded and improved Foxtel Go, you can stream live Foxtel channels from anywhere you have an Internet connection and a compatible device, with every channel from your subscribed Foxtel packs available right there in the app for you to view at a touch of the screen.

Want to Get Foxtel? Know Your Options!

Before signing up, make sure to check this comprehensive guide featuring all available streaming options from Foxtel and other TV providers, from which you can get the latest in sports, TV, movies, and more!
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What Does Foxtel Go Offer?

At its most basic level, Foxtel Go gives you immediate and direct access to any channel you’ve got access to as part of your subscription. But even better, you also get full access to those channels’ on-demand libraries, which lets you pick something to watch wherever and whenever you like. For example, if you subscribe to the Movies channel pack, not only can you stream those 10 movie channels on any mobile device or computer, you can also dig into the vast FoxFlicks library of on-demand movies and watch anything, any time you like. It’s a full-fledged movie streaming service that won’t cost you a cent!

The same goes for all the other channel packs – if you’ve got the Drama pack, Fox Showcase opens up to you with its vast library of premium TV from HBO and others, all ready to stream (yes, including each and every episode of Game of Thrones!) The Docos pack lets you access National Geographic, Discovery Channel and others with a treasure trove of on-demand content. And if you’ve got kids, the Kids channel pack gives you access to those channels on demand on the road – and access to the special Foxtel Kids app, so the little ones can safely surf a range of channels designed just for them (you can read our review of the Foxtel Kids app here).

With the Foxtel Go App you can:

  • Watch live channels as they air
  • Stream TV shows and movies on demand
  • Browse the Foxtel TV Guide
  • Set your iQ box to record shows from anywhere

How Can You Access Foxtel Go?

It’s as simple as downloading the free Foxtel Go app from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, or from the Google Play store on your Android phone or tablet. Sign in with your Foxtel account name and password and you’ll immediately have access to all the channels you get as part of your plan. Alternatively, you can access the Foxtel Go service directly from your desktop or laptop web browser (Google Chrome is recommended) by heading to and signing in.

You can register up to five devices to use your account, and watch Foxtel Go on two of them at any time – so the kids can catch up with their shows while you binge Game of Thrones. Those two streams are separate from use of the installed Foxtel service itself, by the way – so a third family member could be checking out their AFL team’s big game on the iQ4 box while those two Foxtel Go streams are playing. It’s incredibly useful – and, as we said, completely free!

For a complete list of eligible Foxtel Go devices, check out the table below:

Device Available? User Guide
PC/Mac Yes Web browser only (Chrome for PC; Chrome & Safari for Mac)
iOS Mobile Devices Yes Via native app (iOS 9.3.5 or above)
Android Mobile Devices Yes Via native app (Android 5 and above)
Google Chromecast Yes Via casting (only on Multiroom service)
Apple TV Yes Via AirPlay (only on Multiroom service)
Smart TVsYesVia casting only (only on Multiroom service)
Telstra TVNoNo app available
Gaming Consoles NoNo app available
Fetch TVNoNo casting available
Amazon Fire TV StickNoNo app available
Nintendo SwitchNoNo app available

Which Channels Does Foxtel Go Offer?

While you’ll find all the channels from your subscribed Foxtel packs available to you on Foxtel Go, there are some minor differences where streaming rights means changes have to be made. For example, Fox Footy on your iQ box becomes “Footy Play” on Foxtel Go with some minor differences in content.

DramaBBC First, Showcase, FX, Binge, 13th Street, BoxSets
EntertainmentFox 8, BBC UKTV, Arena, MTV, Universal, TV Hits, 111 Funny, Lifestyle, Discovery Channel, [V] Hits, Boomerang, Nick Jr, many more.
Entertainment PlusThe Comedy Channel, Syfy, TLC, A&E, E!, Style, Lifestyle Home, Lifestyle Food
MoviesPremiere, Disney, Action, Comedy, Romance, Family, Masterpiece, Thriller, Movie Greats, More Movies
NewsSky Business, Sky News, Sky Weather, CNN, BBC World News, CNBC, Eurosportnews
DocumentariesNational Geographic Channel, Nat Geo People, Nat Geo Wild, A&E, BBC Knowledge, Crime & Investigation, History, Discovery Channel, Discovery Turbo Max, Discovery Science, Discovery Home & Health, Animal Planet, TLC
SportsFox Cricket, Fox League, Fox Sports 503, Fox Sports 505, Fox Sports 506, Footy Play+, Fox Sports News, beIN 1, beIN 2, beIN 3, Eurosport, ESPN and ESPN 2, MUTV, LFCTV, Chelsea TV
KidsDisney Channel, Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, CBeebies, Nickelodeon

Foxtel Go Customer Service

If you need any help with accessing or streaming via Foxtel Go, get in touch with Foxtel’s customer service team on 131 999 for the price of a local call. Technical support is available from 7.30am to midnight, seven days a week, while if you’ve got any questions about your account or billing, call any time between 9am and 7pm Monday to Saturday. If you want to change the channel packs you’re subscribed to, simply log on to the Foxtel Go web site and head to account management, where you can instantly customise which packs you receive.

How Good is Foxtel Go Really?

Whether you’re already a Foxtel subscriber or you’ve been browsing their site thinking about signing up, you’ve probably seen Foxtel Go mentioned. A free service that is included with every Foxtel plan at no extra charge, Foxtel go lets you stream any of your subscribed channels line or on demand, on any computer or mobile device anywhere in Australia.

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