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Sports Flick

A low-cost Aussie sports streaming service with a global outlook and stuff you can’t see anywhere else.

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We’re used to having multiple options for movie and TV streaming services, but up until now, sports streaming has been dominated by a single service. That’s about to change, with the launch of a unique Australian sports streaming service – Sports Flick.

Sports Flick Review

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past couple of years, it’s that Aussies love the idea of streaming sport as much as they love the sports themselves. What used to be a game of “catch it at the right time when it’s on TV” is now the easiest and best way to watch all your favourite sports – pick your favourite streaming device, load up an app and start watching whenever it suits you – live if you want, or on demand when you’re ready.

With a whole planet’s worth of sport being played every day (most of it forging ahead through the pandemic, making watch-at-home options more valuable than ever) no one single network or streaming service could possibly cover it all. That’s where Sports Flick comes in – showcasing the sports you can’t watch anywhere else, and making them available to all for a low monthly subscription.

In this Review

Sports Flick Highlights

  • Price: $14.99/month or $99.99/year, unlimited devices and screens
  • Sports included: Cricket, Boxing, European Baseball Super League, European Handball, Indian Baseball, Panama Baseball, Rugby League, Football, Ji-Jitsu, Wrestling, Future Wrestling Australia
  • Devices: Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS/Android phones, web browsers
  • Support: Online only (web form)

What Makes Sports Flick Unique

There’s no shortage of sport TV options here in sport-mad Australia, but no one service can cover everything – there’s always sports, and leagues within them, that don’t get the coverage they deserve, or not at all. Sports Flick aims to fill that gap by giving subscribers access to a growing range of sports and sporting codes that’ll get the attention of dedicated fans.

Alongside both live-streamed and on-demand sports, there’s also a selection of sporting documentaries to take in, as well as access to pay-per-view MMA matchups where you get to watch the entire multi-fight event, not just the headliner.

What Sports are on Sports Flick?

Browse through the sports on offer on Sports Flick and you’ll quickly realise that this is a sports streaming service for those who can’t find their favourite sporting code or league anywhere else. Football fans get access to the UAE League (also known as the Arabian Gulf League), games from Oxford City FC in the UK and Real Esteli FC and Nicaragua’s Liga Primera, and a Sports Flick exclusive – the Wednesday League, a young grassroots football league from Sydney’s northern beaches.

Rugby fans are catered for with games from Serbia and the Balkan Super League, baseball fans get to watch the upcoming Atlantic League games as well as catch up with last season. Meanwhile, those who can’t get enough of mixed martial arts will have many, many hours of binge-watching ahead with the 52-episode Fighting Spirit MMA series, featuring over 150 matches.

In the cricket world, Sports Flick has the European Cricket League matches streaming live and exclusive from Rome, while fans of pro baseball will get to watch Sydney’s Blue Sox from December (also live and exclusive) with star player Manny Ramirez the centre of attention.

Outside of pure sports coverage, Sports Flick also offers some diversions for your downtime, Alongside rafting and sailing content, there’s also some more adventure-focused stuff – such as Earth Cycle, Ocean Explorer and, for a bit of self-improvement and home fitness, Yoga Sutra.

Coming in the future are even more diverse sports including the more traditional martial arts, handball, more baseball leagues and even wrestling – the stuff that just doesn’t get coverage from mainstream sports outlets.

How Much Do Sports Flick Plans Cost?

Picking a plan on Sports Flick is easy – there’s only one, and the only choice you need to make is whether you want to pay monthly or annually. Like many streaming services with an annual option, going for the full monty will effectively give you two months free, with a month costing $14.99 and a year priced at $99.99.

Unlike many streaming services these days, you can sign up and pay directly from your iTunes or Google account on your phone or tablet – or just pop your credit card details onto the web site and you’re good to go.

With a low monthly price and no contracts, it’s just as easy to jump in when you want to as it is to have it around as a source of global sport whenever you’re in the mood.

The monthly subscription lets you use Sports Flick on unlimited devices, so there’s no need to worry about having too many signed into the service.

Sports Flick Plans

  • Monthly
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Available on multiple devices
  • Get access to the widest range of sports
  • $14.99/mth
Min Cost - $14.99 over 1 month

  • Annual
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Available on multiple devices
  • Get access to the widest range of sports
  • $99.99/365 days
$99.99/365 days
Min Cost - $99.99 over 1 year

Last audited 18 May 2021

The Sports Flick User Experience

As a fairly new service, Sports Flick is constantly adding content and has been keeping things nice a clean in the user interface department. This is a streaming service that’s easy to use regardless of what device you’re using, and finding the sports and content you’re after is easy. The web site’s interface is uncluttered and fast – streaming in a web browser is hassle-free and you’ve got the option to send the video to a Chromecast if you like.

The apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets are similarly streamlined and work great, and along with the option for a “dark mode” – essential if you’re going to be doing a lot of viewing – there’s the full set of features to send video to your TV via AirPlay or Chromecast, and a great bonus feature – the ability to write comments as the game plays out, visible to everyone else who’s watching the stream. That feature is also available on the web site, but on a phone it’s a far more engaging option, as you can follow the chat while the game plays out without needing to scroll down or refresh the page.

When to comes to TV-focused devices, Sports Flick has apps for Apple TV (HD and 4K models) and Android TV (including Google’s brand new Chromecast) and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. They also have developed an app for Roku boxes – which are sold here under the Telstra TV brand, so we’d expect to see Sports Flick appear on those fairly quickly (Telstra would just need to add it to their app store).

Streaming is mostly at 720p (the same as live channels on Foxtel Now), which provides a decent balance between picture quality and data usage. 

For those who like to watch on the go but don’t want to destroy their data cap with a massive multi-hour football game or cricket match, all of Sports Flick’s on-demand games can be downloaded to your mobile device to watch later. You can choose whether to download in SD or HD, and whether to only download over wi-fi (the default). The whole idea is, of course, to not use up your precious mobile data, and the apps do a terrific job of making that easy. The only exception is, of course, live streams – but if you’re willing to wait, those games will be made downloadable once they’re complete.

Sports Flick – The Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Low monthly price
  • No contracts
  • On-demand sports can be downloaded
  • Easy-to-use apps
  • Wide device support

The Gotchas

  • No full HD streaming at the moment
  • Some events are pay-per-view
  • Some sports have only partial seasons

Our Verdict

We’ve always been huge fans of competition and options in the streaming world, and sports streaming is no exception. It’s a field where prices usually skew high and there’s very little in the way of choice, especially for the more niche sporting codes and leagues that may not grab the headlines, but still have a dedicated following of devoted sports fans.

Sports Flick’s only just getting started, but they’ve hit the ground running with apps across all the key devices and platforms, a range of interesting sports and some exclusive coverage, and very reasonable pricing that makes it easy to jump into if the mood takes you, along with an annual option that ramps up the value for money and gives you another sport streaming source to add to your library. Grab it on your device of choice and see for yourself!

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