Only the binge-worthy shows and movies from here on out – enjoy it all with Australia’s newest streaming service. Try BINGE for 2 week FREE.

The latest addition to Australia’s lush streaming landscape finally arrives. Aptly named BINGE, the new service offers a unique streaming experience with a library of content that’s nothing short of binge-worthy. With so many shows and movies available and less free time, you need to make sure your choice of entertainment counts. 

BINGE makes that easy by only offering acclaimed movies and shows that are ingenious and downright entertaining, and, thus, worth your while. Plus, it’s designed with fun features that’ll make your binge-watching indulgently smooth and easy. Try it free for 2 weeks! Pricing starts from $10/month and comes with no lock-in contract.

Last audited 4 July 2020

Designed for all the bingers who only want to stream the best of the best, BINGE is your one-stop streaming place for all things impressive. From HBO gems to long-time favourites and the hottest additions of shows this year, nothing gets past your screen unless it’s awesome.

How it works

BINGE offers a 2-week trial, letting you enjoy the greatest shows and movies for free. After the trial expires, signing up to BINGE starts from only $10/month for the BINGE Basic plan (SD). Stream ad-free content for as long as you like with delightful features added to maximise the entertainment feels. BINGE Basic allows you to watch on 1 device only. To watch on 2 devices, get the BINGE Standard plan (HD). To watch on 3, get the BINGE Premium plan (HD). Select content also includes Dolby Digital sound. All plans come with no lock-in contract.

How to sign up to BINGE?

Step 2

Choose from these plans: BINGE Basic, BINGE Standard, BINGE Premium

Step 3

Start streaming the best content available with new stuff added daily

What you can do after you get BINGE

  • Watch critically acclaimed, binge-worthy shows and movies
  • Enjoy BINGE’s key features: BINGE Centres, BingeLists, Discover, Surprise Me! HD + Dolby, Ad-Free On-Demand
  • Compatible on web, mobile app, Chromecast, Telstra TV, Apple TV and more to come
  • New episodes same days programming as the US

Watch on compatible devices

Stream BINGE on a wide range of compatible devices:

What’s Streaming on BINGE

Watch over 10,000 hours of pure entertainment
Watch over 10,000 hours of pure entertainment

Enjoy the best shows and movies that aren’t only entertaining but also offer so much more quality content-wise. For starters, there’ll be an assortment of HBO shows now ready for streaming, including the show with the most overall Emmy nominations – Game of Thrones. More HBO favourites Chernobyl, Westworld, Big Little Lies, Sex and the City, and Succession also join BINGE’s initial line-up. Long-running AMC series The Walking Dead, plus Hulu’s new show Mrs. America, are other impressive selections adding to BINGE’s catalogue of noteworthy shows.

Stream with ease using BINGE’s key features
Stream with ease using BINGE’s key features

BINGE is designed by experts aiming to maximise ease of entertainment by adding practical features that’ll get you to watch more and search less. Here you can discover films and TV shows depending on your mood, preferred themes, moments, and Top 5s. Get to know more about the movies and shows you love via BINGE Centres. Keep your topmost choices tucked away to watch for later through BingeLists. Not sure what to watch? Simply click ‘Binge’ for an excellent suggestion with the Surprise Me! feature. If it’s not for you, just click again to move on to another. It’s that easy.

Compatible on a wide range of devices
Compatible on a wide range of devices

Whether you’re at home or somewhere else, your BINGE access is uninterrupted. Australia’s latest streaming service is compatible on several devices, which include web, mobile apps, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, and Telstra TV. Soon, BINGE will also be available on Smart TVs and gaming consoles. BINGE Basic allows you to stream on 1 device, BINGE Standard on 2 devices, and BINGE Premium on 3 devices. Sign up now and start streaming with a 2-week free trial!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BINGE?

New streaming service, BINGE, is a one-stop-shop for all the best TV and Movie entertainment broadcast across Foxtel’s wide landscape of channels. The concept is simple – a user-friendly platform where you can watch entire seasons of your favourite series, and well as entire franchises from the world of cinema.

  • What will be on BINGE?

BINGE has a huge library of TV shows, movies and documentaries pulled straight from Foxtel’s extensive pool of content, making it the perfect choice for the whole family. As well as hard-hitting drama such as Mrs America and Westworld, you can also watch award-winning docos from National Geographic and The BBC, as well as the best offerings from Nick Jr and The Cartoon Network. 

  • Is Foxtel better than BINGE?

That depends on what you want to watch and how? If you would like to profit by watching your favourite shows and movies on a mobile device, using as little data as possible, then BINGE is ideal. With BINGE you also have the option to cancel your monthly subscription at any time. The benefits of Foxtel includes access to all of Foxtel’s content (Sports, Music, Kids, Entertainment), in full 4K HD with IQ4 Box, but you will need to sign up long term.

  • Is BINGE available on Sony and Samsung TV’s?

BINGE has an Android TV app that works easily with most Sony TVs. However, due to ongoing development, there is no app for Samsung TV yet, but one is on the way. Apps for both iOS and Android tablets and phones let you take BINGE on the go, and you can also Chromecast from those apps to either a stand-alone or built-in Chromecast device. 

  • How does BINGE compare to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Apple TV+ and Stan?

BINGE easily holds its own when compared to the wealth of alternative streaming options available today. Their TV series alone really pack a punch, with some of the best shows from the past 20 years including The Sopranos, Sex And The City and The Wire. Add to that modern classics such as Euphoria, Chernobyl and The Walking Dead and it’s easy to see why BINGE is at least on an even keel with the likes of Netflix and Amazon. BINGE is also home to the biggest HBO shows coming straight from the US which is a huge pull for TV fans.

  • Can I get BINGE with Telstra?

All three monthly payment plans for BINGE, along with their free two-week trial, are available with Telstra. This means that you can easily add BINGE to your Telstra plan so that everything is paid in one, easy place. A Basic plan costs only $10/month which one user can use at any given time, with content streamed in standard definition. A Standard Plan costs $14/month (watch on two screens at once) whilst a Premium Plan will set you back $18/month (four screens at once),  and both have SD and HD options.

BINGE lets you stream movies and shows that matter while introducing new streaming features like no other