The Best TV Shows & Movies to Stream Online in June

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With so many alternative ways to watch and stream TV in Australia, it can be easy to miss out on the best new series, sports and movies when they land. To make it all a little less daunting we have come up with this monthly What’s On TV guide for your consideration, meaning staying up to date with must see content, from all the biggest providers, is now simple and easy.

What are the Top TV Shows to Watch and Stream Online Now?

No matter what category of TV show you’re into, you’ll find plenty to keep you glued to the screen thanks to the vast libraries of shows and sports available with Australia’s streaming providers. Instead of waiting around for something good to turn up on TV, these streaming platforms allow you to choose from a wealth of popular series, movies and live sports events, along with documentaries and kids TV. Check out some of the best shows available right now below:

ProviderMovie / ShowInfo 
Telstra TV Box Office1917Award-winning war epicGo to Site
KayoUFCUFC will stage 3 live events on May in FloridaGo to Site
hayuThe Real Housewives of AtlantaSeason 12 showing on hayuGo to Site
FoxtelMrs AmericaWatch new episodes on FoxtelGo to Site
NetflixTiger KingWatch all seasons on NetflixGo to Site
StanFirst Wives ClubSeason 1 streaming on Stan

The New Telstra Plus™ Rewards Program

Earn points when you pay your bills on your Telstra subscription and get access to membership benefits, which includes up to 3 months free Kayo sports, 6 months free Stan, and so much more.

New on Telstra TV Box Office

Designed to give you the freedom to rent or buy movies whenever it suits you – without any membership fee – Telstra TV Box Office offers some of the most-wanted movies and shows available, many of them not yet available from conventional streaming services. With a library of movies and shows that’s growing larger every week, there’s always something that’ll pique your interest, from TV’s most acclaimed shows to cinema’s latest releases.



This award-winning war epic from Sam Mendes has gained huge critical acclaim around the world since its release earlier in the year. It may be set during the first world war, but it is packed full of modern cinematic techniques that bring a level of action to the screen that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Mendes’ own grandfather actually fought in the trenches, and parts of the film are based on his experiences.

Start streaming this movie instantly on
Telstra TV Box Office.

Also Streaming on Telstra TV Box Office

New on Kayo Sports

A streaming platform built from the ground up entirely for streaming live and on-demand sports, Kayo delivers the very best of premium competition from Australia and around the world in crisp full high definition. With over 50 sports available to stream live, an array of innovative features that enhance the streaming experience and a library of extra content including documentaries, Kayo is a must for anyone who loves their sport.



The UFC will stage three live events in May from a fan-free base in Florida, much to the delight of fight fans. Stream it all live and on-demand with Kayo Sports’ 14 day free trial offer.

Live sport returns – watch NRL, AFL, German Bundesliga, UFC, V8 Supercars & more w/ Kayo’s FREE 14-day trial!

Also Streaming on Kayo Sports

New on hayu

When it comes to reality TV, hayu wins hands down. With over 3,000 episodes of reality TV, including some of the most popular shows on the planet fast-tracked from the US, you’re well served with your daily dose of explosive shows. Join hayu today and get an exciting peek into the lives of your favourite reality stars.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The ladies of Atlanta just keep getting more and more divine with each new season! With babies, beef, and boy trouble all on tap this season, it’s no wonder Kenya Moore — who makes her triumphant return in the new season of RHOA after stepping away from the series after season 10 — says to “Hold on to your weaves” and warns that there are “a few reals and a few snakes”.

Start streaming your favourite reality shows with hayu’s 30-day free trial.

Streaming on hayu

New on Foxtel & Foxtel Now

With dozens of channels covering everything from premium drama to a world of movies and an avalanche of sport, Foxtel delivers the best in entertainment. As well as its acclaimed original shows you’ll find the hottest new drama and comedy straight from the US and the UK. You can get access to the world’s best TV and bundle it with your broadband and phone services with Foxtel From Telstra – or alternatively, Foxtel Now offers almost the same lineup of shows delivered via streaming, so you can watch even when you’re out and about.

Mrs America

During the 1970s a battle line was drawn in the USA between staunch conservatives and liberals over many women’s rights, including marital rape and abortion. The heavily conservative view was led by Phyllis Schlafly (played by Blanchett), an anti-feminist, campaigner and devout Christian who believed women should know their place. Watch new episodes only on Foxtel.

Foxtel Now

Instantly stream all your entertainment on your favourite devices

Stream the world’s best dramas, sport and Hollywood blockbusters. No installation, no lock-in contract.

Also Streaming on Foxtel and Foxtel Now

New on Binge

If you like long sessions in front of some of the best shows around, then you’ll love Australia’s newest streaming service, BINGE. BINGE is offering a 14 day free trial for new customers and will show all seasons and episodes of shows such as Big Little Lies, Euphoria, Westworld Outlander and many, many more… You can stream your favourite shows using compatible mobile devices such select PC and Macs, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple and Telstra TV, Google Chromecast, as well as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. BINGE has no lock-in contract or equipment fees, which means you can cancel anytime if you’re no longer using it.

Deadwater Fell

Doctor Kendrick is happy and content with his life. He lives in the perfect village, with the perfect wife, and together they have two perfect children. But suddenly something terrible happens. Something that will completely change his life forever, making the police question if he has been responsible for the deaths of those closest to him.

Try BINGE for 2 weeks FREE!

Stream a huge selection of new and classic TV shows, movies, and documentaries from the likes of HBO, BBC, FX, Cartoon Network and many more…

Also Streaming on Binge

New on Netflix

The biggest streaming service in the world, Netflix has become a network in its own right, producing dozens of high-quality original TV shows and movies that are all available to stream whenever and wherever you like. As well as their original productions, Netflix has thousands of other shows, movies, and documentaries in a library that’s constantly changing and evolving, so there’s always something new to watch.

Tiger King

Tiger King

When real life is far stranger than fiction it makes for truly compelling viewing. Tiger King is just that, a mesmerising docuseries about Joe Exotic, a zoo owner in the United States who takes a particular dislike to an animal activist who accuses him of mistreating his man eating collection of big cats. There are so many twists, turns, and odd situations that it will be difficult to keep your jaw off the ground during every episode. Check it out now on Netflix. Watch all seasons, only on Netflix.

Get Netflix through your Telstra customer account. Add it today and manage your monthly payment through your Telstra account.

Also Streaming on Netflix

New on Stan

Unique to Australia and a vital part of the streaming world for over a million subscribers, Stan brings together some of the most innovative and exciting premium TV from the US, England and around the world – and a massive collection of movies of all kinds, including plenty of Aussie films and world movies. Stan’s exclusive deals with Showtime, Paramount and others make sure there’s plenty of stuff to watch that you can’t get anywhere else.

First Wives Club

First Wives Club

Based on the Rober Harling film of the same name, new U.S comedy First Wives Club is set in New York City and follows the stories of Ari, Bree and Hazel. All three have bonded after going through tough divorces, and ultimately find strength in each other whilst seeking revenge against their former husbands. Tune in for season 1, only on Stan.

Also Streaming on Stan

What Other Streaming TV Services Are There?

There’s plenty of other streaming platforms that have a lot to offer – and more on the way from the likes of Disney and Apple. Never before have viewers had such a vast range of choice in what to watch, or such a high quality range of content to pick from. It’s up to you to take advantage — and since most of the streaming providers in Australia don’t lock customers into long contracts and with the first 30 days free, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

Streaming TV & Movies Plans

  • New customers: 14 day free trial
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Watch on 2 devices concurrently
  • 15,000+ hrs of on-demand sport – new content daily
$25/month after 14 days free trial; no lock-in contracts.

Essentials pack
  • Drama Extra, Kids & Docos
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • 25+ channels: Lifestyle, Drama, Comedy, Entertainment & more
  • 20+ channels of premium drama, kids, & documentaries
Min Cost - $25 over 1 month

  • New customers: 14 day free trial
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Stream in SD on a single device
  • 10,000+ hrs of the best shows
Min Cost - $10/month after 14 days free trial

Pay Per View
  • No Subscription Fee
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Latest releases from the cinema
  • Huge library of movies & tv shows
$/ days
You can only purchase TV shows, not rent them.
Min Cost - Depending on title

Monthly Subscription
  • 30-day free trial
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • New docos added weekly
  • Watch on your TV with Chromecast and AirPlay
$6.95/month after 30 days free trial

Last audited 13 May 2020


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