Kayo Adds New Features for A More Interactive Streaming Experience

Kayo prides in its consistency to improve user experience. That’s why finding specific content in the sports streaming platform is now feasible with the new Search feature. Just type in what you want to watch and that’ll lead you straight to it. Kayo’s Search function is now available on web and will soon be rolled out across eligible devices. 

Kayo has since established its place in the streaming world as one that delivers over 50 sports, live and on-demand. But the service offers more than just sports. It also boasts a wide assortment of entertainment shows, news, and documentaries. As such, the Search function is added so it’ll be easier for users to navigate from one content to the next, according to their preference. 

Kayo Key Features

Apart from the new Search feature, there’s several that have been upgraded. Here’s the details for each.

Interactive Stats

Kayo have also introduced Interactive Stats. It highly improves the viewers’ sports streaming experience by providing live analysis and key statistics. Interactive Stats is delivered with supporting graphics for some of the biggest sports, allowing the fans to delve further into the game. 

SplitView and Key Moments

From the get-go, Kayo offers notable functions that allow Aussies to enjoy their favourite sports like never before. While sports are already fun and intense on their own, the right features can even make them more so. SplitView, for instance, lets users stream up to four games simultaneously on selected devices. Key Moments highlights the best moments in real-time, which always generates more enthusiasm among fans. 

No Spoilers

No Spoilers, meanwhile, ensures that customers can only see the scores when they want to and Kayo Minis delivers condensed replays so that fans who miss the full game are still in the loop. Moreover, customers can appreciate their favourite sports on a new physical perspective by watching multiple camera feeds on demand, even on the same screen, available on select games. 

Stream Kayo Live and On Demand

Over 50 sports are currently available for streaming when you join Kayo, including AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket and Motorsports. Catch your favourite sports live and watch them with more ease using Kayo’s game changing features. The streaming service’s on demand content also guarantees that you can watch your preferred content in your own time, wherever you are. 


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