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Some events are just too big to be confined to a slot on a busy TV schedule – in fact, some events are outright must-see occasions that bring some of the most-wanted competitors into your living room live and direct as the action happens – events that would normally mean you’d have to jump on a plane and fly half way around the world to be part of the adrenaline-fuelled action.The Main Event channel gives dedicated fans a front row seat to the big-ticket occasions you simply won’t see on regular TV.

What’s in this Guide?

What is Main Event?

Main Event is Australia’s source for the biggest live boxing, UFC and WWE, as well as other top pay per view events. Previously, to access Main Event you needed to be a subscriber of Foxtel or Optus TV featuring Foxtel. But now the channel is exclusively available from Foxtel and Kayo Sports.

When ordering Main Event you need never miss a minute of the action as it‘s brought to you live, accessible in high definition (HD) and completely free of any advertising. Every history-making moment is delivered right to the best seat in the stadium, your home.

What Content Does Main Event Have?

As well as the biggest fights in UFC, boxing and WWE, Main Event also gives to the chance to watch live concerts and other forms of must-see live entertainment. As Main Event deals exclusively with pay per view events, it is free of advertising so that you don’t miss a moment, as if you were in attendance. Here are just some of the big events previously shown or upcoming on Main Event.

  • Parker v Fa
  • McGregor Poirier 2
  • All-Star Fight Night
  • UFC 258 Usman v Burns
  • WWE Wrestle Mania
  • Tszyu v Morgan

If you would like to access Main Event with a Foxtel iQ3 or iQ4 box, press the Home button on your remote control, navigate to “Store” then “Main Event”. From there you can choose the event you want to order – or rent access to a range of events from the Vault, featuring key clashes from UFC, WWE and boxing.

If you aren’t a Foxtel subscriber yet, you might like to try Kayo Sports, where you can make a one-off payment to stream Main Event fights on a wide range of devices, from your home TV to your mobile or tablet. Simply head over to Kayo, select the event you want to watch (such as the upcoming UFC Fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier), and pay. You don’t even need a Kayo subscription – but you get full access to all of Kayo for the duration of your event!


Watch Main Event with Foxtel

Gain access to every Pay-Per-View Main Event, including the upcoming heavyweight Boxing encounter between Joseph Parker and Junior Fa – with Foxtel!

Stream the Prelims Live and Free

If you subscribe to Foxtel and have access to the Fox Sports channel pack, you have the option to stream the UFC and boxing prelims free via the Foxtel Go mobile app. But if you want to check out what you could have access to before you sign on the dotted line and get yourself a Foxtel subscription, you can try out Foxtel Now for 10 days completely free – with access to live streaming of all channels for the duration!

You can also get all of the same free access with Kayo’s 14 day trial. That’s all of the UFC prelims and big night boxing under cards free. With Kayo you have access to over 50 sports, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How Early Should You Order an Event?

The Main Event call centre recommends that new Foxtel subscribers order early. You can do so by using the click to call number provided above, via your Foxtel My Account page, through the My Foxtel app for iOS and Android, or using your remote if you have an internet-enabled iQ set-top box.

Can I Get Main Event Without Foxtel?

Yes! You can now watch and stream pay per view events via Main Event on Kayo. Some of the biggest combat sports bouts appear regularly on Main Event, a channel that was previously exclusive to Foxtel customers. You can get access to World Title Boxing, WWE, the upcoming big-ticket UFC bout between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor on Sunday, January 24th, as well as other special one-off events.

With Kayo, it’s as simple as heading to their Main Event page and paying the one-off price for the event you want to watch; you then have access to that event for the entire length of time specified, as well as full access to all the rest of Kayo so you can get a taste of sports streaming done right!

Kayo Sports

Stream Main Event PPVs via Kayo Sports

Watch and Stream Main Event PPVs Live via the Kayo Sports app. No Kayo Sports account required. Each separate card is charged as PPV.

What Devices are Eligible?

Check out the complete list of eligible Foxtel Now devices below:

Contact Foxtel Customer Service

If you need to get in touch with Foxtel customer service with any questions about Main Event or the Foxtel service in general, you can ring 131 999 for the price of a local call. Technical support is available from 7.30am to midnight, seven days a week, while for channel pack questions and changes, call between 9am and 9pm weekdays or 10am-8pm on weekends. If you’ve got any questions about your account, billing or your Main Event orders, call 1300 760 579 any time between 9am and 7pm Monday to Saturday.

Main Event Review: Is it Right for me?

For over two decades, Main Event has been broadcasting some of the biggest sporting events from around the globe directly into the living rooms of Australian sports fans.

What People are Asking about Main Event

  • How Do I Get Main Event Without Foxtel?

Since its launch over two decades ago, access to Main Event has always required access to Foxtel (or, in earlier years, Optus Vision and Austar). But with the huge success of Kayo at delivering high definition live and on-demand sports coverage via streaming, it made sense for Main Event to join forces with Kayo to deliver the same premium events to a streaming audience. A subscription to Kayo is not required, and you’ll have access to all of Kayo during the access window for your event. It makes it easier than ever to get a bunch of friends together to watch the big fight in the comfort of your lounge room.

  • Is Main Event on Kayo?

Yes it is! Kayo did a test of hosting a Main Event boxing showdown earlier in 2020, and it was a big enough success that Kayo will now be another way of accessing all events on the channel, at the same price you’d pay to buy it on Foxtel. The main differences with Kayo are potentially better picture quality, and the ability to stream the event on demand after it’s over without having to record it or wait for a rebroadcast.

  • What Is Main Event?

Launched not long after Foxtel’s arrival, Main Event is Australia’s only pay-per-view broadcast channel, and has been delivering premium events ranging from boxing, wrestling and UFC to music concerts on a pay-to-access basis for over 20 years. You pay a one-time fee to access the event, after which you can watch it live and either record it to watch again later during your access time (on Foxtel) or stream it on-demand for that same length of time (on Kayo). All the sports and other events on Main Event are exclusive to the channel and can’t be seen anywhere else.

  • How Much is Main Event on Foxtel?

The price of any individual event varies – from around $20 to $30 for events like WWE wrestling, through to around $50-60 for the big boxing meets. Each event is a one-time payment and your access ends once the date range for the event does (you’ll be given the access dates on the page where you buy the event). The pricing is the same on both Foxtel and Kayo.

  • Is UFC Live on Kayo?

Yes – but only limited events or previews of them are available to stream as part of the standard Kayo subscription. The big-ticket events sometimes also show up on regular Kayo, but Main Event broadcasts the headline ones. When those happen, they’ll be accessible via your existing Kayo account by paying the Main Event ticket price, so you won’t miss out on the action.

  • Is Kayo the Same as Foxtel?

While Kayo is part of the Foxtel group of companies, it’s run separately and works very differently. While Foxtel and its streaming counterpart Foxtel Now work like regular TV – with a range of live channels to choose from, and catch-up streaming for stuff you missed – Kayo is a full streaming service, where you access live and on-demand coverage by sport, rather than channel. Kayo also has many enhanced streaming features that Foxtel can’t match, including the ability to watch multiple sports on the screen at one time.

  • Is the Main Event Cost on Kayo and Foxtel the Same?

At the moment, you’ll pay exactly the same for Main Event fixtures, regardless of whether you want to watch on Foxtel or Kayo. It’s worth mentioning, though, that to access Main Event on Foxtel you need a basic Foxtel subscription active – while with Kayo, you don’t need a subscription at all. That makes Kayo a better choice if you don’t already have Foxtel installed. But if you’ve already got Foxtel, that might be the more convenient way to watch a Main Event because there’s no need to worry about streaming.

  • Does Main Event Give Access to all of Kayo?

If you’re not already a Kayo subscriber, you’ll need to create a free Kayo account to buy a Main Event – but once you’ve paid for the event, you’ll have full access to all of Kayo Sports – all the live sports streams, and all on-demand content. That access continues until several days after your event has finished.

  • How Do You Watch Main Event on Kayo on a TV?

Whether it’s Main Event or Kayo’s huge range of other sports, the best way to stream it is by using a streaming device that has a Kayo app available. Apple TV, Telstra TV and Chromecast with Google TV are all great choices. Alternatively, you can cast the stream from your phone or tablet with a Chromecast Ultra on your TV, or use the built-in Kayo app on recent Samsung smart TVs and Sony Android TVs.

  • Can You Watch Main Event with Foxtel Go?

Yes – once you’ve paid for access to the event, you’ll be able to stream it via the Foxtel Go app on your phone or tablet wherever you are, as well as via the Foxtel website on your laptop or desktop PC or Mac.

  • Does Buying a Main Event on Foxtel Give Access to Kayo?

No – you’ll need to buy the event from Kayo’s own Main Even page if you’d prefer the extra streaming access that Kayo grants you during the event period. The price is the same as Foxtel’s, so pick the one that works better for you – easy access via broadcast on Foxtel, or extra streaming options on Kayo.

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