How Much Does Kayo Sports Cost?

Kayo Sports Cost and Features list

When it comes to live sports streaming, nobody does it better than Kayo. With a choice of over 50 sports from around the world, including NRL, AFL and ICC Cricket, it’s the best place to watch Australia’s most popular sporting events, whether you’re at home or on the road. 

As the service has only been available since November 2018, some folks are still unsure as to how it works, how much it costs and what all the fuss is about? Here we’re going to answer those questions and more so that sports fans around Australia don’t miss out on this revolution in live sports streaming.  

How Much Does Kayo Sports Cost?

There are two options when considering a Kayo Sports subscription. Both packages have all the same sports and features, the only difference is the number of screens or devices you can access at any given time.  

Basic Package

$25 per month. Available on up to two devices at the same time. Over 50 sports available live and on-demand including Fox Sports, ESPN Australia and beIN Sports. You’re also free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Premium Package 

$35 per month. Available on up to three devices at the same time. Over 50 sports available live and on-demand including Fox Sports, ESPN Australia and beIN Sports. You’re also free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Sign up to Kayo’s FREE 14 day trial offer

Live sport returns to Kayo, with every game and every round from the NRL and AFL, action from the Super Rugby, UFC and V8 Supercars – all available on Kayo’s 14 day trial.

Telstra customers: Get Kayo from Telstra w/ an internet plan at only $15/mth for 12 mths.​

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What do I get in the Kayo Sports packages?

Both packages come with a range of fantastic features that enhance your viewing experience in a way never seen before. But don’t just take our word for it, check them all out for yourself with Kayo’s 14 day free trial. Simply choose the package that best suits you and receive instant access to all the best sports and features on your favourite devices. 

  • SplitView – Stream up to 4 games at once in real-time.
  • Key Moments – Jump straight to the events that changed the course of the game.
  • Kayo MinisBite sized replays bringing you all the action in a few minutes.
  • Interactive Graphics – Get detailed insight into the game with exclusive statistics.
  • No Spoilers! – Hides all scores so you can stream a replay as if it were happening live.
  • Search – Type in what you’re looking for and go straight to your favourite sports.
  • Interactive StatsGet live analysis and key stats on the biggest sports.
  • On-demand – Match replays, popular sport docos and other shows whenever and wherever.
  • Multiple Cameras – Watch multiple different camera feeds on demand, even on the same screen, with select events. 

What Sports are available on Kayo

With so many sports to choose from, you’re literally spoilt for choice on Kayo, as national and international events, games and tournaments take place around the clock, 365 days a year. Here are some of the most popular sports that you won’t want to miss. 


You can catch every match of every round live of the AFL, along with selected finals games live and on demand, from March through to September. There’s also exclusive coverage of the AFLW, with the female league rapidly expanding and growing in popularity year-on-year. So if you want streaming access to Australia’s most popular game, including expert analysis and post-match programming, Kayo is the place to be.    


Kayo is the official home for streaming everything league, showing every round game live, along with selected finals games both live and on-demand. You can also catch delayed coverage from all three State Of Origin head-to-heads. Add to this coverage of the Canterbury Cup, the NRL State Championship and the English Super League, and we start to see why league fans shouldn’t be a without Kayo subscription.  

ICC International Cricket

Catch all of the world’s biggest international Tests, ODIs and T20 matches involving Australia, New Zealand, England, India and South Africa this summer. There’s also live coverage of the Indian Premier League, the world’s biggest and most lucrative T20 tournament, featuring the best players from all corners of the globe for six weeks of boundary-smashing cricket.   

Rugby Union

The best place in Australia to watch all things Union, Kayo features comprehensive coverage of all the biggest competitions in the 15 man game. From the Rugby Championship and Super Rugby to the Bledisloe Cup and the Rugby World Cup – If it’s happening in the world of Rugby – you can watch it with Kayo!    


Kayo is the undisputed home of International soccer. From La Liga and Ligue 1 to Serie A and Bundesliga, you can catch the best players in the world performing every week. Add to that the English FA Cup, featuring every Premier League team, the Hyundai A League and Major League Soccer – and you can see why football fans have plenty to cheer about.  

What Devices is Kayo available on?

The great news is that Kayo is available to watch and stream on a wide range of TV devices, home computers, smartphones and tablets with even more to be added soon. 

Please note – data and internet charges may apply.  

How to sign up to Kayo

Signing up to Kayo Sports is super easy. Simply head to their subscriptions page, choose the package that suits you then create an account with your personal email address. Most major credit cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard and Amex. 

If you are a Telstra TV customer, you can pay directly through your Telstra TV account. This option is only available to new Kayo customers. You can also subscribe to Kayo Sports on Apple TV, Macs and iOS devices directly through the Apple App Store.

Get in contact with kayo

If you have any questions regarding Kayo Sports or require information that hasn’t been covered here, you can contact them directly by Live Chat or email. There’s also a great Troubleshoot section on their site that offers guidance if you’re need some help getting the best out of their range of features.

Kayo Sports Review

Kayo Sports has quickly established itself as the number one sports streaming service in Australia thanks to its ease of use, range of sports and unrivalled features. Ideal for watching events wherever you may be, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of the action, it’s a must for every serious sports fan. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Kayo Sports

  • Who Owns Kayo Sports?

A company called Streamotion owns and operates Kayo, which is why you’ll occasionally see references to things like creating and managing your Streamotion account. Streamotion is a full-owned division of the Foxtel group of companies, which is how Kayo gets access to all the content from Fox Sports.

  • How Much Does Kayo Cost?

The pricing for Kayo Sports is kept very simple and straightforward. It’s either $25/month for Basic (which allows streaming on up to 2 screens at one time) or $35/month for Premium (3 screens at a time). Telstra mobile customers who choose to add Kayo to their bill can get a $10/month discount off either of those plans for the first 12 months.

  • How Much Data Does Kayo Use?

While the exact amount of data you’ll use while streaming Kayo varies depending on what you’re watching and whether you’re using any of the special features (especially Split View) in general you should expect data usage to average around 3.25GB per hour. If you want to limit your data usage, you can set Kayo to stream in Standard Definition, which takes data usage down to 0.5GB per hour.

  • What Sports are on Kayo?

Thanks to its access to the full resources of Fox Sports as well as ESPN and beIN Sports, Kayo delivers over 30 sporting codes featuring multiple different leagues and competitions from Australia and around the world. If there’s a sport you follow, you’re almost certainly going to find it on Kayo. The 14-day free trial lets you check out the range of sports for yourself without spending a cent.

  • Does Kayo Work Overseas?

Because Kayo is the Australian licensee of the various sports that it streams from Australia and around the world, the service can’t be used from outside of Australia, even if you’re an Australian customer who’s travelling. Using a VPN to access Kayo from overseas is also not supported. Remember that as there’s no lock-in contract, you can pause your Kayo subscription if you’re heading overseas and seamlessly resume it when you return.

  • Can You Get Kayo on PS4?

With a user base of nearly 3 million Australians, PlayStation 4 is a hugely popular device not just for games, but also for streaming video. Kayo is well aware of that, and has been working on a PS4 app for Kayo which is expected to be released before the end of 2020.

  • How Do You Get Kayo on Apple TV?

The versatile Apple TV is one of Kayo’s best-supported devices, and accessing Kayo on it is as easy as heading to the App Store app on the Apple TV itself. If you then move over to the “Apps” tab, you’ll see a list of the top free apps. Find the green Kayo logo in that list, click on it, and select “INSTALL”. You then just need to run the app from the Apple TV’s main menu and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

  • How Many Devices Can I Use with Kayo?

You can have as many compatible devices as you like set up to access your Kayo account, but the amount of them that can access Kayo at the same time depends on which Kayo plan you’re on. For Basic plan users, up to 2 devices can stream at one time; the Premium plan increases that to 3 at once.

  • How Do You Get Kayo on a Samsung TV?

The Kayo app for Samsung smart TVs works on all smart Samsung models released in 2017 and later. You can find it by pressing the Smart Hub button on your TV remote, then heading to the Samsung Apps tab. Find the green Kayo app icon and select Download Now. The Kayo app will then be added to your Smart Hub menu.

  • Does Kayo Have the Main Event Channel?

No – the Main Event programs seen on Foxtel are “pay per view” events that require an extra payment to watch, something that doesn’t work with the simple monthly subscription that Kayo costs.

  • Can You Record Kayo?

No – as a streaming service, Kayo doesn’t offer a recording feature at all. But it doesn’t need to, since all sports streamed by Kayo can be watched live, on delay “as live” or watched any time after the event has finished, complete with extra features for many sporting codes. On-demand replays are generally available for several weeks after the event, though how long depends on the particular sport.

  • Can You Get Kayo on Fetch TV or Xbox One?

Not at this stage; there have been plans mentioned to bring Kayo to Xbox One but at the moment, no time frame has been given for an app for that game console. For Fetch TV it’s unlikely there’ll ever be a Kayo app.

  • Can You Get Kayo on a LG Smart TV?

There’s no Kayo app for LG smart TVs just yet, though it’s possible there will be in the future. In the meantime, the best option for LG owners would be a dedicated streaming device that supports Kayo, such as the Telstra TV, the Apple TV 4 or Google’s Chromecast.

  • Does Kayo Have a TV Guide?

Because it’s designed to be used as a service focused on sporting codes and events rather than a TV schedule, Kayo doesn’t have a regular TV guide even though it offers some live channels. Instead, there’s a “Fixtures” menu which lays out what games are on when, code-by-code, making it easy to jump straight to what you want to watch.

  • How Can I Get Kayo Sports for Free?

Aside from the free 14-day trial which gives you access to all of Kayo Sports for free, you can actually access free months of Kayo if you’re a Telstra Plus member on the Silver or Gold tiers. Silver members get one month free, while Gold members get a full three free months of full Kayo access. Check your Telstra account page for details.

  • How Do I Cancel Kayo?

If you’re done with Kayo and want to cancel, head onto the Kayo web site and make sure you’re signed in. Click the menu icon at the top right, then click on “My Account”. Scroll to the bottom of that menu and click “Cancel Subscription,” then follow the prompts.


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