2018 MotoGP Live Stream and Australia Free to Air TV Fixtures

MotoGP Grand Prix racing free to air TV fixtures list
The most popular motorcycle racing season in the world has entered its final weekend, with nineteen exciting fixtures on this year’s MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 calendar, to include the season-opener in Qatar and the closing event in Valencia. Marc Marquez entered the season the defending title-holder and secured his fifth MotoGP Riders’ Championship during the Japanese Grand Prix, but there’s plenty of excitement with veterans Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso looking to take the second spot in the standings, and you won’t miss a minute when Streaming the action live to a mobile device using the information below.

2018 MotoGP Grand Prix Preview

The MotoGP World Championship travels five continents and draws a global television audience in the tens of millions, and every MotoGP Grand Prix promises something different. A total of nineteen fixtures are stacked across this year’s calendar, starting with the season opener in the desert heat of Qatar in late March, continuing to the scenic mountains of Austria in August and a trip to Thailand in early October for the newest addition, and concluding with the sandy beaches of Catalonia Spain in mid November.

Spain’s Marc Marquez entered the new season the defending Rider’s Champion, winning his fourth MotoGP World title in the very last race of the season, when Andrea Dovizioso failed to overcome the twenty-one points that separated the pair. Marquez earned back-to-back titles for the second time in his career, and this season he became the first to score a three-peat since Valentino Rossi accomplished the trick more than a decade ago. As for who will finish second, it’s shaping up to be a ripper between veterans Andrea Dovizioso and Valentino Rossi himself, with just a few points separating the pair and no margin for error.

MotoGP on TV in Australia

Here in 2018, Fox Sports has live coverage of All MotoGP category races (Moto2, Moto3), including practice and qualifying sessions, across every supported Foxtel platform. Fox Sports will also offer all 19 MotoGP World Championship events LIVE, in HD, with no ad-breaks from lights out to the chequered flag. This includes every practice, qualifying and Grand Prix race, with expert commentary, as well as the most comprehensive pre-race and post-race analysis, right up until the MotoGP Grand Prix of Valencia (Nov 18).

Valencia Spain MotoGP 2018

When: November 16-18, 2018
Where: Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Spain

The MotoGP Free to air coverage on Channel One is limited to the MotoGP Grand Prix races themselves, for a total of ninety minutes of Live action for each fixture on the 2018 calendar. The Channel One coverage does not include Moto2, Moto3, or the ultra-important MotoGP practices and qualifying sessions. The lone exception is the MotoGP of Australia (October 28), for which Channel One will televise both the Qualifying race and Grand Prix live.

Live Valencia MotoGP TV Times

Day 3 – Sunday 18 November (Day 1 & 2 shown below)

Moto3 warm-up: 6.40pm (Fox Sports 6)
Moto2 warm-up: 7.10pm (Fox Sports 6)
Valencia GP warm-up: 7.40pm (Fox Sports 6)
Moto3: 9.00pm-10.05pm (Fox Sports 6)
Moto2: 10.20pm-11.30pm (Fox Sports 6)
Valencia GP: 11.55pm-1.15am (Fox Sports 6)

Shown as Sydney Australia time, adjust for regional differences. Full DAY 1 and DAY 2 LIVE TV fixtures listed below display. MotoGP Grand Prix replays available on Fox Sports following the LIVE events.

Watch or Stream MotoGP Live

All nineteen MotoGP racing weekends including the 2018 Valencia Spain MotoGP at the Ricardo Toma Circuit will be broadcast on Fox Sports of Australia, to include every practice session, qualifier and the Grand Prix itself, televised live online in Australia, with High Definition to enhance your viewing.

So if you’re a resident of Australia you may wish to check out the Foxtel from Telstra Sports combo. With the Sports combo you can watch every MotoGP Championship live, and if for any reason you have to be out and about you can stream the Valencia MotoGP free using the Foxtel Go app within minutes of setting up.

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2018 Valencia MotoGP Live TV (Sydney time)

Day 1 – Friday 16 November

Moto3 practice: 7.00pm (Fox Sports 6)
Moto2 practice: 7.55pm (Fox Sports 6)
Valencia GP practice: 8.55pm (Fox Sports 6)
Moto3 practice: 10.10pm (Fox Sports 6)
Moto2 practice: 11.10pm (Fox Sports 6)
Valencia GP practice: 11.55pm (Fox Sports 6)
Moto2 practice: 1.05am Saturday (Fox Sports 6)

Day 2 – Saturday 17 November

Moto3 practice: 7.00pm (Fox Sports 6)
Valencia GP practice: 7.55pm (Fox Sports 6)
Moto2 practice: 8.55pm (Fox Sports 6)
Moto3 qualifying: 10.35pm (Fox Sports 6)
Valencia GP practice: 11.30pm (Fox Sports 6)
Valencia GP qualifying: 12.10am Sunday (Fox Sports 6)
Valencia GP qualifying: 12.35am Sunday (Fox Sports 6)
Moto2 qualifying: 1.05am Sunday (Fox Sports 6)

2018 MotoGP Australian TV Fixtures

Take advantage of the Foxtel Now from Telstra Sports Combo so you only need to pay for the sport you wish to see, and watch your favourite MotoGP racing Live online. The 2018 MotoGP TV fixtures that are listed on Free to Air are limited to ninety minutes of live broadcasting on channel ONE, with the lone exception being Australia’s Phillip Island MotoGP in October.

19 March: MotoGP Grand Prix Qatar (3am) – LIVE Fox Sports
09 April: MotoGP Grand Prix Argentina (4am) – LIVE Fox Sports
23 April: MotoGP Grand Prix Americas (5am) – LIVE Fox Sports
06 May: MotoGP Grand Prix Spain (10pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
20 May: MotoGP Grand Prix France (10pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
03 June: MotoGP Grand Prix Italy (10pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
17 June: MotoGP Grand Prix Catalunya (10pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
1 July: MotoGP Grand Prix Netherlands (9pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
15 July: MotoGP Grand Prix Germany (10pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
05 August: MotoGP Grand Prix Czech (10pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
12 August: MotoGP Grand Prix Austria (10pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
26 August: MotoGP Grand Prix Great Britain (11pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
07 September: MotoGP Grand Prix San Marino (10pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
23 September: MotoGP Grand Prix Aragon (10pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
07 October: MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix (6pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
21 October: MotoGP Grand Prix Japan (4pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
28 October: MotoGP Grand Prix Australia (3pm) – LIVE: ONE/Fox Sports
04 November: MotoGP Grand Prix Malaysia (5pm) – LIVE Fox Sports
18 November: MotoGP Grand Prix Valencia (11pm) – LIVE Fox Sports