Formula one Australian TV timesThe 2017 Grand Prix racing season is sure to be one of the best yet, with the most ever live viewing opportunities for Australian audiences, televising every practice run, qualifying session and championship race including the Singapore Grand Prix (September 15 – 17) live from the Sepang circuit.

Best of all you won’t miss a minute of the action using a standard or HD television, as well as with live internet and mobile streaming options through a Free Trial.

Live F1 TV Coverage

Under the current broadcasting agreement, Australian F1 fans will be able to enjoy live television access to all twenty Grand Prix fixtures in HD and through mobile, resulting from an unprecedented union between Channel 10 and Fox Sports here in 2017. An agreement both sides saluted as “the most extensive motorsport broadcast arrangement in history”, allowing for more F1 coverage on Australian TV screens than has ever been experienced before, and ensuring the success of this popular racing circuit, the teams, and the drivers for at least another five years.

Channel Ten: The Free to Air network will continue to show all twenty featured races of the 2017 Grand Prix World Championship on free-to-air, but as seen in the schedule below this page only 10 of the races will be telecast live, and the Singapore Grand Prix is one of them, with the remaining 10 contests to be broadcast as one hour highlights on the Monday night after the race.

Fox Sports: As seen in the Live TV schedule at the bottom of this page, Foxtel will telecast live, and in HD where available, all twenty F1 Grand Prix events, as well as every qualifying race and scheduled practice run. Starting with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne in late March, and finishing the circuit with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix festival in the UAE in late November.

This year’s Grand Prix in Singapore takes on greater significance as it’s not only the fourteenth weekend of the F1 season, it offers local favourite Daniel Ricciardo an opportunity to get his 2017 campaign in high gear with a win or visit to the podium. Ricciardo will look to battle Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and company, as he seeks to contend for a place among the Driver’s Championship after his impressive run last year, and you can watch each practice and qualifying session, as well as the race in HD, ad-break free, on Fox Sports 5.

When: Friday Sept 15 – Sunday Sept 17
Where: Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore

Singapore GP TV Times (Sydney):

Practice 1 – Friday 6.30pm – Fox Sports 5
Practice 2 – Friday 10.30pm – Fox Sports 5
Practice 3 – Saturday 8.00pm – Fox Sports 5
Qualifying – Saturday 11.00pm – Fox Sports 5
Live Pit Lane – Sunday 8.30pm – Fox Sports 5
Grand Prix – Sunday 10.00pm – Ten, Fox Sports 5

Watch F1 Grand Prix replays: Monday 18 September from 12.30pm – 2.30pm (Fox Sports 5) and Wednesday 20 September from 5.00pm – 7.00pm (Fox Sports 5)

Live F1 GP Streaming Options

Each and every Formula One weekend will be broadcast on Fox Sports, and will be available to live stream to eligible mobile devices using Foxtel Go, as well online with Foxtel Now which has no lock-in contract so you can leave or join at your convenience. Best of all, the Foxtel Now free trial is available to both New Users and existing Foxtel Play subscribers.

So while you can watch the F1 Grand Prix Free to Air live ten times here in 2017, Fox Sports will broadcast all twenty exciting weekends Live and in HD, including the Singapore GP (September 15-17) and Malaysian Grand Prix (Sept 29-Oct 1). Foxtel also has the most extensive Live coverage of the V8 Supercars championship (Sandown Sept 15-17), every championship MotoGP race as well as other popular sports, so you may wish to review their latest entertainment packages.

Foxtel Now- 2 Week Free Trial Offer

Watch the Italy GP Live with Foxtel Now – 2 weeks Free Trial Offer

Watch every session and featured race of the Singapore Grand Prix (September 15-17), as well as other sports LIVE online!

2017 Grand Prix Live Australian TV Schedule

March 24-26: Australia GP, (Fox & Ten)
April 7-9: Chinese GP, Shanghai (Fox)
April 14-16: Bahrain GP, Sakir (Fox)
April 28-30: Russian GP, Sochi (Fox & Ten)
May 12-14: Spanish GP, Catalunya, Spain (Fox)
May 25-28: Monaco GP, Monte Carlo (Fox & Ten)
June 9-11: Canadian GP, Montreal (Fox)
June 23-25: European GP, Baku Azerbaijan (Fox & Ten)
July 7-9: Austrian GP, Steiermark (Fox)
July 14-16: British GP, (Fox & Ten)
July 28-30: Hungarian GP, Budapest (Fox)
August 25-27: Belgium GP, (Fox & Ten)
September 1-3: Italian GP (Fox)
September 15-17: Singapore GP (Fox & Ten)
Sept 29 – Oct 1: Malaysian GP (Fox & Ten)
October 6-8: Japanese GP (Fox)
October 20-22: USA GP Austin, (Fox)
October 27-29: Mexican GP (Fox & Ten)
November 10-12: Brazilian GP (Fox)
November 24-26: Abu Dhabi GP (Fox & Ten)

In addition to great motorsport action, Fox Sports (Foxtel) is home to every NRL match shown Live until the grand final, every game in every round including AFL Free to air matches shown Live until the grand final, every MotoGP racing championship and much more!

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  1. adam March 1, 2017 at 3:15 pm - Reply

    tell me why foxtel i would pay to see f1 events, yes u can have the rights to it but it should be available to free tv, as well, im not being locked into a contract with foxtel again, when you repeat the same things for 6 months

    • Steve Johnson March 9, 2017 at 4:11 pm - Reply

      Hi Adam,

      You can try the Foxtel Play 2 weeks free trial found on the page if you have an eligible device and want to give it a test drive.

      As for the benefits, you can also pause Foxtel Play any month you don’t use it. This means for the F1 season you have 10 races exclusive to Foxtel, and those 10 races are found across 6 months starting in May.

      The total investment to watch these 10 races, as well as other exclusive sport including every V8 and MotoGP event, would be $50 per month over 6 months, or a total of $300 for the season. At which time you can pause the service until the season starts up again in 2018.


      • Gary July 9, 2017 at 5:15 am - Reply

        Under the current broadcasting agreement, Australian F1 fans will be able to enjoy live television access to all twenty Grand Prix fixtures in HD and through mobile, resulting from an unprecedented union between Channel 10 and Fox Sports here in 2017″

        For some stupid and idiotic reason, channel 10 has totally buggered up live free to air F1 broadcasts.
        Not only that, you only show only 1 hour’s worth of the race in the reply A WHOLE DAY LATE, and then they include a mendacious statement “RELIVE ALL THE ACTION”

        You deny us the option of watching the whole race, so how could we possibly RELIVE ALL THE ACTION when we cannot see ALL the action.

        And what is even worse, when ignorant and unthinking people like you (Steve Johnson) tell us, just spend $300 to watch it on foxtel play instead.
        OK tell me, as a disabled pensioner, how I am supposed to afford the extra $300 when I am struggling just to pay for the basics like food, electricity, et cetera???????? (example – I have a mobile phone, but fortunately I have managed to get a great deal with Amasym and normally my monthly bills are between $0.00 and $1.50)

        10 has even destroyed my enjoyment watching the V8 supercars.
        So I now watch the entire F1 race live elsewhere online for free.

        10’s vacuous and fatuous programming has been rubbish (to put it ever so politely, you do not want to hear the words I really use).

        I rarely watch anything on 10 now and I am not alone.
        It does not take many brain cells to figure out why 10 is running out of money.
        Every single person responsible for the asinine programming schedual, as well as all the imbecilic chief executives, needs to be sacked immediately.
        Especially those morons who thought the brain-dead shows like the cretinous,gogglebox was a good idea.
        And it would not take many brain cells to fix the problem.

        I watch TV to be entertained, not bored to death
        I just hope that whomsoever takes over has a brain on their head.

        • Trent September 3, 2017 at 7:56 pm - Reply

          I heard every word of that and agree fully.
          Channel 10 has rooted the V8 Supercars and F1.
          Cant watch either now when it matters. Chockers full of ads. What a disgrace!!
          I have left the V8 supercars scene completely because of the pathetic coverage.
          Hope these incompetent 10 lose the contract at very next opportunity.

  2. Karen Woolgar April 15, 2017 at 8:25 pm - Reply

    There are many, many people who are unable to watch 1/2 of the GP races because they are not on the free to alr channel. Most of theses people basically can’t afford to purchase packages which would enable them to watch the missing races. Has anybody ever thought that many people are unable to watch their favourite sport due to physical restrictions, eg they are wheelchair bound (quadriplegics), require constant oxygen supplied via a oxygen mask or nasal specs, or may simply not be able to deal with groups of unknown people (for example in a pub). This list goes on and on with aliments or conditions which people have that impedes them to watch their favourite sport. I find it extremely biased that they do not have access to watch all GP races due to factors which are out of their control. Something must be done so that they can watch these events, as in most of these cases they wait for some sort of pleasure/entertainment. This WORLDWIDE sport has been denied to so many people, which I find extremely sad and upsetting.The ability to watch anything that brings one happiness/excitement/something to look forward to can only aid that isolated person towards having a better mental health status. Not to mention to be able to watch with their friends and/or peers. Please reassess the access to the GP watching availability.

  3. Sean Heath April 17, 2017 at 2:19 am - Reply


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