ESPN schedules Live NBA Fixtures with Streaming in 2018

ESPN is all set to bring the magic of the 2018/19 NBA season alive for millions of fans in Australia and New Zealand. This season, ESPN in partnership with Foxtel will once again offer the best NBA television coverage with more than 200 regular season and Playoff games, every event of the All-Star Weekend and every game of the NBA Finals LIVE.

This is way more coverage of the premier global basketball league than Oz has ever experienced before, and is aimed at creating a vibrant NBA presence in the region. In 2018-19, ESPN will telecast the NBA Playoffs to include 12 first round games, 12 Conference semi-final matches and each and every game of the Conference and Championship Finals. Other featured events include:

• 2018 NBA All Star weekend
• Minimum of 5 Live Games weekly
• The traditional Christmas day games (US)
• The 2018 NBA Playoffs and Championship Finals

NBA’s popularity has been steadily growing in Australia and New Zealand with fans asking for more games. ESPN of Australia and New Zealand have conveyed their commitment toward building and growing a strong NBA audience. The current programming deal extends over the 2018 season and is planned to lead on to a nine year multi-platform agreement at a time when there is no NBA Free to air channel in Australia.

So whether you’re a fan of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant’s Golden State Warriors, Lebron James’ LA Lakers, Aussie sensation Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76’s or Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics, you may wish to check out Foxtel Sports package, which includes live streaming options to variety of Mobile devices with Foxtel Go.

NBA 2018 Live on ESPN Australia (AEDT)

Thursday 13 December LIVE: Pelicans v Thunder at 12.15pm
Thursday 13 December LIVE: Warriors v Raptors at 2.35pm
Friday 14 December LIVE: Rockets v Lakers at 12.00pm
Friday 14 December LIVE: Suns v Mavericks at 2.30pm
Saturday 15 December LIVE: 76ers v Pacers at 11.35am
Saturday 15 December LIVE: Nuggets v Thunder at 2.05pm
Sunday 16 December LIVE: Magic v Jazz at 9.00am
Thursday 20 December LIVE: Knicks v Warriors at 1.00pm
Friday 21 December LIVE: Heat v Rockets at 12.00pm
Friday 21 December LIVE: Clippers v Mavericks at 2.30pm
Saturday 22 December LIVE: Celtics v Bucks at 12.10pm
Saturday 22 December LIVE: Lakers v Pelicans at 2.35pm
Sunday 23 December LIVE: 76ers v Raptors at 11.30am
Wednesday 26 December LIVE: Knicks v Bucks at 4.10am
Wednesday 26 December LIVE: Rockets v Thunder at 7.00am
Wednesday 26 December LIVE: Celtics v 76ers at 9.30am
Wednesday 26 December LIVE: Warriors v Lakers at 12.00pm
Wednesday 26 December LIVE: Jazz v Trail Blazers at 2.30pm

Shown as Sydney time, adjust for regional differences. Weekly NBA games not available on free-to-air in Australia.

Watch or Stream the NBA Live

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