Top 10 Shows to Stream on 9Now in July

Channel 9’s catch-up app 9Now is slick, clean, and very user-friendly. Even better, it gives you the chance to catch up with some of your favourite shows completely free. From reality shows like Married at First Sight to acclaimed dramas like Poirot, there’s something on 9Now for everyone.

When it comes to new shows, there are usually only a few episodes available, so the Free to air service is mainly useful if you’ve missed the series for a couple of weeks. But since it’s free, and offers live streaming, we’re not ones to complain. Here are the best shows to stream on 9Now this month.

Which streaming service suits you best?

Still want more TV? We’ve reviewed Australia’s leading streaming providers to help you choose which service would give you the shows you want to stream whenever and wherever. Whether you’re a drama fan, reality TV junkie, or a sports head, there’s a streaming provider ready to cater to your TV needs. For more, check out the video below.

1. Agatha Christie’s Poirot

David Suchet stars as the eponymous detective, Agatha Christie’s fictional Hercule Poirot. Each episode was adapted from a novel or short story by Christie that featured Poirot. Consequently, in each episode, Poirot is both the main detective in charge of the investigation of a crime and the protagonist who is at the centre of most of the episode’s action. Catch up with episodes on 9Now.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A thrilling adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel that keeps you hooked right from the start
  • Details: 13 seasons
  • Genre: Mystery; Crime drama




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2. Tabatha’s Salon Takeover

Tabatha Coffey visits struggling salons and whips the desperate stylists and salon owners into shape. For one week, she confiscates the keys to the establishments and takes over as boss, bringing her unapologetic, brutally honest approach to the salon owners and stylists who are in dire need of her help. Three seasons are available for your binging pleasure.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: Insightful take on the salon business industry
  • Details: 5 seasons, 52 episodes
  • Genre: Reality




3. Tiny House Big Living

Radical downsizing may be a daydream for most people, but there are a lot of struggles associated with living in an itty-bitty home. If you’re eager to learn more about the tiny house real estate market, this show provides a lot of useful tips and tricks.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: Not your typical real estate reality show
  • Details: 7 seasons
  • Genre: Reality




4. Jack Taylor

Old-school detective Jack Taylor is a maverick who lost his job with the Irish police force for assaulting a politician. That leads him to go into work for himself as a private investigator, reluctantly tackling cases that the police won’t look into. Catch up with episodes on 9Now.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: Almost like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes-esque drama
  • Details: 3 seasons, 9 episodes
  • Genre: Crime drama




5. The Bachelor

The show the US is obsessed with is available on 9Now. In Season 22, former Bachelorette contestant Arie Luyendyk Jr. is looking for real, everlasting love. The show was fast-tracked from the US, but you can still catch up with any episodes you might have missed.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: Despite all the public backlash with different scandals and rumours, this one’s still as addicting as it ever was
  • Details: 23 seasons, 242 episodes
  • Genre: Reality dating competition




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6. Dance Moms

This explosive show follows the training and careers of children in dance and show business, as well as the interactions of the instructor and the dancers with their sometimes bickering mothers, to put it lightly. The girls are under the tutelage of Abby Lee Miller, who runs the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh. Episodes from multiple seasons are available to stream.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: Controversial yet highly addicting to watch
  • Details: 7 seasons, 207 episodes
  • Genre: Reality




7. Secret Dealers

Two family homes are visited by three antique dealers looking for items they can sell. When the families return home, they’re faced with choosing between taking the money or keeping their most prized possessions. Now’s the perfect time to catch up with Season 5.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A different kind of game show worth tuning into
  • Details: 5 seasons, 130 episodes
  • Genre: Factual game show




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8. House Husbands

A unique drama that follows the chaotic lives of four families with one thing in common: the dads are in charge of raising the kids. Five seasons are available to stream on 9Now.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A well-paced comedy-drama without going into the realm of childish shenanigans
  • Details: 5 seasons, 58 episodes
  • Genre: Comedy-drama




9. Filthy Rich

Three illegitimate children discover they each have a claim to the fortune of one of NZ’s wealthiest men, John Truebridge. With so much money on the line, John’s legitimate family will do anything to stop these new, unexpected heirs! Season 2 episodes are available for catch-up.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: Of family fortunes and drama
  • Details: 2 seasons, 34 episodes
  • Genre: Drama




Stream this show instantly on 10 All Access with 1-month FREE trial.

10. Married at First Sight

Australia’s most controversial social experiment is more addictive than ever. After being matched by three relationship experts, strangers looking for love meet their partners for the first time at the altar in the quest to find true happiness.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A highly addicting dating series that will keep you guessing
  • Details: 6 seasons, 135 episodes
  • Genre: Reality dating




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