Paramount Plus Free Trial

Paramount Plus Free Trial

Replacing 10 All Access, Paramount Plus joins Australia’s already busy streaming landscape with over 20,000 hours of TV shows and movies from entertainment giants Network 10 and ViacomCBS. This includes TV dramas, kids shows, comedies, movies, and original Australian programming as well. The best part is, you can try the new streaming service with a 7-day free trial.

What’s in this Guide?

What is Paramount Plus Australia?

Paramount Plus’ launch in Australia last August 2021 finally ended the speculations about the future of 10 All Access. Acting as a local version of CBS All Access, 10 All Access didn’t quite make any notable impression. Paramount Plus wants to change that by offering a wider range of content that 10 All Access lacked, paired with a budget-friendly service subscription fee.

Paramount Plus Australia cost

As a streaming service, Paramount Plus aims to offer value through its competitive catalogue of content without being expensive. That’s why Paramount Plus in Australia only costs $8.99 per month or $89.99 for an annual subscription. In the US, Paramount Plus has two plans, the cheaper USD $5.99 gets you streaming access with limited commercials, while the premium plan is completely ad-free for USD $9.99 per month.

However, it seems that Paramount Plus Australia will stick to a single tier $8.99 plan only. As for its monthly cost, Paramount Plus is cheaper than other streaming services’ basic subscriptions, except Amazon Prime. For comparison, Netflix streaming plans start from $10.99 per month, Stan’s subscription plans start from $10 per month, and the now retired 10 All Access offered its plan for $9.99 per month.

Paramount Plus Plan

  • 7-day free trial
  • Yearly
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • 20,000+ hours of TV shows and movies
  • Stream in HD on up to three devices
  • $89.99/365 days
$89.99/365 days
Min Cost - $89.99 over 1 year (works out as $7.49/mth)

  • 7-day free trial
  • Monthly
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • 20,000+ hours of TV shows and movies
  • Stream in HD on up to three devices
  • $8.99/mth
Min Cost - $8.99 over 1 month

Paramount Plus free trial period

Paramount Plus Australia’s free trial expires after 7 days. It is shorter compared to the free trials offered by other streaming services. Depending on your streaming habits, one week could be enough to try some of the TV shows and blockbuster movies in the Paramount Plus library.

How Paramount Plus trial works

Streaming services are pretty intuitive to navigate so signing up for a free trial is easy. Simply click here, enter your details and get instant access to everything that Paramount Plus has to offer. When taking a new subscription, you will automatically be guided to a Paramount Plus free trial subscription. If during your Paramount Plus free trial you decide you want to go for other streaming services, you can easily cancel anytime you want.

How many simultaneous streams with Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus’ single tier plan offers simultaneous streaming on up to 3 devices. Compatible devices include iOS and Android devices, Telstra TV, Fetch TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Portal TV, Samsung smart TVs, and more.

What benefits do you get with Paramount Plus?

  • Enjoy streaming TV with on-demand content from CBS, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., MTV, Paramount Network, Showtime, Smithsonian channel and more
  • First access to latest movie releases from Paramount Pictures and other Paramount Originals
  • Watch live sports including A-League and W-League, as well as live extensive coverage of all the Matildas, Socceroos, FFA Cup matches
  • Original Australian programming in addition to international content
  • Download content including hit Paramount shows and movies for offline viewing

Paramount Plus Sign Up

Getting the Paramount Plus 7-day free trial is easy. Simply click the Paramount Plus offer link below and register to create an account to complete your Paramount Plus sign up. New users will have access to all of the titles available in Australia with a subscription you don’t need to pay until after a week with the free trial period.

  1. Sign up using this offer link
  2. Fill in your personal information to create an account
  3. Log in to Paramount Plus with your free trial and start streaming

What can I watch on Paramount Plus in Australia?

From Paramount box office hits to original programming, the new streaming service is filled with unmissable content. New subscribers can test drive the service with full access to all these titles with a 7-day free trial. Check out some of the current titles they offer.

Paramount Originals

Paramount Plus has a variety of exclusive new series like The Twilight Zone, Why Women Kill, Two Weeks to Live, The Bite, Monsterland, Nancy Drew, In The Dark, and Everyone Is Doing Great, among others. There’s a decent quantity of Australian content too, including the second season of Five Bedrooms and the comedy series Spreadsheet.

Paramount’s streaming platform also offers hefty content for kids to stream thanks to its Nickelodeon connection, starting with Spongebob Squarepants. Plus, franchise additions like Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years and Rugrats. Comedy enthusiasts won’t feel left out with such shows as Tooning Out The News, Ziwe, every episode of South Park and The Big Bang Theory, and programs from Comedy Central.

Blockbuster movies

Here is where it gets more exciting – movies! Combining box-office hits and some of cinema’s finest classics, you can watch A Quiet Place, Pulp Fiction, Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, Top Gun, The Godfather, and many more. For the latest Paramount Pictures films, catch Mark Wahlberg in his new movie, Infinite.

Why choose Paramount Plus?

Paramount’s streaming platform guaranteed over 20,000 hours of TV shows and movies when it officially launched on August 11, 2021. For only $8.99 per month, the new streaming service delivers a diverse catalogue of content customers can excitingly explore. While there’s already heavy competition in Australia, Paramount Plus still has a couple of features and advantages that are worth delving into. Check out this page if you need to know more about Paramount Plus.

 Enjoy live TV sports

Enjoy live TV sports

Paramount Plus has secured broadcast rights with nearly all football matches to enter FFA Cup round, plus FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, including Play-Off matches. Other sports you can access on this new platform includes all AFC competitions, Socceroos friendly internationals, AFC Women’s Olympic (final round) for Paris Olympics 2024, all FFA Cup matches played from Round of 32 onwards, including the Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and the FFA Cup Final, and more. With the Paramount Plus trial and sports access, subscribers not only enjoy world-class TV and movie productions, but also action-packed sports anytime!

Watch Paramount Originals

Watch Paramount Originals

Paramount Plus offers original content with the likes of iCarly (reboot), Interrogation, Star Trek: Discovery, and more. There’s plenty of Paramount original content titles currently in the works too, including the highly anticipated reboot of Dexter and Frasier, a sequel to Paranormal Activity, and prequel to Pet Sematary. Paramount Plus is also set to release the miniseries, The Offer, which tells producer Al Ruddy’s experience with the making of The Godfather.

First access to Paramount Pictures movies

First access to Paramount Pictures movies

Movies getting released digitally on streaming platforms are getting more and more traction these days as moviegoers heavily rely on entertainment at home. Paramount Plus’ promise of exclusive first access to new releases from Paramount Pictures makes it a worthy streaming plan addition. Taking advantage of the Paramount Plus free trial lets you access Paramount Pictures titles anytime.

How can I watch on Paramount Plus?

Get streaming on a range of different devices with the streaming app. The streaming service works on almost all devices, including the Telstra TV and Apple TV. At $8.99 per month, it can be used to stream TV shows on more devices than competitors priced at a higher rate. From iOS and Android devices to Chromecast and select Android TV models, you can watch the A Quiet Place sequel or go on an adventure with Indiana Jones with any device you have. When not on a WiFi network, mobile data use will vary based on your internet connection.

Watch on any of these devices

Stream Paramount Plus on any of these devices instantly:

What people are asking about Paramount Plus

  • What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is the rebranded version of 10 All Access. Launched on 11 August 2021, the new streaming service includes more features and content from Paramount, CBS, Network 10, Showtime, and more.

  • What happens to 10 All Access subscribers?

10 All Access subscribers don’t need to create a Paramount Plus account. They can simply log in to Paramount Plus using their existing 10 All Access login details. That will automatically give them access to the new platform.

  • Does Paramount Plus offer sports?

Paramount Plus’ sports catalogue includes A-League, W-League, Matildas Friendly Internationals, Socceroos Friendly Internationals, and all FFA Cup matches played from Round of 32 onwards, including the Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and the FFA Cup Final, and many more.

  • How much is Paramount Plus?

In Australia, Paramount Plus costs $8.99 per month or $89.99 per year. New customers can test drive the service with a 7-day free trial.

  • How many devices can you stream Paramount Plus on?

You can stream simultaneously on up to three devices. Some of the compatible devices you can use to watch Paramount Plus movies and shows, include Android and iOS devices, set-top boxes, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more.

  • Can you download Paramount Plus content for offline viewing?

Subscribers can download titles from the Paramount Plus library for offline viewing, a feature missing from the 10 All Access app.

  • How is Paramount Plus different from 10 All Access?

Paramount Plus is an expanded version of 10 All Access, which means the new streaming platform packs more content and features. Prior to its replacement, 10 All Access only had over a hundred shows in its library and without movies and sports. Paramount Plus now has nearly 300 hundred shows and movies, in addition to sports. There’s an exciting addition of several Showtime series too, including Ray Donovan, Californication, House of Lies, Penny Dreadful, Dexter, The Affair, and many others.

  • Does Paramount Plus offer original programming?

Another feature that sets Paramount Plus apart from its predecessor is its original programming. Some of the highly anticipated Paramount Originals include Dexter: New Blood, Mayor of Kingstown, Star Trek: Prodigy, Frasier (reboot), and more. There are lots of exclusive movies and documentaries that are currently in the works too, including Paranormal Activity 7 and a prequel to Pet Sematary.

  • Can I watch Paramount Plus on any TV?

You can watch your favourite series or the latest box-office hit from Paramount Pictures on any TV that can be connected to set-top boxes like Telstra TV or Fetch TV. You can also connect a Chromecast device to your TV, which will allow you to stream to your TV from your laptop/PC or mobile phone.

  • Does Paramount Plus Australia have local content?

Yes, Paramount Plus Australia also features locally-produced content that includes the second season of Five Bedrooms, as well as upcoming series Spreadsheet and Last King of the Cross, and Paramount Plus’ first local movie, 6 Festivals.

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