The Walking Dead Review

Starring: Scott Wilson, Laurie Holden, Daniel Roebuck

Summary: The show centers upon a group of survivors who are trying to stay alive in a tragic and terrifying world where dead people turn into flesh-eating zombies

Genre(s): Drama, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Horror,Suspense, Science Fiction

Show Summary

Developed by Frank Darabont and based on the comic book series of the same name, AMC’s The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic drama television show that became an overnight worldwide phenomenon.It has garnered a larger audience than any other cable drama to the point where it reached 17.3 million viewers during its fifth season premiere.

The show revolves a group of survivors living in a terrifying world where dead people turn into flesh-eating zombies. The plot follows their struggle to keep their humanity and sanity in a world where they are forced to kill in order to survive. The Walking Dead is currently in its fifth season and has been renewed for a sixth one. It’s expected to run for several more years due to the show’s excellent ratings and its promising plot.

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Season Recap

After getting shot during a confrontation with criminals, Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes wakes up in a hospital and discovers that the world has been overrun by zombies and that his wife Lori and son Carl are missing. Later, he meets survivors Morgan Jones and his son Duane who help him understand the situation but then leaves them to look for his family after hearing that the CDC has set up a safe place in the city. He arrives there heavily armed but gets surrounded by walkers and ends up getting saved by a stranger named Glenn Rhee.

Rick meets up with Glenn’s team who had left their larger group, which includes Lori, Carl and Rick’s best friend Shane, to go on a scavenging trip in the city, and had set themselves up in a department store. Later, they get attacked by walkers so they are forced to leave behind Daryl’s brother Merle who was handcuffed due to his violent behavior. Meanwhile, the rest of Glenn’s group is staying in a camp a few miles outside the city. Lori is having an affair with Shane because she believes that Rick didn’t make it.

Rick reunites with his family and becomes the leader of the group along with Shane. He goes back to the department store with a few other men to get the weapons and they find that Merle has sawed off his hand and escaped. They return to the camp to discover that it has been attacked by zombies and that Andrea’s sister has been killed. So they decide to head to the CDC hoping to find answers and a safe place to live.

At the CDC, they discover that Dr. Jenner is the only one still alive and he tells them that there’s no cure for this pandemic. Later, the building’s self-destructing protocol begins after the generators run out of fuel. So everyone hurries to leave except Dr. Jenner and two members of the group Jacqui and Andrea who have lost hope. However, Dale, a survivor member who treats Andrea like his own daughter, is able to convince her to get out on time before the building explodes.

On their way to Fort Benning, the group encounters a horde of walkers which results in Carol’s daughter, Sophia being chased by two of them and going missing in the woods. Ricks goes after her but ends up losing her. While they’re searching for Sophia, Carl accidentally gets shot by a hunter named Otis who leads them to a farm owned by a veterinarian called Hershel.

The rest of the group moves to Hershel’s farm where they try to co-exist with his family. Meanwhile, Daryl keeps searching for Sophia and he becomes close to Carol while Glenn and Hershel’s daughter Maggie become romantically involved. Later, the group discovers that Hershel is keeping many walkers in his barn because some of them are his relatives and he couldn’t stand letting them go. Shane releases the walkers and everyone starts shooting them until they’re shocked to see that Sophia is among them which forces Rick to put a bullet in her head.

Due to his grief, Hershel goes missing so Rick and Glenn search for him and end up finding him drinking at a bar. They meet two survivors there and things rapidly turn violent so they shoot them both. The dead men’s friends start firing at Rick, Glenn and Hershel and the noise attracts many walkers so they all leave except one of them (named Randall) who gets left behind injured. Rick decides to get Randall back to the farm which leads to the group arguing over what they’re going to do with him since he now knows the farm’s location. Meanwhile, a walker bites Dale which drives Rick to euthanize him while Shane releases Randall and murders him. When the group finds him as a walker, Daryl realizes that he wasn’t bitten and that he turned after he died.

Later, due to his insane jealousy, Shane takes Rick to the woods and attempts to kill him. However, Rick ends up stabbing him and leaving him to die. Carl sees Shane as a walker and shoots him which brings an enormous group of walkers to the farm. Almost everyone is able to escape except Andrea who gets left behind. Due to the fact that their cars are low on gasoline, the survivors make camp, where Rick finally reveals that he murdered Shane and that the doctor in the CDC already told him that everyone turns into a walker after they die. In the meantime, Andrea survives and gets saved by a hooded woman with a sword, dragging two walkers behind her with a chain. The season ends with Rick deciding to act as a dictator, and then the camera pulls back, showing us the presence of a prison nearby, which leads us to believe that that’s where they will be heading next.

A few months later, the group takes over a prison full of zombies and makes it their home. However, Hershel gets bitten by one in the process and Rick amputates his leg to save his life. They also find some prisoners there but most of them wind up dying due to the walkers, except for Oscar and Axel. Later, a walker breakout puts everyone’s life in danger, especially T-Dog who gets killed while saving Carol. At the same time, Lori experiences complications with her pregnancy forcing Maggie to perform a C-section to save the baby’s life. Unfortunately, Lori dies during the procedure.

Meanwhile, Michonne and Andrea find themselves in the town of Woodbury led by The Governor. Andrea decides to stay but Michonne leaves because she’s unable to trust The Governor. Daryl’s brother Merle- who’s been staying there and doing The Governor’s dirty work- is ordered to capture Michonne but he abducts Glenn and Maggie instead. Having witnessed the abduction, Michonne goes to the prison and tells Rick’s group what just happened and helps them go on a rescue mission. They manage to free Glenn and Maggie while Michonne stabs The Governor in the eye and kills his undead daughter. However, Daryl gets captured and is ordered to fight his brother Merle in front of an angry mob but Rick and Maggie come back in time to save them. Still, Rick refuses to let Merle join their group so Daryl leaves with him.

Rick goes back to the prison to find Carl letting in survivors Sasha and Tyreese and he kicks them out because he doesn’t want more strangers in the group. The two join The Governor’s team who plans to attack the prison. They shoot Axel and open the way for walkers to enter the gate. However, Merle and Daryl come back in time and help Rick’s group fight these walkers. Later, while looking for more weapons, Rick finds Morgan who tells him that his son has died by his undead mother and refuses to join the group.

Andrea arranges a meeting between Rick and The Governor to come up with a solution. During the meeting, The Governor proposes to leave them alone if they give him Michonne. Later, Andrea finds out he’s lying and he plans to kill everyone anyway, so she runs away to try to warn Rick’s group but The Governor captures her on her way there. Meanwhile, Rick asks Merle to hand Michonne over to The Governor. However, he changes his mind at the last second and lets her go but he gets himself killed by The Governor’s people.

On their way to attack the prison again, The Governor finds himself ambushed by Rick’s team so his people suggest leaving them alone and they end up getting massacred by The Governor, except for Karen. The latter joins Rick’s group and they head back to Woodbury where they find Andrea trapped in a room with a walker and suffering from a bite so she shoots herself with Michonne by her side. Everyone later goes back to prison including Karen, Sasha and Tyreese while The Governor is still at large.

Carol saves the day when she creates a diversion and fights the Terminus’ people, helping the group escape and finally getting reunited with Tyreese and Judith. Later on, they run into a priest who leads them to his church. Bob gets kidnapped by Gareth, one of the Terminus’ survivors, and wakes up to see them eating his leg. However, he tells them he has been bitten so they return him to the group. The cannibals attack the church but are killed by Rick and the others. Later, Bob dies with Sasha by his side.

In the meantime, Daryl and Carol go after a car that Daryl believes kidnapped Beth. We find out that Beth has been staying in a hospital led by Officer Dawn and is forbidden to leave. She tries to escape with a guy named Noah but fails, although Noah succeeds. Daryl and Carol conclude that she’s in there and they meet Noah who confirms their belief. However, Carol gets hit by a car and is taken to the same hospital. Noah and Daryl go back to the church and ask for Rick’s help to save Beth and Carol.

Meanwhile, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene take Maggie, Glenn and Tara with them to head to Washington in order to continue their mission. On their way, Eugene confesses that he has been lying all along and doesn’t know how to stop this epidemic. Eventually, they decide to go back to meet the team and they arrive on time to help Michonne and Carl fight off walkers. Maggie is happy to learn that Beth is still alive so she heads with everyone to help Rick and Daryl save her. However, things don’t go as planned and Maggie arrives to find out that Beth has been shot in the head by Dawn and the whole group becomes devastated.

Our Critic Review

The Walking Dead is considered one of the most addictive and enticing TV shows ever produced. The mixture of drama and gruesome horror keep you gripping the edge of your seat episode-after-episode; it’s impossible not to become invested in the characters, however be careful as the writers are not afraid to kill off anyone!The show’s concept drives you to think about how you would behave in such a universe, how tough you could be and how strong your survivor instincts would be. A harsh message seems to be the nature of the human spirit; with most people only looking out for themselves and their loved ones rather than helping a stranger in need.

We at Compare TV love this show – we give it big ticks for the great character developments, exciting horror vibe, the gory visual effects and unique cinematography. One warning though – the gore and brutality can be quite confronting so make sure you’re up to the viewing challenge!

VIDEO: Fans eager for The Walking Dead Season 5 to return from its mid-season break will be happy to see the below new video posted by AMC recently released. Giving viewer a sneak peak, the cast and producers talk about the upcoming new episodes in 2015.

Critic Reviews

For the threat of this world to be credible, death needs to lurk around every corner. Safety and a complete victory for our heroes last night just feels wrong because, as we all know, in this world, the zombies aren’t the only dead men walking. Full Review

Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair

The episode does what a good premiere should do: It resets the clock. Full Review

Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post

If the season opener is a harbinger of what’s to come, the speed of the story has picked up. It’s a welcome change in pace. Full Review

Patrick Kevin Day, Los Angeles Times

This is the lesson Hollywood needs to be learning from The Walking Dead. The key to television dominance is not sorrow or hopelessness, it’s thematic relevancy. It always has been, and it always will be. Full Review

Merrill Barr, Forbes


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