How to Stream Netflix from a Laptop to Your TV

How to Stream Netflix from a Laptop to Your TV

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6 Ways to Stream Netflix Videos to Your HDTV

Follow these simple steps to play Netflix videos on your TV from your laptop.

Okay, so here is the situation. You recently subscribed to Netflix to watch your favourite movies and TV shows instantly, any time of the day. However, you do not have an Internet-enabled Blu-Ray player, gaming console, or smart TV that would allow you to stream Netflix videos to your television screen conveniently. You have been streaming Netflix on your laptop, but you probably want to enjoy it on the big screen of your TV as well, right?

Step #1: Purchase an HDMI Cable

Netflix can be streamed from your laptop to your TV using Chromecast. However, if you cannot afford to buy the device, getting an HDMI cable is your safest bet. They usually cost less than $10 and provide decent video quality. You might not even need to buy one if you frequently use other devices (such as your mobile) with your TV.

Step #2: Connect Your TV and Laptop Using the HDMI Cable

Most of the TVs sold today come with two to three HDMI ports at the back. Simply connect one end of the HDMI cable to your TV, and the other to your laptop. Built-in HDMI ports are a common feature in most Windows laptops, so that should not be a problem. However, if you use a MacBook, it is probable that only a Mini DisplayPort is available. In this scenario, you will need to get a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

On a Windows laptop, you may need to set up your display to handle multiple screens – this is as simple as right-clicking the desktop and choosing “Display Settings”. If your laptop uses Windows 10, use the “Project” feature that can be found in the notifications menu at the bottom right of the desktop.

Step #3: Adjust the Input on Your TV

Once connected, you must adjust the HDMI input of your TV to 1, 2, or 3, depending on which port you hooked the HDMI cable into. Your laptop will recognize the connection when you are on the right input. As a result, the activity on your laptop is mirrored by your TV, allowing you to watch Netflix movies and TV shows on a bigger screen!

There you have it: that is how you can stream Netflix from a laptop to your TV, easy and straightforward. There is one other common issue you must be aware about though: you may sometimes face sound issues. In other words, the sound may not play through the speakers of your TV. If this does happen, make sure you check and adjust the sound options from your laptop.