The Walking Dead Season 9 Free to Air and 2019 Aussie TV Replay Guide

Watch The Walking Dead Online

Watching The Walking Dead Season Finale Online, Made Easy

The ninth season of the highly acclaimed The Walking Dead is about to come to a close on April 1 — and Australian fans will be able to watch the show express from the US! As The Whisperers start to close in to the remaining survivors, viewers can expect an explosive ending to this rollercoaster-ride of a season. Don’t miss the season finale of The Walking Dead season 9 when it airs express from the US on April 1, only on FOX Showcase.

Foxtel Now – Streamed Direct To Your Device!

If you don’t have a traditional Foxtel subscription, you can still watch your favourite channels online with Foxtel Now. The streaming service gives you access to the Showcase channel, home of The Walking Dead, live via the internet. You can watch on the Foxtel Now box, PCs/Macs, mobile devices, Chromecast, Telstra TV and current game consoles. Plus, the old Foxtel Play app is still available on PS3 and selected smart TVs. You can sign up in minutes and can cancel your subscription anytime.

The Showcase channel is part of both the Essentials Entry Pack, which cost $25/month – you only need this entry pack for The Walking Dead, but if you have more room in your budget we strongly suggest you add both to your subscription. Together, you can get add in other premium packs to get more entertainment. Best of all, Foxtel Now is offering new subscribers and existing Foxtel Play users a free 10-day trial, which unlocks everything the online streaming service has to offer!

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The Walking Dead Replays

New episodes of The Walking Dead will air every Monday the same time as the US, at 2:00pm Sydney time in Australia on Showcase & Showcase HD. There will also be a replay on the same day at 7:30pm AEST on Showcase & Showcase HD, and 9:30pm AEST on Showcase+2. As each episode is aired, they’re also added to the Foxtel on Demand library with a generous amount of time given to watch them. Plus, you can watch with Foxtel Now and the Foxtel Go app.

Alternatively, you can also download the latest episodes of the new season of The Walking Dead from Telsra TV Box Office. Better yet, get a Season Pass to access all episodes and save more at the same time!

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Fast-tracked The Walking Dead Season Finale – The Schedule

The Walking Dead Season 9
The Walking Dead Season 9. Photo: Showcase

Every episode of Season 9 part airs every Monday, with Showcase screening it at the same time as the US – 2:00pm Sydney time. Season 9 has 16 episodes in total with the last episode — episode 16 — airing on April 1. There is no Walking Dead Free to air coverage in Australia, it is exclusively available on Showcase (Foxtel/Foxtel from Telstra).      

Streaming The Walking Dead on mobile

You can stream The Walking Dead Season 9 with both Foxtel Now and a traditional Foxtel subscription. With Foxtel Now you simply access the app from your mobile device.

If you’ve got Foxtel, you get access to the Foxtel Go app, which works on smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops. It lets you stream the Foxtel channels in your subscription anywhere you are. That means that, if you’re at work, you can simply enjoy The Walking Dead during your lunch break. All you need is the app and a WiFi or data connection.

Plus, you can watch The Walking Dead on demand anytime. There’s no more need to worry about having to be in front of the screen at the right time – you can stream each episode whenever it suits you.

The Walking Dead Season 9 on Demand

Foxtel subscriber? Download the free Foxtel app on your device. Then, sign in with your Foxtel ID and access On Demand on the home screen menu. You can start watching instantly on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Are you a Foxtel Now user? Access the On Demand section of the app and look for The Walking Dead. Previous seasons, as well as the new episodes, should pop up.

The Walking Dead Live Streaming and a Free Trial

While you won’t find The Walking Dead on Free to Air TV in Australia, Foxtel will broadcast every episode of season 9 live as it happens, while also providing Walking Dead season 9 replays for fans who find them more convenient by making episodes available on demand.

So if you’re a resident of Australia you may wish to consider Foxtel Now’s 10 day Free streaming TV trial using the Essentials Pack, which includes the FX channel and will telecast each and every TWD episode online, as well as offering live The Walking Dead streaming to eligible mobile devices within minutes of getting started.