The 10 Best Shows on Free-to-air TV in October 2019

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Whats on Free to Air Australia – TV Show Top 10 Highlights

The entertainment world we now live in is one of extreme choice, and it’s a pretty nice problem to have. While our parents grew up with four or five TV channels to keep them entertained, we’re now in an era where there’s dozens of satellite and cable channels, multiple streaming services with their own original content, and numerous free sources of video entertainment across the internet available at the tap of a screen, from YouTube to Crackle.

And it’s that breadth of available entertainment that’s made the old-fashioned “appointment TV” concept a thing of the past. The five free to air networks have all had to adapt to the new world of on-demand video (which they’ve done via their catch-up services). They need to please a viewer base which isn’t glued to one channel all night like the previous generation might have been.

Your Guide to The Best Content Available on Free to Air

So, let’s have a look at ten shows that you don’t need a subscription to watch, all available on free-to-air TV or their respective catch-up services. The best part being, of course, that it costs you absolutely nothing to check them out and see for yourself whether your new favourite show has been sitting there waiting for you.

  • The Masked Singer (Network 10)
  • The Real Dirty Dancing (Seven)
  • Secret Bridesmaid’s Business (Seven)
  • The Block (Nine)
  • Love Island Australia (Nine)
  • Grand Hotel (Nine)
  • The Name of the Rose (SBS)
  • The Bachelorette (Network 10)
  • Total Control (ABC)
  • Utopia (ABC)

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1. The Masked Singer (Ten & TenPlay)

Based on the hit South Korean music gameshow series, The Masked Singer Australia made its debut to high viewer ratings for Network Ten. It follows the same premise where celebrities perform wearing a costume and are unmasked if they lose. The Australian version of the show is hosted by Osher Gunsberg and features celebrity judges that include Lindsay Lohan, singer Dannii Minogue, comedian Dave Hughes, and radio presenter Jackie O.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: You’ll want to tune in for every reveal
  • Details: 1 season
  • Genre: Reality




2. The Bachelorette (Ten & TenPlay)

The series revolves around a single bachelorette and a pool of romantic interests, which could include a potential husband. This season, Australia’s new bachelorette is Angie Kent, who’s first introduced in the 2015 run of Gogglebox Australia alongside her then housemate Yvie Jones. She also appeared in a season of another reality show, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. Following Matt Agnew’s success in finding love in The Bachelor, Angie’s on the lookout for her one true love this new season

  • Kelly’s Rundown: An entertaining switcheroo on the beloved classic reality show
  • Details: 4 seasons, 46 episodes
  • Genre: Reality competition




3. Love Island Australia (Nine & 9Now)

The hottest show is back! Hosted by Sophie Monk, 10 beautiful Aussie singles will play the ultimate game of love in this new season of Love Island Australia. After they find their match, they must stay together while surviving temptations as new singles enter the villa.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: It’s showtime!
  • Details: 9 seasons, 110 episodes
  • Genre: Talent show




4. The Real Dirty Dancing (Seven & 7Plus)

The Real Dirty Dancing is a reality show that searches for celebrities to perform as the characters of Baby and Johnny in a one-off live theatre show of the movie, Dirty Dancing. They will then reenact the film’s final dance to the classic, I’ve Had the Tie of My Life, which would include the memorable lift. The contestants will also revisit key locations and moments from the movie and learn the iconic dance routines under the guidance of professional choreographers.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A nostalgic reality show take on the beloved classic movie
  • Details: 1 season
  • Genre: Dancing, entertainment




5. The Block (Nine & 9Now)

The Block

The Block, Australia’s most successful reality program, is back with its 15th season, which will see five ambitious couples will renovate and transform the neglected Oslo Hotel in St Kilda into five top-end, three-storey homes, restoring it to its former glory as one of Australia’s premier residential addresses. They’re all competing for the chance to walk away with $100,000 in prize money and any profit made when their apartments go under the hammer at a live public auction later this year.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: Get ready for renovations of colossal proportions
  • Details: 15 seasons, 611 episodes
  • Genre: Game show, Reality TV




6. The Name of the Rose (SBS & SBS On Demand)

SBS’ new drama show The Name of the Roses is an Italian-German historical period drama television miniseries created and directed by Giacomo Battiato. It is based on the international bestseller novel of the same name by Umberto Eco.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A moving take on the original book of the same name
  • Details: 1 season, 8 episodes
  • Genre: Historical period; Drama




7. Utopia (ABC & iView)


Utopia is a Logie Award-winning Australian TV comedy series that follows the working lives of a team in the fictional Nation Building Authority, a newly created government organisation. The Authority is responsible for overseeing major infrastructure projects, from announcement to unveiling. The series explores the collision between bureaucracy and grand ambitions.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: Take a good laugh at the funny side of public service
  • Details: 3 seasons, 24 episodes
  • Genre: Comedy




8. Secret Bridesmaid’s Business (Seven & 7Plus)

Secret Bridesmaids’ Business is a six-part Australian television miniseries, which follows Olivia’s seemingly perfect wedding that turned deadly after one of her bridesmaids unknowingly invites a malevolent stranger into their lives. This then triggers a deadly chain reaction that blows open a hidden world of secrets.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: Surprisingly addicting new thriller drama
  • Details: 1 season, 6 episodes
  • Genre: Drama




9. Total Control (ABC & iView)

In Total Control, Rachel Anderson is the embattled but cunning Prime Minister of Australia. Alex is a charismatic, indigenous up-and-coming politician who finds herself the centre of media attention following a shocking event. Rachel wants to use Alex to boost her popularity and further her own agenda. Alex is wise to the Prime Minister’s betrayal and sets out for revenge that may break the whole political establishment.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: New political drama to sink your teeth into
  • Details: 1 season, 6 episodes
  • Genre: Drama




10. Grand Hotel (Nine & 9Now)

Eva Longoria executive produces this bold, provocative drama set at the last family-owned hotel in multicultural Miami Beach. Grand Hotel follows the story of charismatic Santiago Mendoza, the owner of the hotel, and his glamorous second wife, Gigi, alongside their adult children who are enjoying the spoils of success. The hotel’s loyal staff round out a contemporary, fresh take on an upstairs/downstairs story. Wealthy and beautiful guests bask in luxury, but scandals, escalating debt and explosive secrets hide beneath the picture-perfect exterior. The show is based on the Spanish series.

  • Kelly’s Rundown: A rather delightful modern-day take on latin soap operas
  • Details: 1 season, 13 episodes
  • Genre: Drama; Mystery




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