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Introducing Foxtel iQ4

Foxtel’s iQ set top boxes have been delivering TV entertainment – and the ability to record it to watch later – for years. But the newest member of the iQ family takes things to a completely new level, expanding on the game-changing features first seen in the popular iQ3 and adding some eye-opening new ones. This is the iQ4 – the most advanced set-top box ever released in Australia. It’s more than just a device to tune into your Foxtel channels – much more. The iQ4 brings together powerful technology with some fantastic new Foxtel features built especially for it. It’s exclusive to Foxtel’s satellite users, for whom it’s a major upgrade.

If you’ve used a Foxtel set top box before, the familiar remote will make you feel right at home – but once you start exploring what the iQ4’s got to offer, you’ll realise this isn’t your typical Foxtel box.

What Makes Foxtel iQ4 Unique?

While on the outside it looks very similar to its predecessor, the iQ3 box, make no mistake – this is the most powerful device Foxtel has ever put into the hands of its customers, and that’s apparent as soon as you start using it. With a next-generation processor at its heart, the iQ4 brings the familiar Foxtel interface to life. Whether you’re channel surfing or looking for something to binge via on-demand streaming, the iQ4 is fast and responsive. It’s also the first set-top box in Australia to support 4K broadcasts – just in time for Australia’s first 4K channel!

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What Features Does the iQ4 Have?

The goal with the iQ4 was to provide a familiar, consistent platform for your Foxtel viewing, but to enhance it using the latest advances in technology – and that’s exactly what you get with the iQ4. Taking full advantage of years of advances in technology, the iQ4 is a feature-packed beast hiding behind a modest exterior and familiar remote control.

4K Broadcast Support: If you’ve bought a new big screen TV in recent years, chances are it supports the 4K picture format, which offers quality and detail four times that of High Definition – and more than 20 times greater than standard SD Foxtel channels. Until now, the only way to watch actual 4K content was either to buy a 4K Blu-ray player and discs, or have a broadband connection fast enough to stream at that quality online from streaming services. But with the arrival of the iQ4, Foxtel has launched Australia’s first 4K broadcast channel – giving you guaranteed perfect 4K delivered via satellite, 24 hours a day. Featuring everything from live sports in 4K (including the cricket, AFL, NRL, Formula 1 Grand Prix and more) to movies, music and documentaries, Foxtel 4K is the perfect way to show off that new TV – and the iQ4 is the only Foxtel box that can receive it.

The Most Powerful iQ Yet: You only need to spend a little time with the iQ4 to realise that it’s one very powerful device. Custom-built from the ground up for performance and speed, the iQ4’s interface is fast and fluid, letting you browse smoothly through everything from the program guide to your recordings to thousands of hours of on-demand streaming content, all with Foxtel’s easy-to-use graphical interface, now supercharged by the iQ4’s fast processor.

Enhanced Streaming: The popular On Demand section of the iQ has been expanded and enhanced for the iQ4, with dedicated sections for fans of movies (FoxFlicks, with a brand-new movie every single day) and premium television (Fox Showcase, also the home of all things HBO including, of course, Game of Thrones). With thousands of hours of movies and TV to stream whenever you like or download to watch later, you never need to worry about catching up with a show again – entire seasons are there ready to stream direct to your screen as part of your Movies, Drama or Platinum channel package. If you’ve got access to the channels, you’ve got access to their content to stream whenever you like, whether it’s on your TV, your mobile devices or your computer.

Team Link: The new sports menu brings together all of Foxtel’s premium sport content in the one place, letting you easily see at a glance which major events are coming up. But more than that, it’s your gateway to the Team Link feature, which is something that’s going to make a lot of sports fans very happy indeed. With Team Link, you can pick your team – or multiple teams – from eight major sporting codes including AFL, NRL, BBL, Super Rugby and even AFLW. The iQ4 remembers the teams you’ve chosen, and from that point on, it’ll automatically record every single game your teams play in – and just the live games, not the replays. There’s no need to watch the guide or check the fixtures – the iQ4 takes care of it all automatically.

Continue Watching and Next Episode: The iQ4 keeps track of the TV shows you’ve been watching and any shows or movies you might not have finished – and puts them all on one handy screen which lets you get right back to watching without having to remember where you were up to. If you’re in for a solid binge session – something made very possible by the huge amount of on-demand streaming content available on iQ4 – the Next Episode feature will instantly take you to the next in the series.

Start Over and Look Back: If you turn on the TV and find you’ve missed the start of a show or movie, you can just select Start Over from the on-screen menu to instantly begin playing the show from the beginning – a feature that’s available even on shows that aren’t normally available for HD streaming. Working in tandem with that is the popular Look Back, which lets you pull up the program guide and see what aired in the past 24 hours – and then watch any of it at the click of a remote control button, streamed via broadband.

Powerful Technology: Under the hood is an advanced processor that takes command of all the iQ4’s features without raising a sweat. The iQ4 comes with a huge 1TB (that’s 1000 gigabytes) hard drive that’s specially designed to handle multiple recordings and streams at once, including 4K content. Able to hold hundreds of hours of recordings, it can record three channels at the same time while you watch a fourth, and all recordings are stored with images and descriptions to help you find what you’re looking for fast. Fully wi-fi enabled, the iQ4 also supports Bluetooth for remote control – meaning you can install it out of sight and the remote will still work perfectly.

How Much Does the iQ4 Cost?

Like with previous iQ boxes, the iQ4 isn’t available for outright sale – only in tandem with a Foxtel subscription. If you’re a brand-new Foxtel customer signing up for the first time, you can take advantage of one of the regular package offers that you’ll find both directly from Foxtel as well as Foxtel From Telstra. With many of these offers, the iQ4 is either heavily discounted or supplied at no cost, as part of your overall subscription package.

Latest iQ4 Offers

For example, right now Foxtel has an offer that gives you the sport, drama and entertainment packs – 63 channels in total – along with a free iQ4 box and free installation for only $58 per month on a 12 month contract – a huge discount and an absolute bargain that’ll give you access to all the new sports seasons in HD and 4K and must-see TV like the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones.

Can Existing Customers Get the iQ4?

Yes, absolutely – existing Foxtel customers can upgrade from the iQ2 or iQ3 simply by calling Foxtel. There’s a one-off equipment fee of $125 for the upgrade, along with a $100 installation fee if you’re not confident about setting it up yourself (if you are, though, you can ask for a Self-Install Kit and not need to pay that fee).

You can also order your iQ4 upgrade on the Foxtel website – just log in to your account and click on the Upgrade link under “Change my package”.

If you’re self-installing, your new iQ4 will be express-delivered, and you’ll be sent instructions on how to return your old box to Foxtel at no cost to you.

Does the iQ4 Need a 4K TV?

One of the key features of the iQ4 box is its full support for 4K video – making it the only set-top box on the market that can receive flawless 4K broadcasts. But if your TV isn’t 4K-capable, there’s still plenty of benefit to upgrading to an iQ4. If you’ve been using an iQ2 up until now, you’ve been missing out on some of Foxtel’s most innovative and useful interactive features, which the ageing iQ2 simply doesn’t support. And if you’ve had an iQ3, you’ll be blown away by just how fast and responsive the iQ4 is by comparison. It may look similar from the outside, and the menus may look familiar, but under the hood this is an entirely new design that’s vastly more powerful than any box Foxtel has ever released.

It’s very much an upgrade for all Foxtel satellite customers – and if you upgrade your TV later on, the iQ4 will be ready and waiting with its exclusive 4K channel as well as high-quality 4K upscaling of the rest of the Foxtel channel line-up.

What Connections Do You Need?

Like the iQ3 before it, it’s important to remember that the iQ4 only supports video and audio connection via HDMI – there are no other outputs on the box, so you’ll need a TV with HDMI support (which all modern TVs have). If you’re using a 4K television, you’ll need an HDMI 2.0 input that supports HDCP 2.2 – on some TVs, you will need to enable this is settings and/or use a specific input on the TV.

Is the iQ4 Worth the Upgrade?

With its advanced features and incredible under-the-hood power that makes watching and recording Foxtel an absolute pleasure, the iQ4 is a must if you have a 4K TV, and well worth getting hold of even if you don’t. Combined with the new, content-packed on-demand streaming section and great functionality like Team Link, it’s the best way to watch Foxtel, period.

Foxtel Customer Service

If you need to get in touch with Foxtel customer service with any questions about your iQ4, you can ring 131 999 for the price of a local call. Technical support is available from 7.30am to midnight, seven days a week, while for pack changes, call between 9am and 9pm weekdays or 10am-8pm on weekends. If you’ve got any questions about your account or billing, call 1300 760 579 any time between 9am and 7pm Monday to Saturday.

Is Foxtel iQ4 Right for Me?

“…a fast, feature-rich and hugely capable box which makes the experience of simply using Foxtel magnitudes better. The fact that it comes with access to 4K broadcasts via satellite, well, that’s just the icing on the cake. Highly recommended.”

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