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What are the Best TV Shows Available on BINGE Australia?

If you’re a fan of laidback days in front of the TV watching endless episodes of some of the best shows around, then new streaming giant BINGE will certainly demand your attention. They have come out all guns blazing and in the process made themselves one of the most comprehensive streaming platforms in Australia, thanks to partnerships with HBO, BBC, FX, Warner Brothers, offering great show like those listed below.

Top Picks on BINGE Australia in July

BINGE have a huge range of content to choose from, from drama and action to documentaries and kids TV, in SD or HD formats, whether you’re watching at home, with a mobile phone or even with your tablet. Their interface is super easy to navigate and comes with some innovative features. You can try it all for no charge with their 14 day free trial, with a monthly cancel at any time contract thereafter. Here’s a couple of our top picks available to watch on BINGE right now.

Nought + Crosses

The Crosses rule over the Noughts in this highly relevant new series from the UK. It’s set in an alternative version of Britain called the Albion, a country that was colonised by Africans over 700 years earlier, making black natives the more superior race, and their white neighbours a lower class.  But when a boy and girl from both sides fall for each other, it promises to cause one almighty disruption that could ultimately lead to a more equal and peaceful society. Watch Noughts + Crosses season 1 now with BINGE.

Game Of Thrones

If you never got the chance to watch Game Of Thrones the first time around, then fear not, as every season of the most successful TV Series in history is available to watch right now on BINGE. Based on a collection of fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin, Game Of Thrones is set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. Within these continents are seven kingdoms, all of which are battling for the Iron Throne.


  • New customers: 14 day free trial
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Stream in SD on a single device
  • 10,000+ hrs of the best shows
Min Cost - $10/month after 14 days free trial

  • New customers: 14 day free trial
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Stream in HD on up to two devices
  • 10,000+ hrs of the best shows
Min Cost - $14/month after 14 days free trial

  • New customers: 14 day free trial
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Stream in HD on up to four devices
  • 10,000+ hrs of the best shows
Min Cost - $18/month after 14 days free trial

Standard - BINGE from Telstra
  • Telstra Postpaid: 3 mths free
  • Telstra Plus Member: 3 mths free
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Telstra Plus Silver: 6 mths free
  • Telstra Plus Gold: 9 mths free
Min Cost - $0 for Telstra postpaid customers (3 months)Telstra Plus Member (3 months), Silver (6 months) and Gold (9 months), $14/mth afterwards

Last audited 07 July 2020

Note: This is not the entire library but the best of

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Band Of Brothers (Scripted TV)Action9.4
Rome (Scripted TV)Action8.7
Banshee (Scripted TV)Action8.4
Pacific, The (Scripted TV)Action8.3
Hell On Wheels (Scripted TV)Action8.3
Warrior (Scripted TV)Action8.2
Strike Back (Scripted TV)Action8.2
Watchmen (Scripted TV)Action8.1
Fugitives (Scripted TV)Action8.1
Pennyworth (Scripted TV)Action8
Into The Badlands (Scripted TV)Action8
Doom Patrol (Scripted TV)Action8
Future Man (Scripted TV)Action7.8
Swamp Thing (Scripted TV)Action7.6
Merciless (Scripted TV)Action7.6
Mayans M.C. (Scripted TV)Action7.5
Jett (Scripted TV)Action7.4
Krypton (Scripted TV)Action6.9
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (Scripted TV)Action6.8
Supergirl (Scripted TV)Action6.3
Curfew (Scripted TV)Action5.9
Office, The (US) (Scripted TV)Comedy8.9
Seinfeld (Scripted TV)Comedy8.8
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Scripted TV)Comedy8.7
Parks And Recreation (Scripted TV)Comedy8.6
Atlanta (Scripted TV)Comedy8.6
Silicon Valley (Scripted TV)Comedy8.5
Flight Of The Conchords (Scripted TV)Comedy8.5
What We Do In The Shadows (Scripted TV)Comedy8.4
Modern Family (Scripted TV)Comedy8.4
Entourage (Scripted TV)Comedy8.4
VEEP (Scripted TV)Comedy8.3
Barry (Scripted TV)Comedy8.3
Looking (Scripted TV)Comedy8.2
League, The (Scripted TV)Comedy8.2
Eastbound & Down (Scripted TV)Comedy8.2
30 Rock (Scripted TV)Comedy8.2
Righteous Gemstones, The (Scripted TV)Comedy8.1
Dave (Scripted TV)Comedy8.1
Vice Principals (Scripted TV)Comedy8
High Maintenance (Scripted TV)Comedy8
Frasier (Scripted TV)Comedy8
Storm Of Suspicion (Scripted TV)Crime9.3
Sopranos, The (Scripted TV)Crime9.2
True Detective (Scripted TV)Crime9
All The Sins (Scripted TV)Crime8.6
Big Little Lies (Scripted TV)Crime8.5
Americans, The (Scripted TV)Crime8.4
Homeland (Scripted TV)Crime8.3
Sharp Objects (Scripted TV)Crime8.2
Show Me A Hero (Scripted TV)Crime8.1
Quarry (Scripted TV)Crime8.1
C.B. Strike (Scripted TV)Crime7.9
Brokenwood Mysteries, The (Scripted TV)Crime7.8
Prodigal Son (Scripted TV)Crime7.6
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Scripted TV)Crime7.6
Blue Bloods (Scripted TV)Crime7.5
Pact, The (Scripted TV)Crime7.4
Hawaii Five-0 (Scripted TV)Crime7.3
Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders (Scripted TV)Crime7.2
13 Commandments (Scripted TV)Crime7.1
Elite Squad (Scripted TV)Crime7
CSI: NY (Scripted TV)Crime6.9
Life Story (Scripted TV)Documentary9.1
Africa (Scripted TV)Documentary9
Planet Earth (Scripted TV)Documentary8.3
Yellowstone (Scripted TV)Documentary7.9
Planet Earth II (Scripted TV)Documentary0
Jinx: Life & Deaths Of Robert Durst, The (Scripted TV)Documentary0
Chernobyl (Scripted TV)Drama9.4
Wire, The (Scripted TV)Drama9.3
Six Feet Under (Scripted TV)Drama8.7
Sons Of Anarchy (Scripted TV)Drama8.6
Pose (Scripted TV)Drama8.6
Newsroom, The (Scripted TV)Drama8.6
Night Of, The (Scripted TV)Drama8.5
Night & Day (Scripted TV)Drama8.5
My Brilliant Friend (Scripted TV)Drama8.5
Mr. Robot (Scripted TV)Drama8.5
Knick, The (Scripted TV)Drama8.5
John Adams (Scripted TV)Drama8.5
Generation Kill (Scripted TV)Drama8.5
Boardwalk Empire (Scripted TV)Drama8.5
Halt And Catch Fire (Scripted TV)Drama8.4
Carnivale (Scripted TV)Drama8.4
Place To Call Home, A (Scripted TV)Drama8.3
Olive Kitteridge (Scripted TV)Drama8.3
Mr Inbetween (Scripted TV)Drama8.3
Leftovers, The (Scripted TV)Drama8.3
In Treatment (Scripted TV)Drama8.3
Game Of Thrones (Scripted TV)Sci-Fi / Fantasy9.5
Discovery Of Witches, A (Scripted TV)Sci-Fi / Fantasy8.1
His Dark Materials (Scripted TV)Sci-Fi / Fantasy7.9
Heroes (Scripted TV)Sci-Fi / Fantasy7.5
Battlestar Galactica (Scripted TV)Sci-Fi / Fantasy7.2
Fear The Walking Dead (Scripted TV)Sci-Fi / Fantasy6.9
Game Of Thrones S1-7 Recap (Scripted TV)Sci-Fi / Fantasy0
Make You Laugh Out Loud (Unscripted TV)Comedy0
Just For Laughs Australia (Unscripted TV)Comedy0
Amy Schumer: Live At The Apollo (Unscripted TV)Comedy0
Grizzly Bear Cubs & Me (Unscripted TV)Documentary9.5
Blue Planet II (Unscripted TV)Documentary9.4
Frozen Planet (Unscripted TV)Documentary9
Universe, The (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.8
Homicide Hunter (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.8
Forensic Files (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.8
Men Who Built America, The (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.6
Secrets Of The Morgue (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.5
The Eighties (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.3
Live PD Presents: PD Cam (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.3
Great War, The (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.2
Clinton Affair, The (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.2
SAS: Rogue Warriors (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.1
Real Detective (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.1
Pacific: In The Wake Of Captain Cook, The (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.1
Cold Valley (Unscripted TV)Documentary8.1
Great British Railway Journeys (Unscripted TV)Documentary8
Great American Railroad Journeys (Unscripted TV)Documentary8
Crimes That Shook Britain (Unscripted TV)Documentary8
A Town & Country Murder (Unscripted TV)Documentary8
Very Scary People (Unscripted TV)Documentary7.9
Casualty 24/7 (Unscripted TV)Drama0
World War 2: The Complete History (Unscripted TV)History8.4
Egypt's Unexplained Files (Unscripted TV)History7.8
Project Nazi (Unscripted TV)History7.7
The Real War Of Thrones (Unscripted TV)History6.8
Viking Dead: The Lost Viking Fleet Of Roskilde (Unscripted TV)History0
Twisted History (Unscripted TV)History0
Treasures Of The Earth (Unscripted TV)History0
Secret Cities (Unscripted TV)History0
Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages (Unscripted TV)History0
Nazi Murder Mysteries (Unscripted TV)History0
McCullin (Unscripted TV)History0
Discovering Britain (Unscripted TV)History0
River Cottage Australia (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.9
Escape To River Cottage (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.7
Return To River Cottage (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.6
River Cottage: Winter's On The Way (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.5
River Cottage Forever (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.5
Landscape Artist Of The Year (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.5
Escape To The Chateau (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.5
River Cottage Autumn (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.4
Jamie's Quick & Easy Food (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.4
River Cottage Summer's Here (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.3
Escape To The Chateau: DIY (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.3
Jamie Cooks Italy (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8.1
Rick Stein's Secret France (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle8
Grand Designs New Zealand (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle7.9
Ugly House To Lovely House With George Clarke (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle7.8
River Cottage: Veg (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle7.8
Jamie's 15 Minute Meals (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle7.8
Nigella Kitchen (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle7.7
Grand Designs: House Of The Year (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle7.7
Food Safari (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle7.7
Nigel Slater's Middle East (Unscripted TV)Lifestyle7.6
Parkinson (Unscripted TV)Light Entertainment7.6
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (Unscripted TV)Light Entertainment0
Forged In Fire (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV8.4
Vintage Tech Hunters (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV8.1
Truck Night In America (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV8.1
Britain's Best Home Cook (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV8.1
Love It Or List It (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV8
Extreme Cake Makers (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV8
BBQ Pit Wars (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV7.7
Hero Ink (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV7.4
Highway To Sell (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV7.2
American Pickers: Best Of (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV7.2
Tattoo Fixers (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV7
Property Brothers: Forever Home (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV7
Backyard Envy (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV7
American Pickers (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV7
Haunted History (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV6.8
Knight Fight (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV6.7
Eight Go Rallying: The Road To Saigon (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV6.6
Delivering Babies (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV6.6
American Restoration (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV6.6
BBQ Pitmasters (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV6.5
Storage Wars (Unscripted TV)Reality-TV6.4
First 48, The (Unscripted TV)True Crime8.2
Scandal Made Me Famous (Unscripted TV)True Crime7.3
Killer Women With Piers Morgan (Unscripted TV)True Crime6.5
Fear Thy Neighbor (Unscripted TV)True Crime0
Debi Marshall Investigates Frozen Lies (Unscripted TV)True Crime0
Dark Knight, TheAction9
Saving Private RyanAction8.6
Terminator 2: Judgment DayAction8.5
Gladiator (2000)Action8.5
Jurassic ParkAction8.1
Sin CityAction8
Bourne Ultimatum, TheAction8
District 9Action7.9
Bourne Identity, TheAction7.9
Ghostbusters (1984)Action7.8
Last Of The Mohicans, TheAction7.7
First BloodAction7.7
Empire Of The SunAction7.7
Bourne Supremacy, TheAction7.7
Sherlock HolmesAction7.6
Lethal WeaponAction7.6
Total Recall (1990)Action7.5
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of ShadowsAction7.5
Back To The FutureAdventure8.5
Inglourious BasterdsAdventure8.3
Blood DiamondAdventure8
Hunt For The WilderpeopleAdventure7.9
Blues Brothers, TheAdventure7.9
Right Stuff, TheAdventure7.8
Goonies, TheAdventure7.8
Rabbit-Proof FenceAdventure7.4
Galaxy QuestAdventure7.3
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find ThemAdventure7.3
Lean On PeteAdventure7.2
I Am LegendAdventure7.2
Descent, TheAdventure7.2
Cold MountainAdventure7.2
Super 8Adventure7
Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureAdventure6.9
Where The Wild Things AreAdventure6.7
Lion Kid, TheAnimation8.2
Iron Giant, TheAnimation8
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyAnimation7.9
How To Train Your Dragon 2Animation7.8
Despicable MeAnimation7.6
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-RabbitAnimation7.4
Rise Of The GuardiansAnimation7.3
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection FAnimation7.3
Shrek 2Animation7.2
Kung Fu Panda 2Animation7.2
Spongebob Squarepants Movie, TheAnimation7.1
Spirit: Stallion Of The CimarronAnimation7.1
Prince Of Egypt, TheAnimation7.1
Kung Fu Panda 3Animation7.1
Hotel TransylvaniaAnimation7.1
Groundhog DaveAnimation7.1
Arthur ChristmasAnimation7.1
Game ChangeBiography7.4
Angela's AshesBiography7.3
Phil SpectorBiography6.2
Billy Crystal: 700 SundaysComedy8.4
Big Lebowski, TheComedy8.1
Groundhog DayComedy8
This Is Spinal TapComedy7.9
In BrugesComedy7.9
What We Do In The Shadows (2014)Comedy7.7
National Lampoon's Animal HouseComedy7.5
Terminal, TheComedy7.4
National Lampoon's VacationComedy7.4
Death At A FuneralComedy7.4
Bucket List, TheComedy7.4
American GraffitiComedy7.4
Lost Boys, TheComedy7.3
League Of Their Own, A (1992)Comedy7.3
Swingers (1996)Comedy7.2
Stuck In LoveComedy7.2
Pitch PerfectComedy7.2
Major LeagueComedy7.2
Usual Suspects, TheCrime8.5
Taxi DriverCrime8.3
Ocean's ElevenCrime7.7
Insult, TheCrime7.7
Inside ManCrime7.6
Town, TheCrime7.5
Jackie BrownCrime7.5
Talented Mr. Ripley, TheCrime7.4
Hustle & FlowCrime7.3
Cape FearCrime7.3
Bank Job, TheCrime7.2
Outsiders, TheCrime7.1
John QCrime7.1
In The FadeCrime7.1
Paradise Lost 3: PurgatoryDocumentary8.1
Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria VanderbiltDocumentary7.9
Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years, TheDocumentary7.8
Spielberg (2017)Documentary7.7
Paradise Lost 2: RevelationsDocumentary7.6
Newburgh Sting, TheDocumentary7.5
Class DivideDocumentary7.3
Paradise Lost 1: The Child Murders At Robin HoodDocumentary0
Shawshank Redemption, TheDrama9.3
Green Mile, TheDrama8.6
Prestige, TheDrama8.5
American History XDrama8.5
Django UnchainedDrama8.4
Apocalypse NowDrama8.4
Temple GrandinDrama8.3
Good Will HuntingDrama8.3
There Will Be BloodDrama8.2
Beautiful Mind, ADrama8.2
Wild Pear Tree, TheDrama8.1
Truman Show, TheDrama8.1
Hemingway & GellhornDrama8.1
Deer Hunter, TheDrama8.1
Catch Me If You CanDrama8.1
Before SunriseDrama8.1
12 Years A SlaveDrama8.1
Slumdog MillionaireDrama8
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate FactoryFamily7.8
Nanny McPheeFamily6.5
An American Girl: Chrissa Stands StrongFamily6.3
Nanny McPhee & The Big BangFamily6.1
Angel DogFamily5.8
Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's ReturnFamily5.1
Adventures Of Roborex, TheFamily5.1
Back Of The NetFamily5
Paws P.I.Family4.6
Air Bud: Seventh Inning FetchFamily4.5
Air Bud: Golden ReceiverFamily4.5
Air Bud: Spikes BackFamily4.1
Horrid Henry The MovieFamily3.5
Robodog: AirborneFamily0
Air Bud: World PupFamily0
A.R.C.H.I.E. 2: Mission ImpawsibbleFamily0
Psycho ('60)Horror8.5
Thing, The (1982)Horror8.1
Exorcist, TheHorror8
Evil Dead IIHorror7.8
Others, TheHorror7.6
Conjuring, TheHorror7.5
Conjuring 2, TheHorror7.3
Evil DeadHorror6.5
Paranormal ActivityHorror6.3
Wrong TurnHorror6.1
2001: A Space OdysseySci-Fi / Fantasy8.3
Minority ReportSci-Fi / Fantasy7.6
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (The Director's Cut)Sci-Fi / Fantasy7.6
Vanilla SkySci-Fi / Fantasy6.9
Ender's GameSci-Fi / Fantasy6.6
Red Riding HoodSci-Fi / Fantasy5.4
XanaduSci-Fi / Fantasy5.2
American PsychoThriller7.6
Presumed InnocentThriller6.9
Score, TheThriller6.8
Fog, The (1980)Thriller6.8
Da Vinci Code, TheThriller6.6
30 Days Of NightThriller6.6
Cell, TheThriller6.3
Hummingbird Project, TheThriller6.2
Poison Rose, TheThriller4.7

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