How to Save Monthly on Your Foxtel Subscription

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Updated 8th August, 2019

Looking for the cheapest way to get a Foxtel subscription? Even with the variety of streaming apps and devices, there’s nothing like the good old live television broadcast. As a result, Foxtel remains on top of its game despite major changes in how people view content. And while the cable provider delivers competitive plans and bundles, there’s a cheaper alternative that offers the exact same services.

How to Save Money on Foxtel

There’s one telco that’s building a reputation for making access to Foxtel’s entertainment plans even more appealing by reducing their monthly costs, by delivering Foxtel to you themselves – Telstra. Under the name Foxtel from Telstra, they give you the same full Foxtel experience – but often with a surprising price difference. As a starting point, both offer the base Entertainment Pack for $29 – giving you over 40 channels to choose from. However, it’s the Foxtel from Telstra approach to their bundles that’ll give you substantial savings in the long run, with huge monthly discounts for the first 12 months.

Score More with Foxtel From Telstra!

Get everything you love about Foxtel for less with Foxtel from Telstra’s TV packs from only $29/mth with $0 standard install, no contract, cancel anytime. Want sport? Save more with Entertainment+Sport for $39/mth.
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New Foxtel Customer Discount

If you’re a new customer and you’re looking for ways to reduce subscription costs on your entertainment plans, Foxtel from Telstra’s offerings is your clear-cut solution. For only $30/month, you can choose between the Entertainment + Drama and Entertainment + Movies plans. With Foxtel’s $49 monthly cost for the same packages, that gives you $19 monthly savings for the first 12 months!

Sport Pack

Moreover, sports fans can now access Foxtel from Telstra’s Entertainment + Sport package for only $39/month, which is comparable to Foxtel’s $68/month Sport HD + Entertainment package (though with the Foxtel from Telstra plan, HD is an optional $10 extra for those who want it). Comparing the prices, you can see where the true value lies. For even more content, you can bundle entertainment, sports, and drama into one plan for also a discounted price, or you can replace drama with movies pass for the same monthly plan fee.

Platinum Pack

If you have a diverse taste in entertainment, the Platinum HD plan is ideal. It includes all packs and channels for $99/month, down from the actual $139 plan fee — giving you a huge savings of $40 per month. Not only do you save big bucks, but you can also watch everything you want to your heart’s content. Apart from the discounts, you also get the latest iQ box for free if you stay connected for 12 months.

After the first 12 months, the plans’ respective prices roll over onto their original costs with a month-to-month subscription. For instance, Entertainment + Sport is back at $58/month and Platinum HD at $139/month.

Foxtel from Telstra Features

When you purchase a Foxtel entertainment plan from Telstra, you get the exact same features you’d get if you went directly through Foxtel. There’s the latest iQ4K box, which delivers a wide range of features for a more convenient viewing experience. You can record, rewind, stream and watch live sport, shows and movies with ease as long as you’re connected to the internet. You can see what shows are trending to make selection easier, access a library that allows you to store up to 345 hours of recorded shows in standard definition or 160 hours in HD, and the Bluetooth remote lets you control the iQ4 even when your box is out of sight. If you’re subscribed to the Sports pack and also add the HD upgrade, you get free access to Australia’s first 4K TV channel, too, broadcasting live sports like Formula 1 Grand Prix in ultra-high definition.

With Foxtel from Telstra’s current plans, the iQ4 box and professional installation by a Foxtel tech free of charge – the only catch being that if you cancel before the 12 months is up, you’ll have to pay a portion of the regular equipment fee ($120 for the full 12 months).

Budget Foxtel TV Packs

Foxtel has an excellent range of entertainment plans to choose from. But if you’re budget-conscious, like most are, you might want to re-evaluate your options. This is where Foxtel from Telstra steps in. They offer the very same range of channel packs, only cheaper — as in “it’ll save you hundreds of bucks” cheaper.

The bottom line is — you can get your entertainment fix direct through Foxtel or you can get it via Foxtel from Telstra. They both deliver high-calibre entertainment packages since the service they’re providing to you is exactly the same. However, the cheapest way to get a Foxtel subscription is through Foxtel from Telstra. In most instances, that’s all customers need to know.

Foxtel Alternatives

As you can see, if saving money is your goal, Foxtel from Telstra delivers excellent value with their well-priced packages and bundles. But maybe you’re still on the fence about getting Foxtel installed in the first place – it might be difficult to install where you live, or you may only be renting and not willing to commit to a 12-month plan that has a penalty (even if only a small one) for leaving early.

And luckily, Australia is a great place to be if you want entertainment options at all price points, including super-cheap. Because while Foxtel via satellite is a great way to watch premium TV, the revolution in streaming TV over the past few years has led to there being some real options for those who want to stream their TV over broadband, pick and choose what to watch and pay as little money as possible.

Kayo Sports

The number one reason to consider streaming is sports – and there’s a very good reason for that. Launched to widespread acclaim and huge numbers of happy customers, Kayo Sports is a world-leading sports streaming service that draws on the massive rights and resources of Fox Sports. In other words, it brings you the same premium sports content as Foxtel, but with a difference – it’s loaded with special features to enhance your sports viewing experience. You can stream games live, start streaming from the start even after the event is well underway, or replay completed games on demand. Letting you browse by sporting code rather than by channels, Kayo delivers crisp high definition streams enhanced by unique special features – such as Split View, which lets you play TV director with multiple games in multiple windows at your command. There’s real-time stats, a clever “Key Moments” feature to jump straight to the good bits, and much more. And the price? A mere $25 per month. For sports fans, it’s a bargain – grab the free 14-day trial and see for yourself!


For movies or drama, you’re spoilt for choice and value, with the world’s biggest streaming service, global giant Netflix, giving you access to a constantly-changing library of movies – including many of their own exclusive productions – and Netflix’s acclaimed original shows such as Stranger Things. It’s priced nice and low, starting at only $9.99 a month.

Amazon Prime Video

Even cheaper is Amazon Prime Video, which carries a surprisingly large and deep movie collection that covers all eras and styles, and some brilliant original drama including Good Omens, The Marvellous Mrs Maisel and The Expanse. For $6.99/month or $59 per year, you get access to Prime Video alongside a wealth of other Prime benefits, including free Amazon shipping.

Telstra TV Box Office

Movie fans that need their fresh-from-the-cinema blockbusters, though, will want to to a look at Telstra TV Box Office – the recently launched service which brings you the very latest in Hollywood to rent or buy. As its name suggests, it’s best experienced on the Telstra TV streaming box, which you can buy from Telstra stores or get for free in selected Telstra Broadband bundles (and it comes with $125 of Box Office credit, too!) But you can also rent and buy movies through a wide range of other devices, including the latest smart TVs from LG, Samsung and more.


For documentary lovers, the excellent Australian-owned streaming service DocPlay is a must-have. With hundreds of documentaries in their library covering all kinds of subjects – and more added every week – it’s superb value at only $6.95 a month. You can try it out completely free for a full 30 days to see for yourself.


Reality TV, meanwhile, is still one of the most popular genres and shows no signs of slowing down. Rather than searching out the various reality shows on Foxtel, though, you could just subscribe to streaming service hayu, which specialises in one thing only – reality TV, and plenty of it. With over 6,500 hours of TV covering many dozens of shows – including the Real Housewives collection – it’s a bright, breezy winner for anyone who loves their TV with a big dose of larger-than-life real life. It’s $6.99/month with a free trial available.

Savings Everywhere!

No matter whether you decide to go for the full Foxtel experience with Foxtel From Telstra’s incredible-value offers, or opt to customise your entertainment by making the move to streaming, you’re going to be saving a lot of money. It’s good news all round, then – a great time for everyone who’s keen to get more for a whole lot less.


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