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Optus Sport

Wall to wall football is hard to resist for any fan of the game, and Optus Sport delivers it for a fair price – or even less.

Overall 85%

If you’ve got even a passing interest in global sports, you’ll be well aware of the massive popularity enjoyed by the great game of football (or “soccer” as some prefer to call it!). Optus Sport is catering for this audience in a big way, delivering football with their easy to use streaming app.

Can Optus Sport deliver the games you want to watch? Is it easy to access and use? And is it worth the asking price? We’ve taken a deep dive into the world of Optus Sport to bring you all the facts.

Optus Sport app

If you’ve got even a passing interest in global sports, you’ll be well aware of the massive popularity enjoyed by the great game of football (or “soccer” as some prefer to call it!). Optus Sport is catering for this audience in a big way, delivering football with their easy to use streaming app.

Can Optus Sport deliver the games you want to watch? Is it easy to access and use? And is it worth the asking price? We’ve taken a deep dive into the world of Optus Sport to bring you all the facts.

What’s In this Review

What is Optus Sport?

The Optus Sport service as it exists today is a confident, well-organised feast of football, more football and a bit of online fitness. Reflecting their commitment to the sport that started the service, the first thing you see in the Optus Sport phone app is the assurance you’re “where football belongs.” Now dedicated entirely to football, the codes and championships you’ll find on Optus Sport include live coverage, full replays, highlights packages, classic matches, exclusive shows and documentaries and more.

Optus Sport TV Guide

Optus Sport maintains consistent coverage of live football codes, but also adds coverage of special events as needed. Hence, you’ll find full coverage of football’s major global contests, including next year’s FIFA Club World Cup 2022 and the FIFA Women’ World Cup. Optus previously held the rights to the UEFA Champions League, but the rights for this competition have recently been acquired by Stan Sports

You’ll find dedicated sections in the Optus Sport apps for the following flavours of football, with the 24-hour Optus Sport 1 channel providing a non stop live EPL channel sourced from the UK, and other live channels added when needed to accommodate coverage.

  • Live and on demand Premier League
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023
  • Upcoming UEFA Women’s Euros
  • FA Women’s Super League
  • J-League
  • OS Fitness (find your new favourite workout)

Optus Sport subscriptions

One of the biggest questions for anyone looking for their football fix what is the Optus Sport price? If you’re not an Optus customer and want to sign up, all you need to do is grab the iOS or Android mobile app, create an account and start a subscription billed via your mobile platform of choice (Apple or Google). It’ll cost you $14.99 per month for an Optus Sport subscription, but because it’s billed through the phone platform, you can take advantage of the regular discounts that can be had on iTunes or Google Play gift cards to effectively get the subscription at a 15-20% discount.

Optus mobile customers can get access to the Optus Sport app for free with eligible mobile plans. Optus broadband customers also get Optus Sport included in their annual plans.

Optus Sport Free Trial

While Optus Sport used to offer a free trial so you could check out the service for yourself before subscribing, that’s no longer an option. They do offer a small amount of non-live sports content in their app for non-subscribers, and occasionally make some matches available for free. However, the next way to check out everything that Optus Sport has to offer is to grab a monthly subscription.

How much does Optus Sport Cost

There are two different options to consider when it comes to Optus Sport cost. Check them out below.

Optus Sport Plans

Annual Plan
  • Annual Plan
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • EPL, WSL, UEFA Euros
  • $139/365 days
$139/365 days

Monthly Plan
  • Monthly Plan
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • EPL, WSL, UEFA Euros
  • $14.99/mth
Min Cost - $14.99 over 1 month

How to watch Optus Sport on TV

Optus Sport these days is available on a growing number of streaming TV devices, allowing easy access to your football whether you’re at home or on the go. 

A significant portion of the Optus Sport userbase accesses the service through a dedicated app for the popular Fetch TV Mini and Mighty boxes – and if you’ve got access to that platform, it’s easily the best way to watch. The extra streaming power of the Fetch hardware is put to good use to deliver the action at 50 frames per second rather than the usual 25, meaning super-smooth motion during matches. The catch with the Fetch TV app is a simple one – it’s only available on Fetch TV services sold through Optus, so you’ll need an Optus broadband connection. On the plus side, if you opt for Optus’s top broadband bundle you get Optus Sport access and a Fetch Mighty box at no extra cost.

If you’re happy with your current broadband or mobile plan, though, but still want Optus Sport, you’ve got multiple device options – the service is available on iOS and Android phones and tablets, which also let you cast to a TV via Google Chromecast. PC and Mac web browsers can stream the service, while there are dedicated apps for the popular Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Xbox One game console and, of course, the Apple TV (HD and 4K models only).

Apple TVYesHD and 4K models Only
iOS Phones and TabletsYesiOS 9.0 or later
Android Phones and TabletsYesAndroid 5.0 or later
Xbox OneYes
Fetch TVYesRequires Fetch through Optus
PC/Mac ComputersYesVia web browser
Amazon Fire TV StickYes
ChromecastYesCasting available from iOS and Android apps

Optus Sport features

In keeping with the desire of fans to get to their games with a minimum of hassle (and without waiting for graphics-heavy pages to download) Optus Sport lays out the various football codes in its apps clearly and concisely. On each code’s screen you’ll find access to live streams, full video replays of matches, highlights, “mini matches” (edited bite-size versions of games that are similar to Kayo’s popular Minis) and more. You’ll also find the latest news, full results, an easy-to-read up-to-date league table and, of course, the fixtures, on the Optus app. The page that greets you when first signing in alerts you to any matches that are about to start so you can head right to them without having to search through the vast amount of games on offer at any given time.

There’s also a dedicated live TV section that streams Optus Sport 1 with a constantly updated program guide that stretches a week into the future so you can plan ahead, and a separate news section where you can take in an overview of all the news articles and videos across the codes in the one place. It may not be the prettiest app in the world, but it’s easy to navigate and extremely fast, and when you’re looking to get to your game as fast as possible that’s a good thing!

The Optus streaming resolution is set to a maximum of 720p, by the way. While that might disappoint some, it’s been done for a reason – to enable 50 frame/second streaming where possible, and to ensure everyone can smoothly stream matches without running into buffering issues. It’s worth noting that Foxtel Now, the former streaming home of the EPL, also streams at a maximum of 720p.

What are Optus Sport’s Best Features?

  • Comprehensive coverage of multiple international football codes
  • Full access to English Premier League matches, news and other content with 24/7 coverage
  • Easy navigation makes finding the match you’re after easy, with start times quoted in local time so you know exactly when to watch
  • No contracts, no plan tiers, just one monthly subscription plan
  • Available free on selected Optus broadband and post-paid mobile plans

How to Contact Optus Sport

If you’re having issues with Optus Sport streaming, account setup or billing, you can get in touch with their support team on 133 937 from 8am to 7pm Monday-Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. Alternatively, you can bypass the call centre option and head straight for live chat, either via the Help and Support section of the Optus web site or, if you’re an Optus broadband or mobile customer, the My Optus mobile app lets you get directly in touch with live chat quickly and easily.

Optus Sport Summary

While its arrival was greeted with some scepticism from dedicated English Premier League fans who were used to settling down to watch their favourite sport on Foxtel, Optus Sport has overcome its early technical issues and has taken a wide range of football codes on board to enhance what is now a superb dedicated football-only streaming service that no fan of the great game will want to be without. It’s an especially good deal if you get it free or cheap alongside an Optus mobile or broadband plan, but even at its regular $14.99/month subscription price, it’s great value if you love your football.

The Good

  • Extensive coverage of EPL, multiple European championships and more
  • Uncluttered, well organised app makes finding and streaming a match a breeze

The Gotchas

  • Availability on Fetch TV restricted to Optus Broadband customers
  • Subscription payment only possible via mobile platform storefronts

Other sports streaming service similar to Optus Sport

The following streaming services are currently some of the best alternatives to Optus Sport today. Existing Optus customers who have the app free with their mobile broadband plans won’t have any further charge with the following sports streaming providers and their free trials.

Optus Sport Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Optus Sport free?

If you’re an Optus internet or mobile customer, you’ll find free access to Optus Sport is included with your plan, alongside the new OS Fitness. For customers of other providers, though, Optus Sport costs $14.99 per month, or $139 for the year.

  • How to watch Optus Sport on TV

The best way to get Optus Sport onto your TV is to use one of the popular streaming devices that are around at the moment, at prices ranging from budget to top-tier. There are Optus Sport apps for Fetch TV, Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV, and the latest Google Chromecast with Google TV is supported via an Android TV app that also works on Sony smart TVs. You’ll also find apps for LG and Samsung smart TVs and the Xbox One game console.

  • Can Optus Sport be shared?

While you could share your account login with friends, the service only supports streaming to one device at a time – so it’s probably best to keep your account to yourself so you don’t miss a match! The one exception is Fetch TV – if you’re watching on Fetch TV, you can stream on another device at the same time.

  • Will Optus Sport show Champions League?

Not any longer – despite making a bid for the rights to the UEFA Champions League, Stan bid higher and got the rights for the next three years. So for that tournament, you’ll need to subscribe to Stan and their sports add-on to watch.

  • Who owns Optus Sport?

Not surprisingly, Optus Sport is owned and operated by Optus themselves. Optus is owned by Singapore communications giant Singtel, but that company doesn’t have direct involvement in the running of Optus Sport.

  • How do I get Optus Sports on my TV?

Optus has made it easy to stream matches on your TV, with native apps available for Samsung and LG smart TVs, for Android TV (including Sony smart TVs and Google TV devices including Chromecast) and for Apple TV, Fetch TV and Fire TV, as well as the Xbox One game console.

  • Can you get Optus Sport on Telstra TV?

No, not at the moment anyway. With the fierce competition between Telstra and Optus – as well as the fact that Telstra TV is one of the main platforms for Kayo Sports – it would seem unlikely we’ll see Optus Sport on the device any time soon.

  • Can you watch Optus Sport on multiple devices?

Generally, the answer is no – only one stream at a time per account is allowed. But if you’re a Fetch TV user and stream Optus Sport on that device, you are allowed to have a second stream on any other supported device.

  • What video quality are matches streamed in?

Optus Sport streams all its games at 720p, to ensure a fast frame rate so all the action of every game is captured smoothly and accurately.

  • Is Optus Sport on PS4 or PS5?

At the moment, no, there’s not an Optus Sport app for PlayStation games consoles – just for Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. Optus has hinted for some time that a PlayStation app might be on the way but, at the moment, you’ll need to watch on another device. Fortunately, the service works on multiple popular devices.

  • Is Optus Sport available on YouTube?

As a subscription service, Optus Sport’s live streaming along with its replays and highlights are only available through the Optus Sport app. However, they do have a channel on YouTube that’s constantly updated with highlights, news and even full-length documentaries, all of which can be watched completely free of charge.

  • Are the Euros on Optus Sport?

Unfortunately, Optus Sport wasn’t able to renew its deal with UEFA for streaming the Europa League and Champions League tournaments, but that hasn’t stopped the football action. Optus Sport streamed UEFA Euro 2020 an d has multiple tournaments locked in, of course including the English Premier League, but also Copa America, the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, the Womens’ World Cup 2023 and much more.

  • Who are the Optus Sport presenters?

Led by Richard Bayliss and Niav Owens, Optus Sport’s on-screen presenting team comes with a formidable knowledge of football and its culture. They’ve got access to a pool of expert commentators and presenters, including Socceroos legends such as Mark Schwarzer, John Aloisi, Craig Moore, Kevin Muscat, Luke Wilkshire, Scott McDonald and Mark Milligan, and former Matildas Heather Garriock, Alicia Ferguson and Amy Chapman. Depending on the location of the games being played, there’s also a roster of well-known international names on tap, including former Denmark captain Thomas Sorensen, ex-England players Michael Bridges, Emile Heskey, Wes Brown, Sue Smith and Karen Carney, and former internationals Carl Robinson of Wales, Spaniard Gaizka Mendieta, and Portugal’s Luis Boa Morte.

  • Can I record games on Optus Sport?

On most devices, you can only stream games live as they happen, or stream a replay of the game later. However, if you are a Fetch TV subscriber and have their hard-drive-equipped Mighty box, you ca not only record any game you like, but you can also series-link your favourite team or teams so all their games are automatically recorded for you to watch whenever it suits you.

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