Best Streaming TV Alternatives to Foxtel Now

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There are tons of great entertainment and loads of must-watch events on TV these days, and thanks to the streaming revolution, there’s now an easy way to get access to premium pay TV without the hassle of a hardware installation. Foxtel Now brings the channels, shows and sports of the full-sized Foxtel into your lounge room as a pay-as-you-go streaming service, but it can be expensive. Fortunately, there are several cheaper options that offer similar entertainment.

And that can be great, if you’re looking for an expanded range of the types of content that Foxtel Now offers – but it can also get a little bit pricey. Your base entry level subscription to the service gives you a range of drama, entertainment and lifestyle channels, and there’s plenty there to enjoy – including Fox Showcase, the channel with access to the HBO library. That’s a $25/month starting point, though, and if you then wanted to expand your viewing options with extra channel packs, the cost can start to bite. For example, adding the Movies pack gives you nine channels of recent and classic movies for $20 extra, while the Sport pack costs $29 for access to a 13-channel range from the Foxtel sports line-up. Add the drama pack at $10/month and you’re already spending $84 per month – hardly a throwaway expense anymore. 

Of course, you can pick and choose the packs that suit you, but you’ll always have to have the $25 Essentials pack, and if you want access to the Kids’ or Docos packs you need to go for the full bundle at a hefty $104/month.

But there’s good news for those of you who look at prices like that and think that a wide range of entertainment is out of reach. Nothing could be further from the truth – because there are some excellent alternatives you can go for instead. Pick and choose from these options, and you’ll very likely find you’re getting far more bang for your buck!

Alternatives to the Sports Pack

If you’ve been checking out Foxtel Now for its sports coverage – as many do, since it includes access to the majority of live sports channels from full-sized Foxtel – you might have come to the conclusion that you just have to wear the $25 base cost to get to the Sports pack – a total of $54 per month. But if sport is your passion, there’s no need to spend that much – because the freshly launched streaming service Kayo Sports delivers all the live sport you’d find on Foxtel Now. And not only that, it gives you your fix not as a series of channels, but as dedicated sporting codes and events that you can follow, watch live, on delay or on demand, all with full high definition picture quality. Kayo also includes interactive features you can’t find anywhere else. And the price? A mere $25 per month, with no hidden extras and no contracts. For sports fans, this is how you stream like a champion!


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Alternatives to the Drama Pack

While there’s not much of it left on free to air TV, quality drama shows are bigger than ever in the streaming TV era, and while you’ll find some great stuff in the base Essentials pack and optional Drama pack on Foxtel Now, those combined will set you back $35 per month – and whether that’s worth it to you will depend on how much time you want to spend with HBO shows. Alternatively, you can spend far less each month on a content-packed streaming service such as Netflix, where you’ll find hundreds of hours of quality drama – much of it exclusive – for as little as $9.99 per month (though budget for $13.99 if you want to watch in HD on your big screen TV). Similarly, Amazon Prime Video (at $6.99 a month or $59 per year) is packed with drama content including exclusives. 

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Alternatives to the Lifestyle Pack

Let’s face it, reality TV is bigger now than it’s ever been, and if you’re one of the millions who’s looking for a regular reality fix, the handful of “lifestyle” channels provided in Foxtel Now’s base packages might not seem like enough. Again, streaming services come to the rescue – in this case, wall-to-wall reality TV service hayu. Costing only $6.99 a month, this nicely designed, fun and friendly streaming service collects thousands of hours of reality TV from the present and the past (ever wanted to watch every Real Housewives season ever? Here’s your chance!) They add new content just about every day and go the extra mile with shareable highlights clips and extras. 

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Alternatives to the Docos Pack

Out of all the packs available on Foxtel Now, the docos pack is, along with the Kids pack, easily the furthest out of reach. Just to get access to the range of documentary channels on Foxtel Now will set you back an eye-watering $104 per month – because the only way to get those channels is to subscribe to the “everything” pack. While lots of us love our docos, that’s a hefty price to pay to watch them. But luckily there’s an alternative – an Australian-run streaming service that specialises in docos. Named DocPlay, it carries a huge range of documentaries of all kinds, from historical and political to music and culture. And access to their entire library, streaming in HD, is a mere $6.99 per month – making it a must to check out if you’ve been hanging out for some documentary goodness.

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Alternatives to the Movies Pack

The $45 per month bundle from Foxtel Now that gives you the Movies pack is nothing to be sneezed at – there’s a huge rotating catalogue of movies there to watch, after all. But if you’re looking for the very latest movies to stream in the comfort of your home then you might want to take a look at an option that’s very tasty for movie fans – the Telstra TV. This compact but powerful streaming TV device – powered by hardware made by US giant Roku – is your one-stop portal to stream everything we’ve mentioned above – but it’s especially useful for those who love movies. You can get the latest Telstra TV box included with a Telstra Broadband bundle, or you can buy one outright. Either way, it comes with $120 of credit on the newly launched Telstra TV Box Office, which lets you rent the latest Hollywood blockbusters and stream them right there in the lounge room. A perfect all-in-one steaming solution with its own movie store built right in, Telstra TV can also handle Foxtel Now, should you ever want to drop back in. This smart little device puts complete control of your streaming entertainment in the one place. Give Telstra a call on 1800 007 769 if you’d like to know more.

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There are plenty of ways to spend less and get more, no matter what you’re streaming – but Telstra TV is the device that can handle all of it, letting you take full advantage of the range of streaming services that have been changing the way we view TV, but still giving you access to Foxtel Now for when you need it. Truly the best of both worlds.


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