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Foxtel officially launched their iQ3 set top box in March 2015, and it’s still supplied to cable customers today. Let’s take a look at the iQ3’s features and how it improved on the iQ2.

New features

Wi-Fi connection

The iQ3 makes it possible to easily connect to your home Wi-Fi, and many features of the iQ3 work best with a stable internet connection.

Start over your show

The Start Over feature will let you jump back to the start of a show which has already begun; recent upgrades to this service mean you can now watch in HD quality.

24 Hours look back

Connect your box to the internet to get access to Look Back, which offers the ability to browse back up to 24 hours in the Foxtel TV guide to catch up on shows you’ve missed. The new look-back feature will let you watch any show of the past 24 hours – even when you did not record it. This feature requires an internet connection and is closely integrated with the newer On Demand service.

Recording space

The large 1TB hard disk in the IQ3 makes it possible to store up to 345 hours of standard-definition or up to 172 hours of high-definition shows.

User interface

The completely redesigned user interface lists trending shows and makes suggestions based on your current viewing behaviour and selected channels. It also provides access to On Demand content, including FoxFlicks and Fox Showcase.

Foxtel IQ3 Features


Existing Foxtel customers can upgrade to the new iQ3 for $125, with the option of installing the iQ3 themselves, which will cost $25, or having it installed by a Foxtel technician for $100. The fees for the iQ3 and installation are often waived as part of promotional deals for new customers. You can compare Foxtel packages here.

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Do I need to upgrade to the iQ3 set top box?

If you have a stable internet connection at home and only have the iQ2 at the moment, it may definitely be worth it to upgrade to the new iQ3. The additional features like start-over, look-back and especially the upgrade in recording space are worth their price.

Foxtel Launches iQ4K — Smarter and Faster!

Three years after iQ3, Foxtel once again leads the way in Australian television with the release of the smarter and faster iQ4 set-top box, alongside the launch of Foxtel’s live 4K programming.

Satellite customers will now receive the iQ4, a faster and even more advanced set top box that’s capable of receiving Foxtel’s new 4K broadcasts. The cost of the iQ4 is the same, and while it has a lot of improvements behind the scenes, its user interface is the same as the iQ3.

What’s great about this new set-top box is how it fully maximises the value of your Foxtel subscription, combining satellite delivery of full-quality 4K programming via the 4K live channel, plus a host of other features including a massive library of TV and movies to stream On Demand via the internet.

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