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The Good Fight main cast

What are the Top Ten TV Shows available on Ten All Access?

Ten All Access has risen up the ranks in the streaming game with some eye- catching content. The streaming platform delivers a great variety of shows that the whole family can enjoy. We’ have gathered all the info on the top ten shows to stream on Ten All Access now:

  • The Good Fight
  • Tell Me A Story
  • NCIS
  • Evil
  • Carol’s Second Act
  • Seal Team
  • The Unicorn
  • Tooning Out The News
  • Tommy
  • Bachelor In Paradise Australia

What to stream on Ten All Access in May

The Good Fight

The Good Fight new season

Three women come together to take on the burning issues of the day and fight The Good Fight. The series is a spin off from The Good Wife. The new show begins a year later with Diane Lockhart having to start all over again, having lost her employment because of a financial scam. She joins Lucca Quinn at a prestigious law firm and starts again. Diane is joined by Maia at the firm, who is also starting afresh.  Start streaming episodes of The Good Fight, available on Ten All Access.

Tell Me A Story

Tell Me a Story scene

We all love the stories we listened to as kids: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and more. Tell Me A Story takes the same beloved stories and twists them into dark modern fables set in present day New York. The first season spun together the stories mentioned above into an absorbing narrative. The second season will follow in the same footstep, but with more at stake. 


NCIS Season 18 complete cast

Naval Crime Investigative Service, in case you were wondering what NCIS stands for. The crime procedural has risen to become one of the most popular in its genre, leading to two spinoffs as well. The show focuses on a group of investigators, led by the intelligent and suave Leroy Jethro Gibbs, as they tackle dark crimes and complex cases. 


     Evil TV series scene

Do you believe in ghosts? That’s the question that’s put forth by the fictional series. A sceptical forensic psychologist, Dr Kristen Bouchard, must confront her own scepticism and investigate supernatural incidents. Joining her is a man firm in his faith, David Acosta. The two must bridge the differences in their convictions to work together as a team.

Carols’ Second Act

Carol's Second Act CBS show

You are a beloved teacher and the mother of two beautiful, intelligent children. What do you do when you retire from your profession, and the children retire from your house? If you are Carol, you pursue your second act, following your dream of becoming a doctor. The sitcom brings to life important mid life issues with a generous serving of humour. 

Seal Team

SEAL Team new season

Heroes are always admired, always loved. But it is never easy to become a hero. The most elite unit of the Navy Seals, Bravo Team, take on some of the most difficult, most dangerous missions around the world to play hero and save the day. This affects a heavy toll on their personal lives and their families.    

The Unicorn

The Unicorn pilot episode scene

Moving on after the wife you truly loved has passed is never easy. Wade finds himself in the unfamiliar position of being a single father with two daughters to raise. His friends encourage him to get back on the dating bandwagon. Wade is sceptical, but to his surprise he finds himself the top pick because of his developed husband and father status. A humorous journey follows, with a touch of drama. 

Tooning Out The News

Animated Tooning Out the News program

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to say whether the daily news you watch is actually a cartoon show. With Tooning Out The News, all doubt is removed once in for all. The satire takes all the popular segments that we watch and put an animated twist on it. Created by a team led by the talented Stephen Colbert, the show is funny and a scary reminder of the current world in equal measure.


Tommy crime series

If it is not difficult enough being LAPD’s first female Chief of Police, imagine how much more difficult the task can get if you revealed you were gay. Tommy, the lead character, finds herself on a new coast, having moved from New York. She must tackle the new city, the new job, and also over her issues with her sexual orientation. 

Bachelor in Paradise Australia

Bachelor in Paradise Australia cast members

All of us love a happily ever after story. And more so when you have a most eligible, handsome, man courted by smart, beautiful women. The reality show throws in all the things we fantasise about, including exotic destinations, and holds a match making ceremony that drips with drama, tension, and of course love.  Catch all of it on Ten All Access.     

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