Watch the Best Action Movies Online in Australia

When we talk about blockbusters and box office hits, action flicks are the first thing that come to mind. Action movies have given us some of entertainment’s biggest icons from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator to Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo to Sean Connery as James Bond or Bruce Willis in Die Hard, these people are heroes in the average world.

Now with film and television production being one of the world’s largest markets, there are franchise after franchise banking on the new generation of stars like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in everything, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, Keanu Reeves as John Wick, Tom Hardy in Fury Road and Daniel Craig’s take on James Bond. Whether you want to watch movies with martial arts, machine guns, one liners, special effects, bad guys, heists, fight scenes, car chases or comic book action sequences, there are a world of titles out there to stream and you can find out how below.

What’s in this guide

Streaming action movies in Australia

While the best action movies have always been a big cinematic experience, but these stars eventually find their way to the home TV screen. A lot of these blockbuster behemoths usually get fast tracked straight to a streaming service like Netflix claiming the Fast and the Furious, the franchise known for its insane car chases, or Foxtel jumping on Jason Bourne films.

There are an explosive amount of action films in the world, and a knockout range of streaming services to catch them on. If you want to spend a Friday night watching Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon or Keanu Reeves in Point Break, don’t forget there are free trials for almost all of the streaming services so you can try them before you sign up.

Best action movies to watch

People don’t often have a favourite action film but they do have favourite action stars with the obvious ones being Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, but don’t discount underdogs like Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, who kick ass in Face/Off streaming on Disney Plus. For a lot of people James Bond is the ultimate action franchise (from Goldfinger to Casino Royale) as it features a mix of gadgets, martial arts, romancing, espionage and car chases. It is almost impossible to list the best action franchises and films without missing too many, but below is a good attempt.

  • Rambo
  • The Terminator
  • Robo Cop
  • Face/Off
  • James Bond
  • Mad Max Fury Road
  • Kick Ass
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  • John Wick
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Point Break
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Bad Boys
  • Indiana Jones
  • Avengers Infinity War Saga
  • Die Hard
  • Aliens
  • Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy
  • Tenet
  • Greenland
  • Space Sweepers
  • Taken
  • Rush Hour
  • Mission Impossible
  • The Fast and the Furious
  • Zack Snyder’s Justice League
  • The Bourne Films

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What action is on BINGE

BINGE is the home of drama amongst the streaming platforms, but is there much action in their massive library? Thanks to the Foxtel branding, BINGE lays claim to some of the hottest actions movies in the world as they release. If you like war movies then there’s 1917 and Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Alternatively, you can catch John Rambo and John Connor in their respective action films.

A lot of their content revolves around high quality drama which features action sequences, fight scenes or a good car chase, but it’s still worth checking out. BINGE‘s current claim to fame in the action world is the martial arts series reboot Kung Fu which is sure to be an action packed story. There is a constantly updating list of new movies on BINGE, but their classics are undeniable.

What action is on Foxtel Now

BINGE falls under the Foxtel umbrella, so their library is mainly shared. While you can find some of the craziest action films on BINGE, you can watch any new release live on Foxtel Now thanks to their live television streaming service. The live and on demand combo is an absolute game changer as well as the ability to access live sport and record.

Foxtel also have the showcase channel which fast tracks the latest action cinema blockbusters to your home. With the constant live showing on the Foxtel Movies Action channel, trying to narrow down their library is almost impossible, but you can read up on the on demand catalogue. You can keep up to date with all of Foxtel Now’s latest shows and movies as well as stream the classics at any time.

What action is on Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is the place to go for original content, and an incredibly low price. Their 30 day free trial gives you basically unlimited action movie viewing for an entire month before paying a cent. There is so much to look forward to on Prime Video and with their marketplace, you can buy or rent any action film before it gets a free rotation on streaming services.

If you want martial arts, Prime has some of the best with Fist of Fury and the Man from Hong Kong. Otherwise, if you’re a Tom Cruise fan there is Collateral, Top Gun and Mission Impossible. If you want to see some bad guys get it then it is hard to not talk about the comic book arts movies Hellboy and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. For a five star original though, Tom Clancy’s No Remorse is Prime’s premium film. Keep an eye on everything upcoming as Prime will have it all for a low, low price.

What action is on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is quite possibly the best streaming site for action and adventure thanks to their trademark Star Wars and Marvel films. It doesn’t get more action packed than comic book heroes beating up henchmen with machine guns and throwing out classic one liners.

Marvel know they have some of the best action in cinema and very much lean into it with their billion dollar sci-fi fantasy epics. With everything from Captain America through to the Infinity Saga and Black Widow, the MCU has every action hero in Hollywood right now. With Star Wars having The Mandalorian and a plethora of upcoming live action shows, fight scenes and lightsaber battles are basically a given in any story. Don’t miss any more action by keeping up to date with what’s on Disney Plus.

What action is on Netflix

Netflix is the home of action movies in the on demand world. While they may rarely possess entire franchises, they tend to cherrypick the best action movies from the bunch. Netflix aren’t against funding an action TV show either as they often find the director who can put one together.

Whether it’s Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, Fast and the Furious’ Hobbs & Shaw, Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead or Will Smith’s Gemini Man, they have the biggest action movies in the world right now outside of the cinema. Netflix aren’t one to keep their money burning though, so what’s there could be gone tomorrow. Check out the latest Netflix movies and keep track of what’s to come.

Best action movie streaming providers

When it comes to the world’s biggest action movies, your option of streaming services to choose from are almost overwhelming and they all have their own originals and exclusives. These streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video have a solid library of action, a suitable monthly price, a user friendly platform and good credibility. If they didn’t we wouldn’t be showcasing them.

1917 movie


BINGE has a huge library of action for you to choose from and it starts at a very low monthly price. There is a 14 day free trial for all new BINGE customers, so you can try before you buy. BINGE has the rights to all HBO content so you can find the grittiest action with all that extra spice at home on BINGE.

The BINGE basic plan starts at $10 per month giving you the option of one simultaneous stream in standard definition. From there, the standard plan at $14 per month kicks in offering two screens in high definition. Lastly, there is the premium package which settles at $18 per month and features up to three simultaneous streams in glorious high definition. None of these plans force any commitment and can all be cancelled free of charge at any time.

Foxtel Now

Foxtel has a similar library to BINGE as they own the streaming service, but with their proprietary service Foxtel Now offering customisable channel packs and live TV streaming, you’re in for a more unique experience. Foxtel Now offers a 10 day free trial to all new customers which opens up all channel packs to users so you can correctly sample before landing on the right pack for you. Once the free trial ends, you have the base Essentials pack at $25 per month, and any additional packs can be added for their respective price.

For our action film fans, the Essentials pack should be more than satisfactory, but for the best action movies you may need to consider adding the movies pack for $20 per month on top. Foxtel Now can be utilised to watch live action films as they are broadcasted or catch up on demand at any time from any device.

The Tomorrow War

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is far and away the best platform for keeping up to date with the latest action films. Not only does an Amazon Prime subscription get you access to the TV & movie platform, but also free express shipping on their marketplace, Amazon Music streaming, access to their Prime Gaming streaming platform and exclusive sales on Amazon.

Prime Video comes with a whopping 30 day free trial and only costs $6.99 per month. There are no tiers, so for the one price you get everything the service has to offer. On top of that, Prime Video doubles as a film marketplace where you can rent or purchase most new release films before they get a home release.

BINGE from Telstra

We don’t want to give too much away, but there are some fantastic deals hidden with these streaming services. BINGE from Telstra is one of those hot deals, but it’s only just the beginning. While this offer does not give you any sort of free trial, eligible Telstra customers can receive the first three months free when signing up for twelve months.

The BINGE from Telstra deal limits you to either the standard or premium plans at $14 per month and $18 per month respectively, but the value pays for itself very quickly. Users have no limits and can access any of the best comedy movies BINGE has to offer. This offer is eligible for new and existing Telstra mobile or Telstra Broadband customers.

Foxtel Now from Telstra

We told you there were more hot deals to come. Foxtel Now from Telstra is similar to the previous offer in there being a free first month when you sign up to a twelve month deal through any eligible Telstra account. Access any and all of the action films that Foxtel offers across their channels with this discounted offer.

The offer includes the base Essentials pack but movies can be added for an additional $20 per month. Watch your favourite action blockbusters starring the best cast and performances live or on demand on up to five devices. Make sure to check out Foxtel Now from Telstra now.

Disney Plus

When it comes to family action and adventure, Disney cannot be beaten. Disney Plus is the gateway to some of the world’s favourite characters like Woody and Buzz or maybe Han and Chewie or even Spider-Man and Iron Man. Disney Plus does not currently have a free trial but their monthly $11.99 plan can be paid up annually at the discounted rate of $119.99, giving you two months for free. It is the same method as some of the other discounted offers, but just presented differently. A two month trial sounds a lot more valuable than 14 days in our books.

Disney Plus is the home of everything Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox, and much much more. Enjoy the best action films on up to four devices at once all in marvellous high definition. The app is incredibly well suited for users and ensures the best parental control settings so parents can manage the explosions, fights and special effects their kids can see.

Telstra TV Box Office

Telstra TV Box Office is an online marketplace like iTunes, Google or Amazon. It’s a great way to watch the latest action films before they’re available on streaming services, which can often be a long time depending on the studio behind it, or the film’s success. There is no membership or subscription fee, simply pay per view with the comedy rental and purchases.

Telstra TV Box Office requires an existing Telstra account before you can start to watch and stream. Once you have this, simply log in and stream your favourite action films, or perhaps the latest and greatest. If you are a Telstra Plus member, you can use any Telstra Plus points you may have to purchase or rent films or even just lower the price of one. All charges will be billed directly to your Telstra account, or you can use Telstra Plus points.


Netflix is one of the biggest players in the streaming service world and they know what they’re doing when it comes to their originals. Action is almost the biggest part of the Netflix culture, and it plays a significant role in making the service great.

There are no free trials for Netflix, but if you’re happy to watch standard definition programming on one screen at a time, the $10.99 basic plan will be perfect for you. From there, you have the $15.99 allowing up to two screens at a time, both in high definition. Lastly, Netflix have their premium plan at $19.99 per month which offers you four simultaneous streams in glorious 4K ultra high definition.


For many Australians, Stan is the home of classic action films. A list of the best homegrown favourites, like Wolf Creek, can be found exclusively on this app as well as some pretty fantastic exclusives. While Stan is less on the cutting edge for new release action films, you can find the best classic action like Lethal Weapon and a tonne of classic 80s hits.

Stan offer a huge 30 day free trial for all new subscribers which should not be missed. Once you’re in the gates, there are a few plans to choose from. The three plans range from $10 to $14 to $19 a month respectively and entail their own benefits. The basic plan offers standard definition on one screen at a time, while the next two offer high definition on up to two. The premium tier offers 4k ultra high definition, but is otherwise the same plan.

How to watch action online

As helpful as it is to know who has what and for how much, as well as some insider opinions on the services, there’s still a few more details. Before you get started streaming there are a couple of things you’ll need to ensure you have a seamless experience when you watch your favourites.

Compatible streaming devices

tarting off with a streaming provider begins with the right hardware. There are a huge range of mobile devices (tablet, PC, android smartphone) compatible to use with streaming apps, as well as dedicated TV hub devices. A good quality connection is also essential if you want to watch premium TV in HD quality. Make sure to check on the provider pages to see if your device is compatible before signing up.

Streaming films can use up big chunks of data, especially when you’re on a cellular connection. So, make sure you have access to a high, if not unlimited, data plan from your mobile or broadband provider if you watch movies online.

Internet suited for streaming

Telstra’s latest NBN plans are a smart way to watch and stream TV without worrying about how much data you use. A 500GB Data ($75/mth) plan will give you speeds of up to 25Mbps, whilst the more complete Premium Internet + Unlimited Data (from $90/mth) plan provides speeds up to 100Mbps. 

New and switching customers signing up for the Telstra Broadband service today find big savings when signing up online, as the standard $99 connection fee is waived. Once you’ve signed up you can tailor your plan by choosing the option that works for the picture quality you desire.Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

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