Telstra Seniors Program Offers Pensioner Broadband Deals

Getting connected to fast, reliable home broadband is made simple and easy by Telstra’s latest range of all-in-one home broadband bundles. And for the many Australians that hold a current pension card, there are benefits available that make these bundles a far better value option than the senior’s plans of the past.

Offering a broadband internet connection that’s ready for the NBN, a home phone and line rental and a Telstra Home Gateway modem to make getting online a breeze, the Connect and Connect Plus bundles are a perfect choice for seniors and pensioners who want to get all the benefits of being online while not giving up their Telstra home phone line.

Best Senior’s Broadband Plans

The two Telstra broadband plans offer large monthly data allowances – 100GB and 1000GB respectively – letting you pick a plan that suits your type of internet usage. For an extra $10 per month you can also have unlimited calls from your home phone to anywhere in Australia, including to mobile phones.

Both plans come with a $15/month call allowance for pension card holders, who get to take advantage of Telstra’s other benefits for pensioners as well – no paper bill fee, no credit card surcharges, no late fees, a discounted connection fee and free call control. These benefits are available to all pension card holders, along with other options such as free tech training sessions, or a large-print bill.

The Connect plan costs $70 per month, while Connect Plus is $80 per month, both on a 24-month contract. If the NBN arrives in your area your plan will seamlessly move onto the new network without additional cost or hassle.

Powered by Australia’s largest phone and broadband networks, the Telstra Connect plans are the ideal way for pensioners to get online and experience the vast wide world of the internet. For more amazing deals, compare broadband plans here.

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