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Telstra Mobile

A flexible and varied lineup of mobile plans, with unlimited calls and texts.

Overall 88%

For many years now, Telstra has been the mobile network of choice for more Australians than any other. It’s pretty easy to see why, too. With a massive 4G mobile network that stretches into the furthest corners of the country, Telstra’s unbeatable coverage is legendary. And with a range of plans priced to suit just about everyone, they’re more accessible than ever.

When you spend so much of your time depending on your mobile phone to keep you in touch with colleagues, friends and family, the last thing you need is to run into coverage hassles when you just need the phone to work. Australia’s a huge, sprawling country that presents unique challenges for mobile networks, and some networks struggle to maintain coverage in the parts of the country that matter most – out along a highway, or deep inside a central city building. The massive Telstra mobile network reaches more places than any other, and does so while keeping the fast 4G data flowing smoothly.

What Makes Telstra Mobile Different?

Australia’s most reliable network, Telstra services more Australians than any other telco. Whether it’s fast 4G mobile broadband speeds you’re after – essential for our connected lifestyles – or their legendary coverage, you’re quickly going to realise why Telstra is considered the industry leader. Of course, great service comes at a cost, and Telstra does have some of the more expensive plans in the market, but if having the best network is important to you then a little extra per month is worth it. In recent years Telstra’s pricing has dropped significantly, too, as the inclusions have skyrocketed (such as every-larger data allowances).

There’s also one other advantage – only Telstra has full access to their network. Other providers may use “parts” of the Telstra network, but for perfect call quality and the fastest data speeds, only Telstra customers get access to the full capabilities of the network

Telstra Mobile’s Postpaid Plans

Telstra have all the latest mobile phones available on 24-month plans, so all you have to do is choose the phone you’re after and a plan to match. Some plans may have a handset fee, depending on which phone and which plan you go with, but the higher the plan the less you’ll pay on top.

Telstra’s ‘New Phone Feeling’ means that you can upgrade your phone after 12 months for a fee if you return it to them in good working order, so if you’re the type of person who always wants the newest model this would be perfect for you. There’s also a lease option, which runs a bit cheaper and has an upgrade option after 12 months, although you do have to return the phone after your contract ends, or buy it outright at an adjusted value.

Compare Telstra Mobile Plans

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Telstra Offers Unlimited Calls and Texts

Don’t get caught up by how much you use your phone. Telstra offers unlimited Australian calls and texts with all their mobile plans (except for the Pre-Paid Long Life Plus plan, which is pay-as-you-go) so that you can keep talking. If you’ve ever exceeded your mobile plan’s text/call limit you’ll understand just how important this feature is.

Telstra Mobile’s SIM-Only Plans

Already have a phone and want to take advantage of Telstra’s lightning-fast network? Telstra’s 12-month SIM only plans are moderately priced and offer generous data allowances and unlimited national talk & text. The higher plans offer extras such as unlimited international talk & text to 15 selected countries and international roaming. Take a look through the options below to get your data fix:

Telstra Mobile’s Pre-Paid Plans

Telstra have three types of prepaid plans available to choose from, so that you can pick the one that best suits how you use your phone. Whether you’re big on data, want more control on how often you recharge,  or want a recharge that has a lengthy expiry period, they’ve got you covered. For unlimited calls and texts, Telstra’s Pre-Paid Max plans start at $30 per 28 days, with 8GB of data. It’s an incredibly easy and affordable way to get onto Australia’s best network with the phone you already own.

Additional Plan Details

While Telstra Mobile plans offer options for those who aren’t willing to commit to a 12-month or 24-month contract on a post-paid plan, occasions do happen where you need to cancel your service for a range of reasons. Telstra is pretty fair about this – they do have an Early Termination Charge, but it’s capped at half the total minimum annual spend on your plan. So for example, the $49/month SIM-only plan has an Early Termination Charge of $294. You’ll also need to pay any remaining handset and accessory payments.

Telstra Mobile Customer Service and Support

You can contact the Telstra Mobile customer support team any time of the day or night via their 24/7 Live Chat, available on their web site and through the free Telstra 24/7 app available for iOS and Android devices.

If you’d prefer to speak to a Telstra Mobile customer service team member, you can call toll-free between 8am and 9pm AEST on 1800 558 190.

Telstra Mobile helpdesk

Telstra Mobile will be happy to help you with:

  • Looking to join Telstra
  • Getting started
  • Managing your account
  • Troubleshooting
  • Latest Offers or Plans
  • All other Telstra Services

Stream Hit TV Shows and Movies Worry-Free

With the included 24-month subscription to Foxtel Now on select Telstra Mobile plans, you’ll never run out of ways to use your data. Stream the latest shows on Australia’s strongest mobile network, and with the unlimited data plan you’ll never have to worry about running over your limit again. Not only do you get access to popular hits like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, but you’ll also be able to watch your favourite sports all year round with the AFL, NRL, Netball and the Hyundai A-League games available to stream live, fast and data-free. Excludes NRL Grand Final and State of Origin. AFL/AFLW/NRL live games are limited to a 7″ viewing size.

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A Mobile Network You Can Rely On

Telstra is Australia’s largest and best-performing mobile network, and we highly recommend checking out their plans if coverage, reliability and good value are important to you. Whether it’s a new phone on a contract, a postpaid plan for your existing phone, or an as-you-go prepaid plan with all the extras, Telstra’s got a plan that’ll be a good fit for you. Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll get Telstra’s legendary Australia-wide coverage and blazingly fast data speeds, and their “Peace of Mind” data plans give you the freedom to surf and stream to your heart’s content.

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