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Introducing Southern Phone

Formed in 2002 after securing funding from the pioneering federal “Networking the Nation” endeavour, Southern Phone has grown to be one of the largest providers of phone, mobile and broadband services across Australia – and by far the best in rural and regional areas. They have a national customer base that stretches to the remotest areas of the vast land mass of the country — and increasingly, into the capital cities as well.

Prior to Southern Phone’s inception, the concern for residents and businesses outside of the major Australian capital cities was that they had limited access to the fast-growing world of telecommunications and were missing out on the rapidly lowering prices that people in urban areas enjoyed thanks to competition. Southern Phone was set up to provide an option aside from the existing providers in as many areas as possible, with the hope that service delivery would improve across the board.

By 2009 the company was declaring its first dividend — money that’s paid entirely back into local communities through their local councils, who are shareholders in the company. In that way, uniquely, the more successful Southern Phone has become, the more money they’ve been able to give back, while providing them with an ever-increasing range of services at all price points.

Get Great Value Broadband Plans with No Lock-In Contract!

Get connected today with Southern Phone broadband, offering a great range of NBN plans for all needs and budget. NBN plans start at only $50/mth and come with no lock-in contract.

What Mobile Phones and Plans does Southern Phone Offer?

You can pick up a quality mobile phone handset from Southern Phone starting at surprisingly low monthly prices. If you’ve already got a phone, you can choose from Southern Phone’s versatile range of plans backed by the Optus network. The “Green” plans on the Optus 4G Plus network start at $12/month on a month-to-month basis, and at $11/month for the 12-month contract. You can count on both to offer unlimited calls and texts on all plans and some of the most generous data allowances in the business.

Southern Phone Best SIM Plans

Get connected from wherever you are with Southern Phone’s SIM only plans, powered by Optus. No lock-in plans with unlimited calls & text start from only $12/mth.

Does Southern Phone Offer Broadband?

Southern Phone offers a full range of broadband connections and plans, both via ADSL and on the new National Broadband Network. NBN plans are available to suit all speed and data needs, from the small (100GB of data per month — ideal for light users), to fully unlimited data, and at speeds ranging from 12 Mbps up to the blazingly fast 100 Mbps. Both ADSL and NBN plans are offered with no lock-in contracts, putting them among the best value and flexible broadband in the business. If you’re waiting for the NBN to roll out in your area, you can connect to a Southern Phone ADSL plan and then seamlessly switch to the NBN when the time comes.

Satellite Broadband with Southern Phone

The NBN has brought with it the new “SkyMuster” satellite service, which has the goal of bringing genuine fast broadband to people in remote areas of the country. Southern Phone is one of the few companies that fully supports the SkyMuster service, with plans that can bring 12 Mbps and 25 Mbps broadband to anyone, anywhere in Australia, no matter how remote — with no costly installation or equipment charges. So even if you can’t get a landline phone where you live and have resorted to slow 3G mobile internet (or no internet at all) Southern Phone can get you hooked up with a true broadband service.

What Bundles Does Southern Phone Offer?

If you want Southern Phone to handle all your communication needs in the one package, you can opt for a bundle of broadband, mobile phone and home phone (with a modem included) starting at $96/month for NBN and $105.95/month for ADSL. Or if you prefer, you can get a mobile phone and home phone bundle, starting from $46.95/month.

Is Southern Phone Just for Rural and Regional Customers?

Not at all! No matter where you live across the vast land mass of Australia, you’re welcome to sign up with Southern Phone and enjoy their flexible plans and bundles, as well as their award-winning customer service (which is staffed by friendly Australians based in regional centres). And with the arrival of the NBN, no matter where you are located there’s a Southern Phone plan ready for you as soon as your NBN service is connected.

How to Contact Southern Phone

Want to know more about Southern Phone’s services? Or perhaps you need a representative from their Australian call centre to help you out with your account? Simply dial in 13 14 62 on your mobile phone to get in touch with their customer service team.

Is Southern Phone Right for me?

Over the past few years, everyone who uses mobile phones, home phones and broadband has seen first-hand the benefits that true competition brings. Providers all want your business and hard-earned dollars. Hence, they’ll go to great lengths to come up with deals and plans that will hopefully persuade you away from competitors and onto their network. But what if you leave in an area where you don’t have that much choice when it comes to providers? Southern Phone is trying to fix that.

Southern Phone Mobile Review

The development of the mobile industry in recent years has shown first-hand the benefits competition can bring to customers. Providers are all searching for a point of difference to make them stand out. But what if you live in an area where the choice is a lot more limited? Southern Phone Mobile could be the solution.

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