Top 5 Broadband Plans for Students: Compare and Start Saving!

Best Broadband Plans for Students

5 Best Broadband Plans for Students

Broadband is an essential element for modern education. Everything happens online — from enrolment through to assignment submissions. Even registration for graduation attendance happens via an online portal. This means that students need reliable Internet connections, with reasonable download speeds, and a solid amount of data — and all for an affordable monthly rate. So what’s out there?

Before we dig into the broadband offerings for Australian students, it’s a good idea to take a look at the use cases involved. After all, students aren’t a homogeneous group. You have full-time students and part-time students. Some will rely on their internet connection for study alone, others will turn to online streaming or gaming for entertainment between study sessions. Then there are students who live alone, with family, or with friends. So it stands to reason that there is going to be a diverse range of different requirements.

What do Students Need From a Broadband Plan?

While it’s clear that each student will have different needs from a broadband deal, there are still some elements in common.

A decent rate

This is most relevant to full-time students and those living on their own. Not everyone has the time to work a full-time job alongside regular study. And not everyone lives with reliable housemates — or parents — who can pay a premium rate for broadband.

A reliable connection

A solid connection is a must. Studying requires online research, access to online journals, uploading assignments, and liaising with online study groups. Not to mention the needs of students involved in distance education and online courses. As a student, you need to know that your internet will give you the speed and responsiveness you need, when you need it. This means you need an NBN connection, preferably on the NBN 20 tier. Or at the very least, an ADSL2+ connection that’s close to an exchange.

A reasonable data cap (or no cap at all)

Emails, messaging, and uploading assignments generally do not take up a lot of data — unless you’re downloading massive files on a regular basis as part of your course. Still, it’s rare that any student is just using the internet for study purposes. With so much of our lives happening online — social media, streaming TV services, and online gaming all spring to mind — there’s a real need to make sure that you have enough data to enable a balance between study and leisure.

Flexible plans

Whether you’ll be staying on-campus, finding a decent place to rent, or maybe staying with family, real-life experience shows us that it’s best to be prepared to move. There are many reasons you might choose to relocate while studying, from noisy neighbours and increasing rent, through to difficulties with familial landlords. So it pays to find a plan that’s flexible enough to let you pack up and relocate should you need to.

Top Five Broadband Deals for Students

While value for money may be at the top of the list, it’s not the only point of reference by which we’re measuring broadband plans for students. Reliability, responsiveness, flexibility, and data caps are all just as important. So we’re focusing on NBN and ADSL plans that offer at least 100GB of data. We’re avoiding 4G and wireless-only options, because they don’t mesh well with the other requirements. However, bundles are included because sometimes they offer value in other areas.

Telstra Entertainment Bundle

If you’re living in a share house, this is the deal for you. Offering unlimited data, a Telstra Smart Modem, pay-as-you-go calls, a Telstra TV, and a 24-month free subscription to Foxtel Now, this really is the all-in-one solution that gives you everything you need for a good rate. All this for just $99/month. Split that between two people and that’s $50/month for all the internet you’ll ever need. And all of it backed by Telstra’s broadband network.

Foxtel from Telstra

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Southern Phone Sky Muster Standard X-Large Plan

This plan is aimed squarely at students in remote locations where ADSL is buggy and NBN cables won’t quite reach. If this is you, then Southern Phone has some great Internet plans. They offer their “Sky Muster” Satellite Plan. Our pick is the X-Large plan —– it gives you 240GB for just $75/month. You’ll need to supply your own WiFi modem (or buy one for a one-off $99 cost) but other than that, the satellite dish installation is all done at no cost to you.

Get ultra fast broadband!

Discover NBN, Satellite, and ADSL broadband plans that fit your needs and budget!

Dodo Unlimited NBN

A heavyweight contender in the budget internet space, Dodo always offers budget internet deals. So it’s not surprising to find them in this list of student plans. The key here is cost and availability. Their Unlimited NBN 25 plan is just $69.90/month, with a WiFi modem supplied and the option to add a home phone. If you want a faster connection that’s just another $10/month for the “Supercharged” NBN 50 tier. Or if you want to sacrifice speed for savings, their Standard NBN 12 plan is just $59.90/month.

Compare Dodo’s Broadband Plans

Discover affordable broadband backed by the iPrimus Network + optional Dodo TV powered by Fetch TV

Mate “Yeah Mate” NBN 50 Plan

New telco Mate Communicate sells itself on simplicity. And Mate’s range of broadband plans sure fit that bill. All plans are month-to-month, with no plan-change fees, and they all offer unlimited data for life. Our pick is the Yeah Mate NBN 50 plan, offering a standard evening speed between 20 and 50Mbps for just for $69/month. Nice!

Compare Mate Communicate Broadband Plans

Great value ADSL and NBN broadband deals. Unlimited data. No lock-in contracts.

Belong Build Your NBN Plan

If your studying lifestyle is one of constant change, then you need a broadband plan that’s flexible. Belong gets points for this, with custom broadband plans that suit your needs. Our pick is the starting point — an NBN 12 connection with 100GB of monthly data on a 12-month contract — all for just $50/month. But what if you need more data, or a faster connection? Easy! The Standard Plus speed tier (30Mbps) is just $10 more per month, while the Premium (60Mbps) is $30/month more. And unlimited data is just another $10/month.

Unlimited Data with Belong

Get unlimited NBN data + a free WiFi modem for just $60/month. Zero standard activation fees!

Don’t Forget to Compare for the Best Deals!

While ADSL is still a valid option, the NBN is where a student’s focus should be.

The key to making smart student broadband decisions is to look around.

If you’re relatively new to the world of student broadband plans, don’t be afraid to go for a plan with no contract. This lets you see what the service is like first-hand — and if you need to switch, you can do so with minimum fuss.


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