Top 5 Australian Broadband Plans for Video Gamers

Love to play? You might be interested in one of these gamer-friendly broadband plans. Photo: Shutterstock

Are you big on gaming?

Chances are that if you’re playing games these days, you’ll need a decent internet connection. This is true even if you are not engaged in multi-player events – as most modern gaming platforms now support direct downloads.

Then you’re going to need broadband

Here’s why broadband is a must-have for modern gaming:

Direct Downloads

You like to download games directly. You don’t even have to leave the house. Just press the button and the download begins.

For this, you might need a lot of data. Modern games can be massive! For example, the  Mass Effect Andromeda install files are 55GB on Windows PC, 42.9GB on PS4, and 42.19 on Xbox One – and that’s not including the day one patch. If you have 200GB a month, that’s around 1/4 of your quota gone for just one game. You will also want decent download speed – no one wants to wait ages for their game to arrive. You may as well line up and wait outside the store! But latency doesn’t matter too much. So basic ADSL is okay!

Online Play

You’re fine with having physical copies of your games. But you want to play with or against others online. For this you need not just a reliable connection – you need great latency (a tech term for responsiveness). And preferably, you need a plan with decent data. Because – depending on the games you play and the platforms you play on – this can be as much as 100MB per hour. If you play for five hours, that’s 0.5GB right there. So you also want to check out the terms and conditions around bandwidth shaping or excess data charges.

So what do you need from your broadband plan?

  • You need speed
  • You need low latency
  • You need reliability
  • You need data
  • You need a good price
  • You need to choose a suitable delivery method

The Top Five Broadband Deals For Gamers

We’re working on the assumption that you are already happy with your phone and tv options, and are only including bundles if they make sense for gaming purposes.

#1 Barefoot Broadband NBN 100Mbps

Why does a relative newcomer get the top spot here? Let’s take a look. 100/40 speeds on the NBN. Yep. Professional outlook with dedicated staff? Check. Unlimited data? Yes. Month-to-month contracts with no penalties? Check. Connection fee? Nope. do you have to buy a router? Nope – but they give you the option. It’s no-nonsense approach to giving you good Internet – that’s what puts Barefoot broadband above the rest.

#2 #soulmates Plan from MATE

Unlimited data at the best speed available on the NBN? Yes, please! There are also no contracts or setup fees. If you’re unhappy with the service, you can simply ditch it and try something else. After a month of MATE, however, it’s unlikely you’ll want to look elsewhere.

#3 Aussie Broadband

There’s no second guessing when it comes to the quality of speed that Aussie Broadband delivers. Hailed as having the best NBN speeds in the country, Aussie offers a reliable connection for avid gamers to do gaming marathons without encountering buffering or any other connection issues. Their Power User plan says it all — offering more power behind your connection, this plan gives you unlimited data on the NBN100 speed tier. That’s definitely a lot of power for the true gamer.

Get Unlimited NBN with Australia’s Best NBN Speeds

Stream faster with a high quality NBN connection and get your Fetch TV with Aussie Broadband. Bundles start at $65/month!
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#4 Telstra Entertainment Bundle

Telstra has been a mainstay of Australia’s Internet services since the days of dial-up. They make the list because of their extensive coverage, and the ability to upgrade from an ADSL connection to an NBN plan with no difference in the monthly rate. You also get the Telstra TV box and Smart Modem thrown in free of charge for those times between gaming sessions when you want to chill out with some Netflix — or the two years of free Foxtel Now they include in there as well.

Foxtel Now Free for 24 months

Free Foxtel Now for 24 months +
Telstra TV on the Unlimited
Broadband + Streaming Bundle
/mthover 24 mths
Get SuperFast NBN!

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Compare broadband,
bundles, plans & prices
across a wide range of
broadband providers.

#5 Southern Phone

Those living in regional areas can rely on Southern Phone to deliver high-speed and quality connection. With their NBN Max Promo plan, you get unlimited data on the NBN100 speed tier — and best of all, there’s no lock-in contracts involved. Used it when you want for unlimited gaming and streaming, and choose to change it up when you want to change your speed.

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Which One Wins?

It’s a close call. But in the end, Barefoot wins out because of their no-nonsense attitude towards serious internet. While their focus isn’t solely on delivering a great gaming experience (which is why Internode is here), their fuss-free, month-to-month offer and lack of connection fees make them a clear choice over Internode’s ADSL bundle. Note: you can always use  the NBN rollout checker to see if the NBN is available in your location.

Please keep in mind that each of these deals also includes specific fees and charges for service set-up, installation and early cancellation. Not to mention the cost of modems and routers – if you choose to add them.


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