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As Australia’s oldest, largest and most experienced communications company, Telstra has been setting the standard that others follow for decades now. Having been Australia’s trusted phone company since the 19th century, Telstra moved towards the 21st century by building the country’s first cable TV network, still in use by Foxtel today. They’ve also innovated with mobile services, having the largest population coverage in Australia and the greatest reach of high-speed 4G mobile services. If you need to communicate in any way, Telstra’s got a product that’ll make life easier for you.
First and foremost, Telstra has the Telstra TV, a rebranded version of the popular Roku box from the US that provides you with access to a huge range of entertainment services, including Netflix, Stan and Presto for on-demand streaming, catch-up apps for most TV networks, and Bigpond Movies for on-demand first-release films. Telstra has the ability to add new apps to the device and has progressively been adding new services to it since launch.

Telstra TV acts as a replacement for the now-unavailable T-Box, which remains functional for those who bought one; it can deliver Foxtel, with a vast array of standard and premium channels to choose from, and Presto, for on-demand unlimited streaming of entire TV series and must-see movies.

Telstra can also bundle your communication services with a subscription to the full version of Foxtel, Australia’s premium TV service, which offers a versatile range of channel packages to suit every taste and need and the iQ set top boxes for complete control over viewing and recording.

The Telstra TV can be bought for a very reasonable $109 from Telstra – you’ll need a Telstra broadband, phone or mobile account to activate it – and is also included for free in several of Telstra’s bundles. Aside from the initial cost, there is no monthly charge for the Telstra TV box, though you’ll have to pay subscription fees for services like Netflix, Stan and Presto (6 months free Presto is included with the box).

Alternatively, Foxtel from Telstra starts at $26/month for the base Entertainment Pack, with additional channel packages priced from $10 to $25. All of your entertainment needs from Telstra can be bundled together with your home and mobile services on the one bill for your convenience too.

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It all comes down to your entertainment needs and to how much you use the Internet. If you’re a light user who only surfs and plays video games from time to time, around 100GB of data should be enough for you. However, if you’re a heavy Internet user who wants to get the most from his Internet connection, go for a bundle with more data. You can easily compare Telstra Broadband Bundles here.
Yes, it has – you can no longer purchase a T-box, though the telco will continue to support old devices, so you’re covered if you want to hang on to your T-box. On the other hand, Telstra TV adds native Netflix and Stan support for less than $30/month, a price that is hard to resist. As for the device itself, it’s priced at $109.
You start with the basic entertainment package, which includes more than 40 lifestyle, entertainment, news, and documentary channels and costs $25/month. Then, you can add more packages to your basic subscription, depending on your viewing preferences – Movies ($45), Drama ($45), Sport ($50), or Platinum ($120 – includes all that Foxtel has to offer).

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