Broadband bundles – which Plans are worth the hype?

Broadband Bundles – Which Plans are Worth the Hype?

Broadband bundles hype

Which broadband bundles are worth your attention? Photo: Shutterstock

Believe the hype!

It’s a great time to be looking for a broadband plan in Australia, with fierce competition in full swing as ISPs compete to get your attention and you hard-earned dollars. Once a footnote on ISP web sites, the humble bundle deal now at the forefront. Ain’t competition great?

The five ISP bundles featured here are all about the extra stuff.

Just what kind of stuff depends on what you’re really looking for in a package. If you’re entertainment-minded, you can turn your attention to the grand battle between MATE, Telstra, and Dodo. They’re battling it out on the streaming TV front and want to give you a device to watch it on.

Or, if you’re the sort of person who loves to sit on the phone for hours and chat to friends – and especially if most of those friends are on mobile phones – you’ll appreciate the bundles from several providers that take all the worry out of both the phone and internet bill in one neat little package for a fixed monthly fee.

Most offerings seem to have become far more focused in recent times, providing sensible solutions at a great price, and acknowledging that with the rise of Netflix, Stan and Foxtel Play, people are using more data than ever before.

Let’s take a look at the current offers that most definitely are hypeworthy:

The best things in life are free

Want to see how the leading broadband providers stack up against each other? Check out the table below!

DealDataPrice/monthDelivery methodsFree bundled goodies
Dodo All-Day Entertainment BundleData: UnlimitedPrice/month: $44.90Delivery methods: ADSL/NBNFree bundled goodies: NBN-ready modem, Fetch TV Mini
MATE NBN Bundle soul matesData: UnlimitedPrice/month: $98.00Delivery methods: ADSL/NBNFree bundled goodies: Unlimited Local/National/Mobile
Belong ADSL BundleData: 100GBPrice/month: $55.00Delivery methods: ADSLFree bundled goodies: phone line rental, Sagem modem/router
Telstra "Best Bundle Ever"Data: 1000GBPrice/month: $99.00Delivery methods: ADSL/Cable/NBNFree bundled goodies: landline rental, Telstra TV, local, national and mobile calls included.
Foxtel Broadband + Platinum HD BundleData: UnlimitedPrice/month: $192.00Delivery methods: ADSLFree bundled goodies: Over 90 Foxtel channels channels, HD streaming, Foxtel Hub modem, Foxtel iQ3 set-top box, waived standard TV installation fee, unlimited standard local and national calls.

Continue reading and take a closer look at these amazing broadband bundle deals from Dodo, MATE, Belong, Telstra, and Foxtel Broadband.

#1: Dodo Fetch TV Bundles

Dodo’s taking a stand in the “watch what you want when you want it” battle wild abandon at the moment, and this bundle’s targeted directly at those with a big TV but a sensible budget. From just $44.90 you get unlimited ADSL (note that again, a home phone or line rental is not included; this costs an additional $30/month), an NBN-ready modem, and a Fetch TV Mini. While this device doubles as a brilliant HD streaming device for Netflix, and delivers 30 free movies per month, the real pitch is the ability to upgrade almost every element of this bundle. Want the Fetch TV Mighty? Add on $5/month. Want access to premium channels from Fetch TV? Add the channels you want. Want to make calls? Unlimited calls start at $10/month. What about the NBN? Plans start at $74.90/month. Together, Dodo has a showstopper selection of flexible bundles, with a range of bundle options aimed at getting you streaming with ease.

Dodo Fetch TV Bundle

Want to watch streaming TV for cheap? You’ll love Dodo’s Fetch TV Broadband Bundles. Photo: Dodo

#2: MATE NBN Bundle soul mates

MATE’s charm comes from its value for money unlimited broadband plans with no lock-in contract plus no setup fees. To further take advantage of their awesome service, you can sign up for the unlimited NBN and bundle it up with unlimited local, national, and mobile calls within Australia. All NBN bundles have limitless calls with prices of $58, $68, and $98 per month, depending on the speed tier. ADSL bundles are also available with either the $59 or the $89/mo plan option. Both include unlimited data plus unlimited local and national calls in Australia. For mobile calls, there is a charge of 40c per minute. Once your area becomes NBN-ready, MATE also provides a hassle-free NBN transition without any charges. The telco’s bundles are as flexible as its standalone plans – no contracts so you can change your plan whenever without worrying about any fees.

MATE Communicate

Unlimited data for stress free streaming. Photo: MATE Communicate

#3: Belong ADSL Bundle

Just the basics, you say? Broadband specialist Belong has been keeping the basics simple and affordable for a while now, and their latest bundle’s a great choice for those who just want to get online with a minimum of fuss and annoying hidden costs. For just $55/month, you get Belong ADSL broadband with 100GB of data and home phone line rental. Now, keeping in mind that the line rental alone is usually around $30 a month, you’re getting some seriously cheap broadband here! There’s no activation fee when you get connected, either. The bundle comes with a brand-name modem/router from Sagem for the bargain price of zero dollars and is on a 12-month contract. Though if you want to connect without a contract at all, you can for an extra $5/month – although then they also make you pay for the modem. If you need extra data, Belong has you covered as well; you can upgrade to unlimited data (perfect for Netflix fans!) for an extra $5/month. Want NBN? They’ve got that too. What about calls? Just add on a Belong Voice pack (starting at $10/month) and you’re good to go. Belong uses the acclaimed Telstra broadband network, too, so you can be sure that your net access will be fast and hassle-free.

Affordable Belong ADSL Bundle

Looking for affordable broadband? Look no more. Photo: Belong

#4: Telstra Entertainment Bundle

Telstra’s Entertainment Bundle really delivers. For just $99/month, you get unlimited data, landline rental, the latest Telstra smart modem with 4G backup, and the Telstra TV. This brilliant little box has a fine pedigree – it’s actually the acclaimed Roku streaming box that’s hugely popular in the US. It’s an app-based device that has support for all the major players – Netflix, Stan and formerly Presto. The Telstra TV is also one of the only devices that currently supports viewing Foxtel Play in HD, making it a valuable addition to any household that doesn’t want (or can’t get) cable or satellite TV. And to help you experience it, this bundle comes with a full two years of Foxtel Play with the basic channel pack of your choosing! Telstra’s expansive network is first-rate, too, and the bundle is also available via their cable service. for streaming: Telstra TV Bundle

If you’re a fan of streaming, Telstra TV is for you. Photo: Telstra

#5: Foxtel Broadband + Platinum HD Bundle

If cost isn’t and issue, but getting extras makes you feel like a champion, then the Foxtel Broadband + Platinum HD bundle is what you need. For $202/month with no lock-in contract, you get unlimited broadband running on the Telstra ADSL or NBN broadband network, plus every EVERY Foxtel TV channel pack. That’s over 90 channels to watch to your heart’s content. You can stream live sport, watch Netflix, use the free-to-air catch-up services, download movies and game all you like. And because the data isn’t limited by peak/off-peak hours, your data is your own.  You also get the latest Foxtel Hub modem and the iQ3 set-top box without an equipment charge, saving you $200+. And Foxtel waives the standard TV installation fee. Phone-wise, you get unlimited standard local and national calls, with calls to mobiles charged at $0.35/minute. While this all comes out at the high end cost-wise, the benefits are outstanding for the price.

Foxtel Broadband + Platinum HD Bundle

With Foxtel, you can bundle your viewing packs with ADSL and get the Foxtel Hub and iQ3 for free. Photo: Foxtel