Top 5 Broadband Plans for Streaming TV

If streaming TV is your thing, these are the broadband plans for you. Photo: Shutterstock

Is your Broadband Plan up to the task?

It’s an important question. But first you need to know how your viewing habits impact on your data.

In a previous article, we looked at how much data each of these services used. At the bottom level, most providers need a minimum speed of 1.5Mbps. However, they usually recommend a connection of 3Mbps or better for optimal viewing. On the data front, watching in standard definition uses around 300Mb per hour. At the high end, Ultra HD streaming uses anywhere from 7-9 GB an hour.

Taking this information, we can apply it to two believable scenarios.

Light viewers

You watch maybe an hour or two a night. Come home from work, eat dinner and pop on your favourite show, or maybe a movie after the meal. Total usage of 14 – 20 hours a week (56 – 80 hours a month). From low data to high, that’s a range of 16.8 – 560 GB extra a month.

Binge watchers

You like to get in a good 7 or 8 hour session across the weekend and maybe sneak in another 4 hours a day during the week for a total of 20-40 hours a week (80-160 hours a month). This results in varying monthly data usage from 24 GB to a staggering 1120 GB per month.

What you need from a Broadband Plan

  • Speed
  • Low Latency
  • Reliability
  • Data
  • A Good Price
  • The Best Delivery Method

Our Top Five Broadband Deals For Streaming TV

As outlined above, we’re looking at fast, stable connections that feature 1000 GB or more per month. We want decent latency. And we want them at a decent price – meaning bundles are okay!

#1 #soulmates Plan from MATE

For only $99 per month, you get unlimited data from MATE broadband on the NBN with premium evening speed of 60-100Mbps. You’ll never experience buffering again. Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to keep an eye on your usage and that there is no contract to tie you down.

#2 Belong Unlimited Broadband Premium

There’s probably nothing better than having Australia’s biggest network cater to your streaming needs, right? Backed by Telstra but only cheaper, that’s exactly why Belong is a strong contender. With Belong Broadband, you can stream worry-free even through peak slowdown hours since you wouldn’t have to deal with endless buffering. Their Premium plan, offering unlimited data with typical evening speed of up to 80Mbps, is a solid choice for streamers. You can choose to go month-to-month so you can cancel anytime or sign up for 12 months to save on monthly plan and modem fees.

Unlimited Data with Belong

Get unlimited NBN data + a free WiFi modem for just $55/month. Zero standard activation fees!

#3 Southern Phone Unlimited Broadband Turbo

If you’re streaming from regional areas, then worry not because Southern Phone has got you covered. Get unlimited data on the NBN50 speed tier, giving you 50/20 speeds, which are perfect for both streaming and/or gaming. This one also comes with no lock-in contracts, so you can also choose to change your plan as you see fit.

Get Great Value Broadband Plans with No Lock-In Contract!

Get connected today with Southern Phone broadband, offering a great range of NBN plans for all needs and budget. NBN plans start at only $50/mth and come with no lock-in contract.

#4 Sumo Standard Plus Speed

Sumo offers quite a steal with their Sumo Standard Plus Speed plan that gives you unlimited data on the NBN50 speed tier at $90/month. It’s perfect for 3-4 people using the internet at the same time even with HD streaming. So, if streaming entertainment is an important part of your day, you can Sumo’s NBN50 plan to efficiently deliver.

Get More Savings with Sumo Broadband Bundles!

Save more when you bundle your NBN with gas & electricity starting at $60/mth or get standalone unlimited NBN plans from $70/mth.

#5 Telstra Entertainment Bundle

This bundle comes with unlimited data, which will be more than enough to satisfy your streaming needs. It also includes the new free Telstra TV, so you can stream content like Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, live sport and catch-up TV straight to your big screen – plus you get a $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit. All these for $99/month.

Get Telstra’s Broadband Bundle

Get the new Telstra TV 3 + unlimited data + $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit + 3 mths unlimited access to hayu, DocPlay, Garage, & AnimeLab — all for only $99/mth!

Video Review of the New Telstra TV 3

Start Streaming Now!

As always, it pays to check out the service availability in your area. Not to mention the costs of any area-specific setup fees, installation costs, customer service rates and terms of use.


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